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Mango Swirl Pavlova

Over the years I have written many recipes.  Some of these recipes have been featured on my blog, others in magazines and on other blogs and for the first time I have a recipe being featured in an e- cookbook.  How exciting!!!!!!  Various bloggers were approached and asked to write a budget recipe and I decided to rise to the challenge with my Mango Swirl Pavlova.  This is not only super simple to make but also tastes great and costs just 27p per serving!

The pavlova is large enough for 6 portions, unless you are my friend Jane and then probably enough for 3 or less.  She does love my pavlova and was kind enough to help me with the tasting and has helped with tastings of numerous others over the years.  Why does she love my pavlova?  Take a look below:

This has the most gorgeous light fluffy centre with a perfectly crisp shell.  I normally love to combine my pavlovas with vanilla cream and fresh cut strawberries but I thought I’d be adventurous and had wanted to try and be a bit different.  With my Mango Swirl Pavlova I actual swirled in some freshly made mango coulis into the pavlova base prior to baking so it’s actually cooked into the pavlova.  After this I added my toppings as seen in the picture above and voila you have an amazing dessert that is inexpensive and delicious!

Fancy trying to make it yourself?  Pop over and check out my budget pavlova recipe as well as some other great budget recipes here:



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  1. Ive never had pavlova before but it looks delicious!

    1. It is lovely and works very well with Mango.

  2. Ohh my, this looks so very delicious! I do love a pavlova and I wouldn’t have thought to do it with mango coulis but now my mouth is watering. This would probably not feed 6 either if I were around!

    1. Lol, I make them larger when I have friends and family over. We have Greek size portions!

  3. I love pavlova but this mango version makes me yearn for summer it looks so good! Congrats on getting featured in the e-cookbook as well !

    1. Me too I miss the Summer. Thanks I was super excited about it.

  4. I’ve never made a pavlova before but this looks absolutely delicious! x

    1. It’s very easy to make too!

  5. I think I am in pavlova heaven! This looks so delicious, and I think I may make this for Mr W

    1. I am sure he will love this, enjoy.

  6. I’ve never had pavlova before, but I do love mango so sounds yummy x

    1. It is delicious and a great one to take to parties.

  7. Oh my gosh that looks delicious. I’ve never made meringue I think I might attempt to make a pavlova this weekend x

    1. Have fun Jade. You will love this dessert.

  8. Wow- this looks incredible and you well and truely smashed the budget friendly challenge!!

    1. It’s great isn’t it, barely costs anything.

  9. That looks seriously yummy. I do love a good pavlova x

    1. Me too, nothing beats a good crispy and fluffy pavlova.

  10. Ooh this sounds just lovely. I am hopeless at making Meringue, it is either too chewy or too hard lol x

    1. Try this recipe, it will be spot on x

  11. This does look great and really easy to make to. It would make a fab dessert x

    1. It does make a great dessert.

  12. I have never tried pavlova. But they look so yummy and delicious.

    1. They are really tasty 😉

  13. Wow! This is so nice. I will definitely take a look and try this one. What makes it more perfect is that it is budget friendly!

    1. It really doesn’t cost much at all and you can increase the mango if you don’t mind spending more.

  14. I would love this with a nice rich coffee! Sounds so amazing right about now!

    1. It would be great with a hot drink.

  15. I do love a pavlova. This one looks so delicious, such a treat.

  16. Congratulations on being featured in the e-book. I haven’t made a pavlova from scratch in years but now I’m thinking I really want to have a go at yours.

    1. Thanks so much. This really is a great recipe – I love it!

  17. I love pavlova, and love it with any fresh fruit, this sounds amazing. I have never made one, well I lie I tried once and it was a disaster. But may have to re try and give this a go x

  18. This looks absolutely fabulous. i tried to make one before and failed miserably it sank lol i hate letting food beat me so i may try again especially with summer coming up, its such a fabulous dessert to have loaded with fruit, yum x

  19. oh i do love pavlova love the texture and the mango makes it even more delightful x

    1. It works really well with the pavlova.

  20. This looks stunning, a real centrepiece! I love a good pavlova but I’ve never had a mango one.

    1. It works very well with the vanilla cream.

  21. I love mango, I bet this pavlova tastes delicious!

    1. It sure does 😉

  22. oh wow, this looks delicious! Totally saving this for future 🙂 xo

    1. I am sure you will enjoy it.

  23. I went years thinking that I hated pavlova, but I love it now and I like the mango twist on it!

    1. Wow really. Glad you like it now.

  24. That is amazing news that it will feature in an e-cookbook. I haven’t come across many mango desserts, so would love to try this. I like desserts that are not too rich, and believe it would have a similar lightness that i find a cheesecake to have. Thank you for sharing 🙂 x

    1. No problem enjoy 😉

  25. I make a first class meringue, but I have never thought of combining it with Mango (another thing I love) I feel the need to rectify this very soon!!! x

    1. I think you should. Enjoy Tanya.

  26. Ohh this looks delicious, I’d love to make this myself

    1. Have fun baking Lianne.

  27. oh wow this sounds and looks amazing and not something I have ever tried before so going to have to give this a try for sure

    1. Wow really, you are in for a treat x

  28. This is the first time that I heard about the pavlova and sounds yummy

    1. Wow you’re the first person I have heard of that hasn’t tried it. I hope you love it too.

  29. This has made me incredibly hungry now haha!

    1. It is a gorgeous dessert.

  30. My mouth is now watering. This looks so delicious. I am going to have to try to make this sometime. I love anything fruity and I know I will love this.

