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Its amazing how many different types of fudge you can get your hands on.  I was under the impression that I had tried everything there was until this cute box arrived in a shiny pink bag!

The bars of fudge looked good enough to eat which was lucky as I was going to do just that.  The first thing I noticed when I unwrapped each was the aroma.  Wow it was fantastic and the best part was they smelt exactly as they tasted.

The first to be opened was the ‘Star Bar Chocolate and Peanut’ which tasted just like a star bar.  Amazingly smooth, melt in the mouth with chocolate, caramel and actual peanut pieces.  Perfect for my sweet tooth this did not last long after opening, in fact ‘gone in 60 seconds’ springs to mind!

Next was the beautiful Tutti Frutti.  It actually looked like one of those gorgeous bars of soap that you can get but tasted soooooo much better.  It took me a few seconds until I realised this tasted just like tutti frutti bubble gum and almost felt like it on my tongue as a result of the fine texture.  Again fantastically smooth, I really can’t get over that part as quite a few fudge companies have fudge that is a coarser texture, which can also work but with this flavour the smoothness works very well.  Very much again for those with a sweet tooth, in fact this one probably more so of the two.

My tasting assistant passed it with flying colours and sat and nibbled as I made my notes.

These bars are a great size and there is a very large range of beautifully coloured and delicious flavour bars to choose from so you can easily please the whole family.

For more information why not pop over to their website.

This is NOT a sponsored post.

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  1. I love plain fudge 😀

    1. I do too, but its nice to have a variety as it gets a bit boring otherwise 😉

    1. I don’t blame you its lovely 😉

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