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Choosing a Wedding Dress

Having recently written about minimoons I thought that it would write a wedding related post and what’s better than one about wedding dresses.

One of the most important parts of the wedding is the wedding dress.  Let’s face it when you watch the couple walk down the aisle the first thing you will look at is the dress.  Whether you fancy something classic, elegant and sophisticated or something a bit more Big Fat Gypsy Wedding style the key to choosing the wedding dress is getting something that YOU like and feel comfortable in let’s face it the plan is to do this once right?  With so many styles to choose from it can be a daunting task so before you decide have look around visit a few bridal shops look through their rails and don’t allow anyone to make you feel pressured.

 Choosing the Style of the Dress

When choosing the style of your dress you need to take into consideration your body shape.  What type of dress will flatter your figure without exaggerating flaws.  Look at dresses within your price range, if you struggle and need to increase the budget for the dress look first at where you can make budget reductions elsewhere to increase the dress budget.  Don’t forget you only wear the dress once!  Try on some dresses.  In fact, while you’re at it try on loads of dresses, it is great fun and helps you get a good idea of the styles that will suit you most.  Some places will make a dress to your specification so if you like certain things from one dress and other features of another in some cases these can be combined to create your perfect wedding dress which is what I did.

 Here are a few dresses to get you started.  Having popped online to find dresses at a range of locations I then messed up a bit as I loved so many of the dresses over on the Pronovias website that I couldn’t bring myself to look elsewhere, at least not for today’s post.  They have a gorgeous range of wedding dresses that I simply had to share with you.


£2,010 approx.

This gorgeous tulle and lace mermaid style dress is gorgeous and helps show off a great figure.  A little different with the addition of a beige underlay this adds a little colour to the classic white/cream dress.  I love the delicate design of the sleeves which adds to this dresses beauty.  The off the shoulder bodice with bateau neckline allows for a feminine yet not too revealing look which is complemented well by the plunging V at the back.



£1,150 approx.

Although much simpler than the previous mermaid style this dress is also gorgeous in its own right.  Beware it shows everything so you need a great figure to get away with wearing this one.



£1,530 approx.

This stunning strapless silk dress is simple yet elegant in style, a timeless classic that I really love.  The organza flower with decorative feathers is a great addition to finish off the dress.


£1,620 approx.

This fabulous Princess dress is guaranteed to turn heads with its flattering sweetheart neckline and pretty pink underlay.  Truly fit to make any bride feel like a Princess on her special day.  The design also allows for a curvier body that the dresses featured above.

wdress4Which is your favourite?

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  1. My favourite has to be the Princess dress! Before I even read what the name of it was, it made me think of a princess – like something out of an old school Disney movie 🙂

  2. I would have no idea where to start when it comes to picking a wedding dress, those are some absolutely beautiful ideas though. x

  3. They are all gorgeous wedding dresses, I think it would be a choice between Trisa and Tosha for me. I had such a hard time choosing my wedding dresses, (been married twice). I had mine made for me both times x

  4. Wow those dresses are stunning. I cant wait to go wedding dress shopping one day!

  5. I love the Tosha dress. It is so my style.

  6. Stunning
    I can see myself walking down the Isle with one of these beauties

  7. The Tibet dress has to be my favorite. I just love the way the lace looks over the arms and shoulders.

  8. Choosing my wedding dress was one of the most fun things i have ever done. I trieddluoc I on dresses costing thousands of pounds that never afford right down to highstreet ones x

  9. The Semilla dress is probably my favourite but they’re all beautiful. If I ever get married I don’t know how I’ll ever choose a dress as they all look so stunning, I’ll end up having to try every single one on haha x

  10. The last dress is my absolute favourite, what a beautiful piece. Its so romantic looking! xxx

  11. The Tosha is absolutely beautiful and I love the blush colour of it! It’s definitely the sort of dress I would go for myself xx

