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Courgette Pasta with Homemade Green Pesto

It’s #NationalVegetarianWeek so I decided that I should make a vegetarian dish.  This can be classified as vegetarian depending on how strict you are as it contains cheese (I know plenty of vegetarians that eat cheese) but you can always substitute for a vegetarian cheese.  My fabulous Courgette Pasta (I’m calling it courgetti) with Homemade Green Pesto tastes good even if I say so myself.  Having gotten to grips with my fabulous spiralizer from Eddingtons I decided to branch out and get a bit more adventurous.  I have seen various recipes for making courgetti before but as far as I am aware they generally boil it and then complain about the courgetti being soggy which really didn’t seem particularly impressive to me.  I decided it might be better to whip out my frying pan instead and see what happened.  This is a FAB recipe in that it is exceptionally healthy and super simple to make which is a bonus in anyone’s eyes.

Courgette is rich in magnesium and potassium which help normalise blood pressure.  It also has anti-cancer properties that inhibit cell mutations and prevent colon and lung cancer.  It is low in calories with just 17 calories per 100g and does not contain saturated fats or cholesterol.  The peel is a great source of dietary fiber .


I was a little unsure about courgetti at first but I was extremely pleased with the results.  Even Mr Squishy agreed that it tasted finger licking good and didn’t want to waste any of it.  In fact Mr Squishy had seconds and would have had thirds if mummy hadn’t eaten the rest of it.



Serves 1-2 (2 if accompanied by a side dish)


3 courgettes

For the Pesto

2 cloves of garlic

50g Grana Padano / parmesan whichever you prefer

70g basil leaves

120ml olive oil

40g pine nuts

Sea Salt to taste

Pepper to Taste

Extra cheese for a sprinkling on the top


On a low heat warm the pine nuts and stir until they become a golden brown colour.  Set aside to cool.

Place the garlic, basil leaves, cheese, olive oil and cooled pine nuts into a blender and blend.  You can have either a rustic or smooth version depending on how long you blend it for.

Spiralise the courgette.  Heat up a frying pan and then add the spiralised courgette tossing it so it doesn’t burn.  After about 3 minutes add in about 3tbs of the pesto or more if required and stir in well.  Serve with a sprinkle of cheese a touch of freshly ground pepper and a sprinkling of freshly ground sea salt.


Thankfully using a pan frying worked very well and I have now made it a few times since getting my new toy.  Loved this recipe using my spiralizer?  Then why not take a look at my

Carrot & Red Cabbage Salad (Fun with a Spiralizer) post.

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  1. Ive developed a new found love for pesto but i have yet to try corgetti!!

    1. It’s really yummy!

  2. I keep meaning to have a go at making courgette pasta! Need to get myself a spiralizer, especially as my son loves courgettes. Will be pinning this for a later date xxx

    1. Glad you liked the recipe, we really enjoyed this.

  3. Looks delicious, I love homemade Pesto but have never tried courgetti, Mr Squishy looks like he is totally enjoying it 🙂

    1. He loved it, couldn’t get enough of it which was great.

  4. I love courgette noodles; I used to spiralise but now get them from tesco as only £1 for a pack

    1. I didn’t know they did them read made, I’m not too keen on that though as they lose their nutrients and they may have been sitting on the shelf for a few days.

  5. We love pesto, but I still haven’t made my own and it is something I really want to try, I am not sure if the courgette pasta would go down well in my house and my husband and I keep trying it but so far not liked it. But we haven’t had it like this so will give this a go as it sounds delicious x

    1. Hope you guys like it, I didn’t think Squishy would but he loved it.

  6. I love courgette pasta, I have been having this so often. Looks really yummy x

    1. It’s a great dish, I plan to experiment more.

  7. Another recipe I can do with my spiralizer! Thank you! Sounds really nice, I’d love to try it!

    1. Glad you liked it, enjoy!!!

  8. This looks amazing! I love that you called it courgetti. It sounds ever so simple to make. I wonder if my children will like it as much as your little ones do 🙂 Thanks for sharing. xx

