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Shine Bright like a diamond – Tru Diamonds – The Royal Engagement Ring

After making a housewife and mother of 2 feel very special by sending me a Princess Cut 3ct Solitaire necklace, Tru diamonds then exceeded all expectations when they sent me this:
A replica of the Royal Engagement Ring.
Well if having one of these gorgeous pieces doesn’t make you feel like a Princess the only alternative is to find yourself a Prince, but unfortunately those are hard to come by. 
The Royal Engagement Ring is available from Tru Diamonds for £139 (as of 23rd Dec 2012) instead of £28,000 What a bargain!
I thought that it would be nice to put together an outfit that would look fab with the Tru Diamonds Princess Cut pendant and the Royal Engagement ring although I wasn’t feeling brave enough to actually take a photo of me fully kitted out diamonds and all when I wrote this.
I found a gorgeous outfit from ASOS which would go fabulously well with both pieces of Jewellery.
Firstly their ASOS Wrap Dress with long sleeves available for £35 (as of 23rd Dec 2012):
This gorgeous dress has an amazing plunging neckline, perfect to show off the Princess cut necklace:
The dress is fun and feminine showing off the figure but also enabling the beautiful jewellery to be shown off to its full potential thanks to the contrast in colours.
Of course no outfit would be complete without a lovely pair of shoes, I selected the ASOS SCALA High heels available for £22 (as of 23rd Dec 2012) classy and sophisticated these also help add a little height where needed, they elongates your legs and make you look thinner, how fabulous is that:
Finished with the beautiful Engagement ring, this is the perfect outfit for a Christmas party, guaranteed to make you the talk of the night for all the right reasons.
It’s amazing how a little frosting can liven up an outfit and add that little bit of extra sparkle to an evening out.  The items when worn sparkle as if real and attract the gaze of onlookers and passers-by having seen this first hand myself.  On an evening out you really do feel like a celebrity with the interest these bring and lets face it celebrities are wearing diamond simulations regularly they just don’t all let the world in on their little secret.
For those wishing to lust over the fabulous Jewellery at Tru diamonds why not pop over to their site.
If you loved the outfit above or want to create your own with ASOS then have a look ‘here‘.

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