All my children have grown up with Petits Filous.  They are great for little ones with their high calcium and vitamin D content perfect from growing children plus they taste scrummy too!!!.  Petits Filous have quite a wide range of products and flavours to choose from and have just introduced a new one to the selection.

My First Petits Filous is a low sugar, vanilla-flavour weaning fromage frais (Asda and Morrisons), designed to introduce children to fromage frais from 6 months. The main ingredient is milk and all ingredients are 100% naturally sourced, so no artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or added preservatives.   Not only is My First Petits Filous delicious, it has calcium and protein to help children develop strong bones from an early age and the low sugar content helps maintain a balanced diet during weaning.

I’m sure if I asked Mr Squishy is he wants one of these he will use one of his new words and say “I dooooooooo!”

Petits Filou 1

 We have been experiencing a lot of firsts with Mr Squishy recently and most are with the new words he is saying.  Mr Squishy loves his food and he used his new favourite word “mooooooooooooorrrrree” when he has polished off his first ever bowl of Courgette Spaghetti & Pesto which mummy made for the first time recently.   (I’m still working on getting him to say please).  Mummy was very happy he like it as it’s super healthy.  Squishy also knew he would get a Petits Filous for afters if he ate it all up!




I decided that as the weather was gradually improving I had to make a NEW tasty and healthy recipe for Mr Squishy combining two of his favourite foods.

Petits Filous & Fresh Strawberry Ice Lollies


5 pots of 47g Petits Filous whatever flavour you like (we used strawberry) but it works well with the Petits Filous Firsts Vanilla flavour too.

5 small strawberries


Chop the strawberries into bite sized pieces and add to a bowl.  Pour over the petits Filous and stir then add to ice lolly moulds.


The number of ice lollies you will make of course depends on the size of the mould.

I made 4.

Chefs tip: you can mix and match the Petits Filous flavours with different fruits that your child likes or use this to introduce new fruits to their diet.

This first was a success just as mummy expected, yum!!!


Petitis Filous products have seen me through all my children’s first words, learning to walk and many more firsts.  It’s now Mr Squishy’s turn to experience some new first’s whilst enjoying his Petits Filous for example watching Transformers for the first time.  He was very excited about that.  (He has a Transformers Robots in Disguise – Rumble in the Jungle DVD to giveaway to one lucky reader ‘here’).



Mr Squishy has a growing whole range of new words to help him express himself including:

“Eeeeeuuuuuuggggghhhhhh” to express his disgust if something is yucky.

“Woooooaaaaaahhhhhh” if he finds something impressive.  He uses this quite a lot!

He has recently started enjoying his baths, finally!!!!  This is probably thanks to the lovely aromas of vosene kids products.


Mr Squishy loves sport.  He has been playing with his sisters balls for ages so we decided he needed his own less girly one.  He loved playing in the garden with his new ball!  On the first day he was given it my little superstar would not let it goooooo (sorry still have the song from Frozen in my head thanks to my daughters).


Another recent first for Squishy was his Aquadoodle.


He was really excited about playing with it.



Plus the aquadoodle helped stop Squishy creating his own artwork on mummy’s walls.


With these and many more firsts to come I look forward to seeing what my little man will get up too.


This post is an entry for BritMums #PetitsFilousFirsts Linky Challenge, sponsored by Petits Filous.

(We were sent vouchers for free packs of the products shown above although we were already fans!)

49 thoughts on “#PetitsFilousFirsts”

  1. I used to love petits filous!! Yogurt lollies are so nice, I made myself some recently and they are perfect for this gorgeous weather we’ve been having!

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  2. had to laugh at the mes, Minky was the same more down him than in him yet his twin sister eats them without any mess at all.
    Ours love the aquadoodle as well.
    Love the recipe idea. We take the easy option and just pop the frubes in the freezer.

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  3. Look like he loved the petit filous! A great way to get more fruit and calcium into the diet. I have to admit though I’ve never liked these but all the more for Mr Squishy

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