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Movie Night: Stephen King’s IT

I love Halloween.  I am a big kid at heart.  At the last birthday party we were invited to I was seen in the kids play area playing on the slide until another mum reached for her phone to video me.  Naturally I was off like a shot, we can’t have that on Youtube now can we?  (don’t worry I was back on again shortly when she was distracted).   Normally we do a Halloween party and have other kiddies over and go a bit bananas each year.  This party is the talk of the school as there are plenty of themed foods and the party games – well don’t get me started there but large boxes you can’t see into the length of  a child’s arm full of worms (pasta), maggots (rice), brains (jelly)  etc. that have prizes work amazingly well trust me I’ve done it.  It’s hilarious watching the kids trying to be brave and nervously reaching in and pulling their arms out terrified when they first touch what they think may be something disgusting.


This year I am exhausted.  I am blogging more, the kiddies have more homework and need more distraction and the thought of it was just too much for me to handle.  This year instead I plan on three alternatives; taking the children trick or treating as we all love that, watching spooky movies and cartoons with the mini ones and also having my friends over to watch some Halloween movies.  It’s not just about the children us adults need to take time out for ourselves to have fun and unwind – It’s much deserved and often overdue with all the running around after the children.

Many years ago I watched the Stephen King movie ‘IT’ and it was fantastic although I don’t think I ever looked at clowns in quite the same way.  This year I plan to watch the new version on my Halloween movie night with my friends.

Have you seen either version of Stephen King’s IT yet?

For those that haven’t this movie follows 7 children who are terrorised by a demon in the guise of a clown known as Pennywise and he is blooming scary.  Seriously you need a nice sized cushion per person watching and don’t have any spillable drinks or foods near by just in case.  This evil clown can shapeshift into your worst nightmares, forget the Marshmallow man in Ghostbusters this knows your deepest darkest fears and will haunt you with them.  Pennywise has been influencing the town of Derry for years and emerges every 27 years to gorge himself on human flesh in a feeding frenzy that lasts around a year. The children he has been terrorising summon up the courage to kill him or at least they think they have but he returns when they are adults, can they defeat him again!!

If you love horror movies then this is one that you must see and I look forward to being scared silly by this remake.

Often called the Master of Horror for obvious reasons Stephen King has a number of great movies or you to enjoy so if you fancy a horror fest infront of the tv then these films pictured below will do the trick.  So make sure you tuck the children into bed and cosy up on the sofa and prepared to be scared!

(Image courtesy of Warner Bros UK – thanks so much guys)

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  1. This film is far too scary for me to have the balls to watch! My boyfriend loves it though. Those Halloween food ideas look great too 🙂

  2. Oh wow your parties sound great, I used to love it when my Daughter was younger as she used to love halloween and a little town near us used to do a massive trick and treating through out the shops in town, with a variety of entertainment. Unfortunately I do not watch horror movies, yes I am scared haha x

  3. I’ve seen the first IT and it terrified me as a teenager! But having seen that clip over and over of Pennywise “dancing,” on Twitter, he looks a little less threatening in the new version than he did in the original.

    I’ll wait for it to hit Netflix and have a watch then I think!

  4. do you know what, I have never seen the original! I saw the latest one and just found it super bizarre lol

    1. You should see the original one so you can compare the two movies.

  5. Oh my goodness look at those creepy treats, I would definitely tuck into them all.

    I haven’t seen the new IT yet. I can’t wait to watch it though.

    1. Enjoy Sarah. I’m hoping I survive it lol.

  6. It’s a lovely idea to watch a Halloween movie to celebrate the occasion. Have fun!

    1. Thanks, we will. Hope you have something fun planned.

  7. You’ve very brave for watching it in the first place. I couldn’t. I still rememer seeing Salem’s Lot (think that might be Stephen King) when I was young and it gives me the creeps even now. I’m a complete wuss when it comes to horror films.

  8. I plan on reviewing the TV version of “IT”along with the cheetah,the new movie is good but Pennywise is not the scariest creature on screen in this new take. There are more scarier things then clowns

  9. I’m not a huge horror movie fan so I’ve not yet seen IT. I might give it a try when it’s out on dvd as it might be less scary than it would have been at the cinema x

  10. I do love a good movie, I must admit I haven’t seen a horror in a while. Halloween cakes and sweets are so fun. This year we have a few sweet supplies just in case kids come a knocking. I didn’t see the IT movie, but my sister did and she said it was scary. Would like to see the movie though.

    1. It is a really good movie, you will need something to hide behind though 😉

  11. Ooh I don’t know that I would be brave enough to watch a horror movie. I’m such a wimp. Stephen King is definitely the Master of Horror – His imagination is incredible.

    1. He is amazing. I get terrified but can’t stop watching!!!!

  12. I have not watched this move but eve as an a adult I don;t like horror movies. I do love a halloween party though.

    1. They can be quite scary. Halloween parties are always great fun.

  13. Sounds like you go all out with those treats and scares. Never seen IT im such a softy, but maybe I should give it a go x

  14. Wow what fantastic party treats! I haven’t seen the new IT yet, it’s definitely on my list this Halloween!

  15. My husband made me see this at the cinema – my little boy has a yellow coat, I was traumatised! My husband really enjoyed it though!!

    1. It is pretty scary. You won’t be looking at clowns the same way either I’m guessing.

  16. Loving all those treats ready for a party. The new IT is on our To Watch List

    1. I hope you enjoy the movie.

  17. Stephen King’s creations are just awesome. I’ve heard about the new IT movie being great but nothing beat a good ole original one to watch during Halloween night (or both movies if you’d like).

    1. Ha, that’s a good idea watching both, then we can compare.

  18. I’m SO bad with horror movies haha I watched the last one when I was twenty! I just can’t cope with them! x

    1. I get scared but seem to go back for more. Clearly I’m a little nuts lol.

  19. Oh I do love themed parties and this movie night looks so cool! I really enjoyed IT when I saw the new one at the cinema xxx

    1. It’s great to watch it at the cinema isn’t it although a bit scarier!!!

  20. Wow the food looks amazing. My kids are excited for Halloween

    1. Mine too they can’t wait to go trick or treating.

  21. I used to LOVE horror movies when I was a kid, but I’m not as brave now I’m older. LOL. I’ve never seen IT, but I might be persuaded if someone watched it with me.

    Louise x

    1. It was scary when I saw it last I am hoping I can cope with it this time around. Hope you get to see it.

  22. ive seen all the films and i have to admit theyre all my faves and defintiely classics , great list and great looking food too x

    1. They are a great selection of movies. I love scary films, they terrify me but I love watching them.

  23. I love the originals so much that I am reluctant to see the new versions as I always compare them. The Shining is one of my fave films ever

    1. I know what you mean. Some remakes aren’t quite as good.

  24. I haven’t saw the new one yet, If it’s anything like the first one. I won’t be scared!!

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