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Theraline Maternity and Nursing Pillow

Being pregnant can be a pain, literally!!!!!  As a result of softening of the ligaments due to pregnancy hormones and the addition of weight gain which adds to the stress on the muscles even just the simplest things like getting a good night’s sleep can be affected dramatically.  I have been struggling to get a good night’s sleep due to a combination of pain in my joints, acid and needing to visit the toilet frequently.  As I am now on my third trimester the acid should alleviate as my little on moves down into position in preparation for birth and this should be occurring at any time now.  That still leaves the frequent urination and joint pain but it looks like I have a solution for one of those now in the form of a pillow.  That’s 1 pillow!


This isn’t just a normal pillow, trust me I have been there and done that.  In fact up until recently I was sleeping on 7 pillows just to try support my tummy, back, hips and legs and relieve the pain a little although I was still struggling quite a bit with joint pain which was becoming unbearable.  I found that with the 7 pillows on some nights when turning I would end up knocking them and slipping between them or even knocking them out of bed.

Before:                                                         Now:

DSC02068  DSC02031

Squishy trying to get in on the action!


What a difference.  This pillow is fantastic.  The following morning after first sleeping with it supporting me I felt like I had actually slept even though I had made about 6 or so visits to the bathroom during the course of the night.  Each time I did this I made a point of turning sides on my return and this worked fantastically well.  The second night I became a bit more adventurous and attempted to watch tv sitting up in bed.  I had previously given up all hope of being able to do this comfortably until after the baby as the 7 pillows would never be quite in the right place for me to be comfortable.  I wrapped the pillow like a little nest around me.  It seems to mould to where you need it to go and support you which is ideal especially for when the little one finally arrives as it will be an invaluable tool for breast feeding helping support both baby and me so that I do not put any unnecessary strain on my back if feeding sitting up.  As this pillow is so adaptable it can also be used for feeding whilst still lying down which is great as those who already have children will know at the start the lack of sleep can be exhausting and to lie down and feed can be so much easier.  The Theraline maternity and nursing pillow is so much easier to use than ridiculous numbers of pillows and to be honest I can no longer imagine life without it especially as my bump increases in size.

Original_01_13_small  Original_02_13_small

This pillow is light so easy to manoeuver at stupid o’clock in the morning and has a removable cover than can be washed.  To be honest I am devastated that it was only now, with my third child that I have discovered this pillow as it would have been a god send and would have helped so much although it is still going to help me to no end during the rest of this pregnancy and whilst feeding little Squishy and probably well after that as it feels so much better than lying on pillows especially when watching tv.  The children have also discovered the benefits of the pillow but fortunately as it comes in a large zippy bag I can safely remove it and pop it out of reach when not in use.  It also acts as a great divider so the girls can watch tv on either side of my bed without getting in each other’s way.  What more can I say except that this is the Best Pillow EVER!!!!!!  So if you are pregnant, nursing or need a gift for a baby shower or even just want that extra support in bed lying down or watching tv make sure you get one as you will NOT be disappointed.  It’s best to start using it when you reach your 6th or 7th month of pregnancy.  I was sent mine for review purposes but I started telling people about this fabulous pillow after the first night of use as I was so pleased to have come across it.  Want one?  I don’t blame you!!!  It’s so good that it won Gold in the Mother and Baby Awards this year so clearly many other mums to be and mums feel exactly the same.


This fabulous pillow can be purchased from John Lewis for £44.95 and is worth every penny!  They have a range of pillows available so do make sure you have a look.

I have some very exciting news for my readers.  I have 1 Theraline Maternity and Nursing Pillow to give away!

Entry is simple.  Just fill in the Rafflecopter form:

Not sure how to enter, have a quick read of this:


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Just a quick not that as little Squishy is due around the time that this competition ends there may be a light delay in the winner being selected or details being passed on but not to worry it will all be sorted asap.

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  1. ive just started reading your blog and joined u on google plus, i love your weekly updates on pregnancy, i wish i had done something like this its a precious time and a record of it would be fab

  2. I loved my pillow when i was pregnant but this one looks so much more comfortable, mine was a long rectangular one which i scrunched into the shape i needed, the curve on this pillow seems such a better fit x


  4. lovely giveaway , my friend is pregnant this would help her alot as she has spd

  5. lovely comp mel thank you love reading your blog its like a fine wine matures with age.

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