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Rose Ice Cream

In the lead up to Father’s Day I decided to make something for my dad.  Initially I had no idea what to make but I wanted to make something specifically tailored around his taste.  In the past I have bought him rose syrup which can be found in most supermarkets and is great for mixing with still or sparkling water to make a fresh floral drink.  With this in mind I decided to try making a rose ice cream having had it myself for the first time on a visit to Nissi Restaurant.

I had heard of ice creams being made with evaporated milk so I decided to give my own version a go and hope for the best.  Luckily the result was amazing so I decided to share with you my fabulous recipe.  This is a simple cheats version and the results as I said were spot on.  Although you are not constantly whisking you need not fear a mouthful of ice crystals, be comforted in the knowledge that this will result in a gorgeous creamy ice cream no matter how bad a chef you feel your are.


2 x 410g tins evaporated milk

200g caster sugar

5tbs rose syrup

3tbs rose water


Pour the evaporated milk into a metal bowl or freezer safe glass bowl and freeze for 2.5 hours.

Whisk well for 5-6 minutes with an electric hand whisk.

Throw in the rest of the ingredients and whisk for a further 5-6minutes.  By this stage the mixture should have doubled at least in size from the original height.

Place in a plastic container, cover with the lid and freeze overnight.

This ice cream will be smooth, creamy and have a gorgeous rose flavour.

You can adapt the recipe to make various flavours, I hope to be making a few more flavours soon!!!


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  1. This looks amazing, I would never have thought of making this flavour

  2. This really looks yummy
    Think I’ll have a go and make some myself

  3. Oh yum this sounds like a delicious idea for ice cream – can you make me some 😉 lol x

  4. TV Shows and Recipe books seem to make Ice Cream making look really complicated! This looks simple and delicious too!

  5. Looks very easy to make and I imagine very tasty family treat too.

  6. What a great recipe! I recently had rose flavoured cupcakes, and they were delicious, I will have to give this ice cream a go! 🙂

  7. Oh my this sounds amazing! I must give this a try, it sounds so easy, too. Why have I never tried making ice cream before?! Thank you for sharing. xx

  8. I’ve never had rose ice cream and am really unsure if I’d like the flavour. Looks really pretty though x

  9. An interesting choice of flavour, i have seen a lot of rose products about. never tried them though

  10. I love rose syrup but I have never tried rose ice cream before but I bet it would be really refreshing and soothing on the tastebuds.

  11. This sounds amazing! Such a beautiful flavour and wonderful gift idea.

  12. I love how refreshing the taste could be. Simple yet yummy ice cream. 🙂 Love to read other flavours soon.

  13. Wow this sounds so easy, must try this! Thank you for sharing xx

    1. Glad you liked it Keri, enjoy x

  14. What a novel idea! If your Dad tried it, I hope he enjoyed it too :).

    1. Um, novel in a good way, I mean! I think my mind was a little blown… 😀 It sounds delicious.

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