  31. I love Pavlova however I tried to make it once and it didn’t turn out very good. I think your recipe had encouraged me to try it again thank you X

    1. Good luck Louise this recipe should work well for you.

  32. I haven’t had pavlova in ages! This looks very nice not tried it with mango before

    1. It works very well. Enjoy!

  33. I might actually give this a try it looks so good.

    1. It really is a gorgeous dessert.

  34. Pavlova is my absolute favourite dessert of all time, I just love the meringue

    1. Me too!!!! It’s yummy 😉

  35. I love pavlova, even now that we have it made with aquafaba, I’ve never tried it with mango though, so thank you for the inspiration!

    1. I’ve not made it with that before. Mango works very well.

  36. Oh Wow! You had me at mango, this dessert looks so yummy.

    1. It really is very yummy, enjoy!

  37. Looks delicious! I love pavalova so have bookmarked this recipe thanks!

    1. Glad you liked it Tracy it really is fabulous recipe.

  38. That looks like a delicious, naughty treat, have never thought of Mango as a flavour for pavlova.

    1. It’s amazing how well it actually works.

  39. omg this looks AMAZING!!! and only 27p a serving!!!! bargain!

    1. I know it really is a great budget dessert.

  40. I’d never had pavlova until my wife made it for me. And I’ve not had a mango one… Definitely gonna have to try this out.

    1. It is amazing the flavours work very well together.

  41. That pavlova looks amazing, my son loves mango too! H 🙂

    1. I must admit it tastes sooooo good 😉

  42. I love pavlova! This looks so good i want it, I’ll have to give it a try 🙂

    1. It is really lovely and easy to make.

  43. I absoloutly love pavlova and this looks delicious! I love desserts, Theyre my favourite part of a meal

    1. It does taste really good!

  44. this looks lovely, i have never made meringue

    1. It’s gorgeous and this recipe will give you fabulous results.

  45. I love pavlova and I love mango. I also love budget meals. Win, win, win!

    1. My goodness wait until you try it, you will love this recipe.

  46. This one looks amazing and I’m sure it tastes even better, but it must be so difficult to make.

    1. Not at all in fact it’s very easy, why not take a look at the recipe.

  47. This looks amazing, I will have to try it.

    1. Enjoy Sarah.

  48. This looks so nice will have to give it a try x

    1. I’m sure you will love it x

  49. It looks delicious and the presentation is fabulous…cant stand the taste of Mango though! My daughter would definitely like it x

    1. That’s a shame, I am sure your daughter will love it.

  50. I bet the mango really cuts through with a fresh flavour x

    1. It does and it adds a fabulous flavour it works very well.

  51. This looks delicious!i love pavlova, i want to make it one day so bookmarking your post 🙂

    1. Enjoy Anna it really is yummy!

  52. This is making my mouth water! I’ve never mastered pavlova myself

    1. Try following this recipe and you will surprise yourself, enjoy!

  53. I love Pavlova because you can add basically any fruit to it my fab being strawberries. Plus the upside is Pavlova doesn’t cost alot to make too

    1. It is an inexpensive dessert depending on what toppings you go for.

  54. wow this does look fabulous, reminds me of summer

    1. It is a lovely summery dessert.

  55. Got to say I don’t actally like pavlova but my mum does so thinking about trying to make this for mothers day

  56. im loving mango at the moment bet this is very tasty

    1. I do love mango it has such a great flavour.

  57. Ah well this looks amazing and simple to make. I absolutely love Mango, it’s my favourite tasting fruit

    1. It is gorgeous and works fabulously in a pavlova 😉

  58. This looks lovely and I would like to try this.

    1. It was very good I was pleased with how well the flavours worked.

  59. That looks yummy we normally make banana toffee and cream pavlova

    1. That sounds great I need to experiment with more flavours.

  60. I love pavlova and think that mango is a perfect fruit for it. But I would want a few mango fingers on the side! as it is one of my favourite fruits

    1. Lol, I know what you mean I do love mango too.

  61. OMG!!! This looks so yummy, I can almost taste it, I must try this at home xxx

    1. It’s delicious, enjoy 😉

  62. I love Pavlova but have never tried to make it with mango.

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