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How Being More Observant and Careful Can Improve Your Life

Modern day society has changed so much since I was a child.  In the times we live everything is done in a hurry and everything is needed yesterday and sometimes we overlook areas we should focus on more in the struggle to staying on top of things?  In many a case we then look back and wish we had done things differently .

At the end of the day the person who benefits is you and your family when you take more care in your life in all aspects of the word, we all know prevention is better then cure especially when it’s our physical or mental health at stake.

Keep Your Health in Better Shape

Health is extremely important although I know many people that ignore problems and symptoms rather than getting them seen to straight away.  It may be easier to ignore things at first but then they can become far harder to treat or terminal in some cases as one of my in laws found out many years ago.  Listen to your body because often it will tell you when something is wrong!

Be Attentive to the Needs of Your Family

Many mums and dads are super attentive but it can be very easy to take family members for granted or not pay as much attention as maybe we should which it’s not a healthy way to maintain family relationships.  It’s important although not always easy to pay attention to everyone in your family.  Keeping a slightly closer eye than normal can sometimes enable you to uncover problems you were not aware existed.  Spending that bit more time with the children for example for a parent that normally doesn’t can help strengthen bonds and improve understanding of each other and their ways. 


Avoid Wasting Money

We’re all guilty of wasting money on one thing or another in life.  It might be magazines, not shopping around for cheaper items, it could be eating out more often than we should but it’s not such a difficult routine to get out of.  If you’re vigilant and spot the ways in which you’re wasting money fast then you’ll be able to make changes easily and quickly.  With a little practise you’ll also be able to spot a bargain before you waste your money on something more expensive for example.  You’ll be better at doing things like finding the cheapest car insurance and spotting the best deal on the supermarket shelves something I’m quite pleased to be getting pretty good at.


Avoid Impulse Buying

Impulse buying is something many people struggle with in their lives. It’s so easy to be tempted into a purchase when you’re walking around shops and trying to stick to your shopping list.  I might send my husband out to get me some items and discover that somehow we have gain extra goods from those requested including large bags of crisps and chocolate biscuits, all on offer of course.  Those aware of the ways in which companies target consumers with advertising and marketing are less and less likely to impulsively buy things you don’t really need unless you are my husband as apparently he needs to have numerous packs of chocolate coated biscuits in the house at all times lol.  All I can say is he’s lucky I don’t have a million designer shoes and handbags.


Neighbourhood Watch Schemes Benefit All

Neighbourhood watch groups are very good for ensuring that the people living together in a local community are looking out for one another.  An observant neighbour can be a great asset.  Simply by being observant and reporting any suspicious things that are going on in the area can help you and those living nearby.  It works in your favour as it means it’s not just you looking out for your family’s well being from a safety perspective.

Being Careful Can Help Your Career Advance Faster

In the world of business, mistakes tend to be remembered by your superiors especially ones that should not have happened in the first place.  I hated it when my staff made careless mistakes it made them look bad and as far as I was concerned reflected badly on me which wasn’t acceptable.  These sorts of people generally don’t stay in employment for long if they are serial offenders.  On the positive side those that are more conscientious and have pride in their work and are more careful with what they do get noticed and rise quickly amongst the ranks when they can within the company they are working as with any luck their paycheck will increase too. 


Live With Fewer Regrets

Those that are more careful and observant generally end up living with fewer regrets in the long-term which of course is a positive thing.  No one wants to feel like they should have done things differently, but if you allow yourself to take action without thinking things through, you will inevitably get things wrong and may be left with regrets that stay with you.


As you now know, a little care and vigilance can go a really long way when you’re trying to improve the way in which you live your life.  Almost every area of your life can be improved upon even if it’s just a little.  If you start today you’ll help give yourself and your family a healthier and better quality of life tomorrow.

Can you identify areas where you might benefit from working on?

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This Post Has 21 Comments

  1. This is so true! People who are observant are usually so smart. I loved reading this post!

    1. Glad you liked the post. It can be beneficial to be observant x

  2. I agree with everything that you said. Being observant also means being more aware of what’s happening around you and thus making you better at handling things because you can see what’s happening.

  3. Impulse buying is definitely an HUGE area of improvement for me. Especially when I’m bored or feeling a little blue. Need to be mindful of that.

  4. Ya, I totally agree most of us are guilty of wasting money on one thing or the other in life. And ofcourse the little care is enough to improve it.

  5. I am currently working on this! So great tips! I think its really time to push myself and to start getting more motivated

  6. I can say that I’m checking most of the things in your list, but I still have things I need to work on.

  7. I am all for saving a bit of money this year. I am being more careful and observant on where my money goes.

  8. I especially need to work on the impulsive buying, when I see something online that I really like i usually get it but have way too many clothes!

  9. I think I need to be more observant with what I eat. That will really improve my weight and therefore the quality of my life. Wouldn’t hurt to lose at least 10 lbs. I’m not getting any younger. Not really opting for an athletic body, just something lighter just so I can go after my kids.

  10. I am so bad at impulse buying, if I have the money I forget to think about the future x

  11. I wish I can follow at least one of these! I think these are all points I have to take a lot more seriously. Especially the one about being careful with my money. I also think being in a hurry messes with all of this too! I’ve definitely got a lot to work on! Thanks for the reminders!

  12. I agree! It is all too easy to ‘impulse buy’ these days, especially considering how much I wish I could pretend that I am a millionaire so that I could spend as much money as I would like haha. Unfortunately in the adulting world that is simply not possible, so it is important that we try and cut back on our spending if possible!

  13. I love this post. I agree with every single point. Being observant lets you enjoy life better. I will also add observant of what you are eating also. I am late doing that, checking nutritional facts for everything I am buying and being observant on what I am eating whole food. Impulsive buying is something I am still working on and I love the point on living with less regrets

    1. That’s good to hear. Many don’t check what goes in to their foods and don’t realise the amount of sugar / fats in the foods they eat.

  14. These tips are so great! I definitely need to watch my spending and I did a bit of impulse buying today. Although I got good deals, which was hard to pass up! 😉

  15. For me, being more observant and careful would directly impact my health, I am the clumsiest person, and am forever bumping into things and falling over!

    1. Oh dear. I’m sure it would mean less bruises for a start then x

  16. This makes a lot of sense! Like you say, we live in such a busy and crazy world. But taking a bit of time to do things and check things out is definitely worthwhile.

  17. I agree. Family should come first. We should have proper planning in investments, spendings and child education. It’s an interesting reading.

    1. Thanks Manoj. I’m glad you found it interesting.

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