  12. From reading your posts, I’m beginning to understand why weddings are so expensive… I love the Trisha or Semilla dresses! I think I’d prefer to have shoulders covered for my wedding 🙂

  13. Oh they are proper princess dresses, I think my favourite would be the Semilla x

  14. Oh those dresses are stunning! I love love love dresses like that, so elegant and flowing. I’m not as keen on shorter dresses for myself because I don’t think they suit me but my best friend had an ankle length dress at her wedding and it was divine on her! H x

  15. How beautiful are these! My dress was a second hand one for £20 from the charity shop. Show’s just what I’m worth, lol! I couldn’t pick my favourite amongst these they are all so stunning!

  16. My favourite of these is the blush pink one but I wouldn’t choose any – if we renewed our vows, I have seen a stunning one with a diamante belt and a full skirt that I would choose

  17. Wow these dresses are amazing but I have to say the 1st one is my favourite;-)

  18. the tosha is most like my dress, some beautiful dresses

  19. the tosha is most like my dress, some beautiful dresses

  20. I LOVED my wedding dress, it was a tea length A-line dress with a lacy top and little cap sleeves. Informal but so pretty and it made me want to swirl around all day 🙂 Plus it was only about £120 from Debenhams! I would much prefer that than spending £2000+ on a dress you only wear once!

  21. These are beautiful! They wouldn’t suit me because I’m quite short – they seem ideal for tall, willowy women, but I love the details! x

  22. These seem really reasonably priced and look gorgeous. I think I’d go for the TOSHA princess dress if I was pushed to choose.

  23. I’m 19 and in a serious relationship and have been for over 2 years now. We both don’t want to get married until we are completely happy with our lives regarding jobs and house etc. But I can’t help look at wedding dresses every now and then, they are just so beautiful! I think it’s possible that I’ve already planned the entire wedding! Good job we have a very close relationship otherwise I think he’s be creeped out a bit haha 😀 My favourite is that last one. It’s so beautifully elegant! Absolutely gorgeous! This post is making me want to look at more dresses :’)

  24. Choosing the wedding dress was one of the most important things I did for my wedding. Mu husband didn’t see the dress before the wedding and he loved it. I went for a princess style, as it was something I loved since I was little.

  25. I love the simplicity of the second dress, but I would have to work out for a while before wearing it lol. I’d love to wear it to get married on the hills by me 🙂

  26. Oh wow those wedding dresses and stunning and so beautiful. I would love to get married one day.

    1. Now you have an idea about what dresses to try 😉

  27. I Love the first one!!!! 😀 Love the lace and long arms 😀 I want to see what the back is like, the back part is important to me haha

    1. It is lovely, the arms are gorgeous.

  28. I found wedding dress shopping quite a stressful experience. I got there in the end though and found my dream dress from Charlotte Balbier!

    1. That’s lucky, It can be very stressful as there are so many to choose from.

  29. Those wedding dresses are beautiful. They say you shouldn’t purchase the first ever wedding dress you see, but I fell in love with the first one I tried on – it was ‘the one’ for me.

    1. You just know don’t you when you try it on. Makes life easier if it’s the first one.

  30. These dresses are beautiful – I can’t believe my own wedding was five years ago already! The time really flies.

  31. Love looking at wedding dresses. My favourite one is SEMILLA

  32. Strangely I loved the pink one! Its not bright enough to completely not be a white wedding dress and still interesting enough. I love how people are experimenting these days. Pretty much loved all the pics though!

    1. I love it, it’s that little bit different but still clearly a wedding dress.

  33. My favourites is tibit and tosha because I adore the style of the train and the lace detailing. So pretty!

  34. I love the first dress, but I won’t be buying any more wedding dresses, twice is enough for me! lol

    1. I do love wedding dress shopping there are so many lovely dresses.

  35. Great tips for wedding dresses, my mummy would love and do it all again! She’s celebrating her 10th wedding anniversary this year!

    1. Ah congratulations to her. Many retake their vows, may she would love to aswell.

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