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Finally!!!! Super Fast Eye Make Up Removal

I seem to be attending one event after another at the moment whether it is a blogger event, a Christening, birthday party or a mummy’s dinner out I have been one busy lady.  Combine that with having a baby that is obsessed with mummy so wakes up most nights insisting on sleeping in the bed next to me (after nudging my husband out- lol such a mummy’s boy) it is hardly surprising that I am shattered and this takes its toll on the skin around my eyes.  I have also been experimenting with eye make up more as these are one of my features that I really should accentuate, although maybe not the eye bags.  The only problem is that removal of the eye makeup when the evening is over can be a nuisance especially when I am knackered and in a hurry to get to bed.  In some cases I would evaluate whether to wear eye makeup depending on my level of tiredness, a bit ridiculous I know but when bed calls me it kind of yells extremely loudly!

 Fortunately I recently discovered an answer to my eye makeup removal dilemma in the form of a gel.  The gel, AA Skincare Essential’s new multi-purpose Seaweed and Aloe Refreshing Eye Gel works in 4 ways.  The gel gently and effectively removes make up (I will demonstrate later), it also helps to rehydrate and restore the skin surrounding the eyes and also something that is important for the summer season, it helps to cool skin after sun exposure.


It ia crammed full of natural ingredients including aloe which has been used for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties for centuries and seaweed which is nutrient rich.  Combined with the aloe the seaweed helps increase passage of the nutrients through the top layer of the skin to where it can be used to help improve the skin appearance.  Topical application of nutrients is a perfect way to complement dietary consumption to help improve skin appearance in general.

Another extremely appropriate ingredient used in this gel is Euphrasia officinalis also known as eyebright.  This wonderful herb is just what the skin around the eyes needs with its anti-inflammatory and astringent properties which help to make the skin look tighter and more refreshed.

Ever wondered why beauticians pop cucumbers on the eyes of clients after applying a face mask?  No it isn’t so you can’t see what they are up to.  The actual reason is that the humble cucumber works wonders on the skin around the eyes making it look revitalised, its anti-inflammatory properties help reduce puffiness and it also has a mild lightening effect on dark circles under the eyes.  Before you reach for the cucumber though consider the benefit this combined with the other natural ingredients mentioned and you will find yourself reaching for your bottle of Seaweed and Aloe Refreshing Eye Gel.

 The gel is simple to use in its pump action bottle and when I tried it I noticed that a little goes a long way.


When I used the eye gel for the first time to remove my eye makeup I have to admit I was so impressed I ended up using it on my whole face.  The instructions say to smooth the gel onto the eye area and then wipe with cotton wool but I pumped mine straight onto the cotton wool dotted it around my eyes face and got great results.


Just one application was enough to remove all of my eye makeup.


I did go over it a couple of times with the same piece of cotton wool andafter I checked it with a clean piece of cotton wool and a tiny bit more gel the remaining little bit of makeup was removed.  What an amazing result a makeup removal product that saves you time and also benefits your skin, what more could you possibly need?  Considering the efficiency of this product it is a bargain at £6.95 for 50ml and I also thought it a nice touch that the pot is recyclable.  This is just one of the products from the AA Skincare Essentials range created by Amphora Aromatics who are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of pure essential oils and aromatic products.  So next time you are having an evening out and you need to remove make up, or baby has kept you up and you need to give the skin around your eyes a boost make sure you have a bottle of this fabulous eye gel to hand!!!

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  1. Sounds good, I love finding a product you adore using! Only thing for me is using cotton wool balls, the feel of wet cotton wool makes me cringe!


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