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Bratz Instapets – Raya and Bumblebee

My little girls love the trendy and fun Bratz dolls.  Over the summer we reviewed the Bratz remix doll Cloe.  The Bratz are back yet again and they have brought with them their adorable pets that they love snapping photos of and posting on instagram.  From left to right we have Raya who has a bumblebee pet, Cloe who has a pig pet, Yasmin who has a frog and Jade who has a cat.


This time around we are reviewing Bratz Instapets Raya.


Raya comes with her bobble head instapet and the girls loved playing with her.  They love her style and the range of great accessories that she comes with that are all co-ordinated to match the colour of her pet – a bumblebee.  They loved the outfit and the pet and wanted to tell you all about it in a YouTube video.


As you can see from the video the girls loved that the brush was lip shaped and there were lips at the back of the phone and the phone cover looks like a bee, what’s not to love it’s cute.  Here is Raya being read to by one of the girls.  Apparently she also likes sleep overs and they get up to all sorts of fun.


Now the girls and I agree that this would make a super gift for a birthday, Christmas or for just being good so to make sure the word gets around to all the mummies, daddies and grandparents we are hosting a giveaway for one lucky reader to win a gorgeous Raya Instapets doll.

For my hardcore readers you know the drill and for anyone that’s new, welcome and we hope you like variety as this blog covers all sorts.

Instructions if needed can be found here:


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Good luck x

This Post Has 30 Comments

  1. I love the Bratz Jade doll and her bobblehead Instapet Cat

  2. These look very cool, Eliza would love them

  3. Great post! These dolls look cool… if only I was young again!.


  4. When bratz came out, I had officially decided I felt I was too old for them. Think I must have been 10/11…

  5. I remember bratz coming out when I was little. I’m sure little ones would love these x

  6. Our favourite is Jade and her cat since we also have cats 🙂

  7. I never played with those as a kid, but I can totally see why your daughters like them 🙂

    1. They are really nice sturdy dolls 😉

  8. It’s defo the Raya doll, my daughter loves her!

    1. The is a super cool doll isn’t she 😉

  9. How cool looking are they – seems like dolls have come on such a long way since I was young. x

    1. Same here they are really nice now.

  10. How cool is a pet bumblebee?

  11. Their outfits are so cute! I like the little bobbleheads they come with! The bee is adorable!

    1. They do have great outfits and the pets are very cute.

  12. I think I was around 10 when these came out, by 11 me and my friends were in a BRATZ sports day team and the teachers didn’t understand why we were calling ourselves bratz so would call us “The spoiled brats” . Good times…
    I’m glad children still play with dolls, too much technology is around today.

  13. These are a bit too old for my girls, but I do love it when I see them playing with dolls and using their imaginations, rather than huddled over an iPad screen. x

    1. That’s what I love about these sort of toys they encourage creative play 😉

  14. Theyre totally cool!

  15. Woh I enjoy your posts, saved to bookmarks!

  16. Both of my daughters love these dolls but I could see Raya being a favourite of my youngest daughter as she absolutely loves bumble bees!

  17. I like the Raya doll

  18. great giveaway, my daughter loves these dolls

  19. My daughter liked the doll with the bee

    1. She is cute!

  20. These are lovely. Raya and her bumblebee pet are my favourite.

    1. It’s a cute doll and pet set 😉

  21. The doll with the bee is brill 🙂

  22. The one with the bee is so cute xx

  23. Our little girl loves the Doll with the bee. 🐝

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