    1. Mr Squishy loved it, I plan to make it more often now.

  9. Oh yum what a delicious sounding meal, I have to admit I don’t think I’ve tried making pesto myself before. x

    1. It’s really simple to make, give it a try!!!

  10. Courgetti is very popular at the moment. Looks good and I love pesto.

    1. I plan to try a few other recipes soon.

  11. This sounds like such a yummy meal. I really need to get a spiralizer so I can do recipes like this.

  12. I need to get me a spiralizer as the courgette pasta looks good and I need to do something with the courgette in my fridge

  13. I love Pesto thay I can eat it everyday. Great that your kid loved it!:)

  14. I am a huge fan of pesto, I’d love to try make some myself some day!

  15. I often substitute pasta for courgetti, it’s an easy way to get more vegetables into my diet. This looks so delicious will definitely be trying it!

  16. We are big fans of courgetti, although we usually mix it in with pasta as we still need the carbs.

  17. This looks delicious! Courgetti is high on my list of recipes to try, I just need to get myself a spiraliser so I can make this myself! It’s very green looking but also tasty looking 😉

  18. I’ve never eaten courgette pasta. My husband isn’t into modern food trends like using courgettes as pasta and I’m quite a picky eater. I agree with you about courgettes not turning out great when boiled, but I love them fried. The homemade green pesto sounds delicious.

  19. I love courgetti! I also really like butternut squash used through a spiralizer…it makes a wonderful alternative to pasta.

  20. I really really want to try this, Tesco do pots of the courgette pasta but I am sure I could make my own x

  21. Sounds amazing
    Love your combination of flavours
    Perfect for national vegetarian week

  22. I love pesto so much but have never tried to make it but may have to give it a go now!

  23. I should probably dig the spiralizer out of the cupboard and give this a go – it looks really delicious!

  24. I have never tried courgette noodles before. looks delicious

    1. They are nicer than I expected.

  25. This is pretty cool and looks yummy. Trying to get OH to go a bit more experimental with food choices, and this may just convince him… Let’s see! 🙂

    1. I hope to do one that is meatier soon he might like that.

  26. This looks so scrumptious! Fresh pesto is one of my favourite things to eat ever!! I will be trying your recipe soon x

    1. Enjoy, it’s yummy and great with the courgetti!

  27. Ah, this sounds perfect and easy to make! Plus, looks yummy! Look at that little guy, he can’t get enough! 😀

    1. Isn’t he super, so glad he liked it!

  28. This looks really nice and right up my street, especially as I’m trying to be 85% vegan/veggie right now! x

  29. I am not usually a fan of courgette, but I am strangely drawn to this and would probably prefer it to pasta spaghetti!

  30. Oh my goodness! Look at him <3 he is so cute!
    I'm going to try this for Hayden and see if he likes it.
    Thanks so much for sharing hun
    Charlotte x

    1. Hope your little one loves it too!!!

  31. I need to make these as am sure the kids would love them

    1. Enjoy!

  32. I love it. We bought a spiralizer and they’re great fun as well as healthy. Great recipe. Thanks for sharing. x

    1. Glad you likd it, more to come x

  33. looks tasty, i need to invest in a spiraliser. Might get the kids eating more veg

    1. That’s my plan too, good luck!

  34. i love making courgetti. ive never made my own pesto before. i’ll try this recipe 🙂

    1. It really is worth trying I love it.

  35. I love courghetti! More so than normal spaghetti now. Your little man looks like he really enjoyed it!

    1. Lol he really loved it I wish I had videoed him.

  36. Wow he really loved it! I have an aversion to courgettes so this isn’t for me but I do have to say it looks yummy!

  37. I must get round to making this, it sounds incredible, your little man is so good, my two eye anything new with suspicion, it won’t stop me trying though!

    1. Oh dear, wish you lots of luck as it can be hard with fussy eaters. Mine can be like that to. Not to worry I have a pizza recipe for mini ones coming up 😉

  38. This looks very interesting – we always try and have at least one meat free day per week, so we’ll give this a go!

  39. I love this recipe it sounds yummy and very healthy.

    1. Enjoy Malorie 😉

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