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DGJ Organics Hangover Hair & Wild ‘n’ Crazy Kids HairJuice

Isn’t it fantastic when you come across products that work!  Now at the age of 35 I am finding I am paying closer attention to my appearance.  I have generally struggled with hair products or at least I did until I first discovered DGJ Organics.  Having hair that is neither straight nor curly I find I have to use a straightener on a regular basis.  As a result my hair develops split and dry ends so needs a bit more special attention.  I find the ends always appeared dry even with the use of serum.  There was definitely an improvement in my hair condition on starting with the DGJ Brunettes range and even more so when I tried the ‘Hangover Hair’ Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner.


Once well dispersed into the hair the shampoo appeared to work quite fast in making the hair feel softer and smoother.  I found I only needed to shampoo the once unlike with many other shampoos.


I rubbed the conditioner in well throughout the hair paying particular attention to the drier ends and found that again it felt better within a few minutes and then by almost 20 minutes when I rinsed it off my hair felt like someone else’s in that it felt softer and smoother than it had in a long time. 
After washing my hair I noticed that as it dried it appeared less frizzy than normal, and this was after the first use!  This also helped as the straightening time was reduced a little too.
The Hangover Hair Intense conditioner is an intensive conditioning repair and gloss treatment.  I wasn’t sure what to expect before trying this product as the other conditioner was great and so I couldn’t see how they could improve upon it, well at least not until after I tried it.  On application it felt the same as the conditioner.  It wasn’t until the hair had dried and I had straightened it that I noticed that the hair looked even better than before.  Smooth, soft to the touch, the ends didn’t look dry.  At this rate I will be in hair product commercials very soon.  After the first use of the conditioner I had my hair highlighted.  This made it feel really dry so I used the intense conditioner again and it worked amazingly well on my hair.  To top it off I have amazing news for those that like me generally have hair that frizzes up the second there is any moisture in the air.  I was rained on briefly 3 times, normally this would have resulted in my hair needing to be re-straightened but not this time.  I have looked at my hair a number of occasions just to check as this was totally unexpected and to be honest for me a miracle. 
Not wanting the kids to feel left out we also tried the ‘Wild ‘n’ Crazy Kids Hairjuice’ which is a detangling spray.  We loved the watermelon fragrance and it seemed to make the hair easier to comb through.  My little princesses now expect me to use this now after each wash and if mummy does not oblige she will be in BIG trouble as they want me to make their hair ‘buuutiful’.

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  1. These sound like wonderful products, I would love to purchase them and try them out for my self. Thanks for the post/review!

    1. I love these, still using them!

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