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My love for natural products has grown over the years.  The more I learn the more I want to use them.  I have been gradually changing the way I eat, medicate and what goes on my skin.

Natural skin care has grown in popularity considerably over the years as we all learn more about the detrimental effects of some beauty products.  Today I’m introducing you to a great natural beauty company called Nakin.

About Nakin

This award-winning innovative British brand produces highly effective products.  They utilise ingredients with proven efficacy for enhancing the appearance of the skin to develop natural anti-ageing formulas.  This premium skincare range incorporates high-quality ingredients that repair and protect the skin.  Products are made in England, formulated to the highest standard and are cruelty free.

Naturally when you discover a brand like this it won’t be long until you whip out that card and order some of the lovely products available.

Nakin Natural Anti-Ageing Performance Face Serum

Product Information

The serum has been designed to help regenerate the skin using antioxidant oils and extracts.  The active ingredients work synergistically to improve elasticity, hydrate the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Ingredients and What They Do

Hydrolyzed Hibiscus Extract – minimises facial muscle contractions.  Reduces the appearance of wrinkles by firming and tensing the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid – hydrates and plumps skin as well as improving skin elasticity.

Pomegranate – rich in antioxidants.  This helps prevent premature ageing and promotes regeneration of the top layer of the skin.

Green Tea – antioxidant rich.  This helps the skin slow down the ageing process by fighting off free radicals and minimising damaged caused to skin on a cellular level.

Rosemary Leaf Extract – fights against the skin ageing effects of sugar known as Glycation.  It protects collagen and elastin in the skin to ensure it stays firm and plump.

Nakin Natural Anti-Ageing Eye Cream Complex

Product Information

This eye cream is perfectly formulated to increase moisture levels around the delicate skin of the eye.  The cream reduces puffiness, the appearance of crow’s feet, fine lines and dark circles.

Ingredients and What They Do

This contains Hydrolyzed Hibiscus Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Pomegranate and Green Tea.  In addition, it contains:

Squalane  hydrates and plumps the skin around the eyes to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  It also makes the skin feel softer.

Seaweed Extract – this has strong hydrating properties.  It’s great for improving skin tone and gives a radiant complexion.

Chlorella vulgaris – improves the circulation in the area around the eyes to help with reduction of dark circles.

Caffeine – tightens, smoothes and reduces puffiness of the skin under the eyes.


Nakin Natural Anti-Ageing Matt Face Cream

Product Information

This was the winner of The Beauty Shortlist 2018 Editor’s Choice Award.  This natural anti-ageing moisturiser works in various ways. It balances, nourishes and protects.

Ingredients and What They Do

This contains Hyaluronic Acid and Pomegranate extract.  As well as these the face cream also contains:

Cassia Angustifolia Seed Polysaccharide – is great for keeping skin hydrated and supple.

Baobab oil – this is great for keeping skin hydrated and supple.

Argan – antioxidant rich and full of fatty acids.  This is perfect for keeping skin soft, promoting healing and giving it a lovely glow.

Olive Oil – keeps the skin nourished, soft and incredibly smooth.

What did I think?

The products are vegetarian and cruelty free which I love.  I’ve been trying to use more of these sorts of products more in my beauty regime.  The scents are natural and not over powering.  They absorb well into the skin and the products seem to go a long way.  There are marked improvements in skin appearance with increased radiance and tone.

I loved that the eye cream has a really light silky texture and doesn’t leave the skin feeling oily.  It helps reduce puffiness, dark circles and fine lines appeared visibly reduced.

The serum has a great texture and makes the skin feel smooth and soft after application.  It is instantly absorbed into the skin and helped promote a fresher looking appearance.  My skin began to glow soon after I began to use this.  With continued use, this improved further.

I loved how the matt cream did as it was supposed to and left a matt finish. It made the most wonderful base for concealer and foundation that would stay in place long after application.  My skin felt soft and moisturised after use and looked firmer.

Have you discovered Nakin yet?

If not which product would you most like to try?  Tell me in the comments below I’d love to hear from you x




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52 thoughts on “Nakin – Cruelty Free Beauty”

  1. I love that these products are cruelty free. always seem to be looking for new skin care so may give this a whirl xx

  2. This range sounds awesome – I haven’t heard of it before but really love the sound of them. Kaz

  3. cruelty free? where’s the fun in that? I’m just kidding. But suddenly I had visuals of little bunny rabbits cringing at the sight of another beauty product headed their direction.

    I like that the ingredients are all natural. I can imagine that they smell pretty darn good as well. Sounds like something worth trying.

  4. I believe, this is something I should start looking at. During winters my skin get dry and needs proper care. this would be helpful. Thank you for recommending

  5. I haven’t heard of this brand before but it sounds amazing! So glad to hear that you found it worked for you, I may just have to try some of these out, especially the eye cream!

  6. We love discovering British brands to support and the serum sounds amazing! Thanks for passing on this gem!

  7. I love natural skincare products as well. I’ve never heard of Nakin, but love the clean ingredients they have. I’d love to try the eye cream cause it sounds fantastic!

  8. Cool that they are taking a stand by producing cruelty-free product, my sister is a makeup artist and is always hunting for the best products that are also doing good. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Thanks for this information! I’ve never heard of this brand before but really like products that are all natural.

  10. I’ve never heard of this brand but sounds like something I would enjoy, especially it being cruelty-free. I would love to try the eye treatments. I’m always looking for a good product to get rid of the dark circle under my eyes.

  11. Those ingredients look like they are going to deliver as promised. Glad to know that this beauty product brand is cruelty free too. I would love to try the Nakin Eye Cream. The dark circles under my eyes have always been a problem for me.

  12. The first thing that caught my eye is that these products are cruelty free. I am always searching for new skin care products but this is the first time I heard of Nakin. Thank you for sharing. Definitely want to try it out.

  13. Love this! I love how the products are vegetarian and cruelty free (it’s nice to purchase something that is environmentally friendly). And I like that the product isn’t oily.

  14. I love discovering about new skin care products. I would really want to try the Nakin line. Other than it being cruelty free, I like the ingredients used! It sure looks like it will help me get through the harsh winter and keep my skin soft and moisturized.

  15. This Nakin brand looks like something I would really want to try. It is nice that it is cruelty free, and the ingredients they contain are great! Thank you for introducing me to this product!

  16. I hadn’t heard of the Nakin brand but reading about them, it sounds great and I love that it is British too. Mich x

  17. These sound like fantastic products, I’d love to try the eye cream – it sounds like just what I’ve been looking for. Thank you for sharing!

  18. I heard about Nakin before and it looks like a pretty nice product. I might consider using this one. Hoping that I can find one on our nearest local store.

  19. Wow! Lovely selection of products that are great for the skin – I’m definitely going to buy some Nakin face cream x

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