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How to Throw the Best Wedding EVER

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The main focus of any wedding is to celebrate two people coming together and making a commitment to each other.  You want it to be an unforgettable day for you, your partner and of course your guests, but, you want to make it memorable for the right reasons.  With wedding season here and plenty of wedding experience, I thought I would put together some tips to help you plan a truly memorable day in case you missed anything.

Use A Wedding App

Keeping track of ideas, bookings and confirmations can be difficult, particularly if you’re liaising with a whole list of suppliers and guests. Using a dedicated wedding app or online organiser is an easy way to ensure you’ve got all the relevant information stored in one place.  By keeping the content online or on a cloud-based platform, you’ll be able to access the information from any location and share it with your others.

Choose Your Venue Carefully

Some couples choose different venues for the ceremony, meal and reception.  In some cases, this can sometimes work well.  However, expecting your guests to travel from one to the other can put people off attending.  My husband attended a wedding that was an hours drive from the church to the reception.  Some guests skipped part of the wedding because of this.  Consider choosing venues which are relatively close together.  It also helps to provide extra transport for those who will need it.  Alternatively, opt for a venue which can host your ceremony and reception to prevent people from having to travel at all.

Hire a Good Band

The best weddings I’ve been to have always had a great band like the ones here.  It’s much more fun when everyone gets up to dance and have a good time.  Great bands interact with the guests and ensure a great time is had by all.  You can go here to check out a range of bands nationwide.

Create A Signature Cocktail

This is a lovely and different touch to a wedding.  Having a signature drink or cocktail adds originality to your day, and gets the party off to a swing too!  Adjust a classic concoction or work with a bartender to come up with something fresh and new for your guests.  Don’t forget to add a non-alcoholic mocktail to the menu for children, designated drivers and non-drinkers.

Offer Charging Stations

You may not want any mobile phones going off during the ceremony, but people are bound to use their phones and electronic devices during your reception. Many people rely on their phone cameras to capture photos on the day and this can drain a battery fast.  Providing a charging station is an easy and budget-friendly way to ensure guests can keep their devices topped up, and it prevents them from having to go back to their room or their car to recharge their batteries.

Provide Late-Night Snacks

If you’re planning a party which will go all until late, it helps if you have food available as don’t forget your guests will be working up an appetite with all that dancing.  Traditionally, at Greek weddings fruit platters are laid on each table to make sure guests have something to nibble on in the evening.  Edible fruit arrangements can be a nice way to do this.  They give a pretty assortment of fruit for guests to enjoy.

These are just some tips you can consider when arranging a wedding.  There are all sorts of added extras that can really add to a wedding.  Have you experienced any that would make a great addition to those mentioned?

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  1. I’ve been to a few weddings recently (and have more coming up this year and next year). These are some great tips!

    A wedding a went to a couple of years ago provided a box of flip-flops for people to change into if their heels started to hurt, which I thought was a fab idea. I’ve also been to a wedding where they provided a box of products (hairspray, hairgrips etc) in the bathroom which was a lovely touch.

    1. Ha, love the flip flop idea. Your feet do hurt after a few hrs in heels!!!

  2. These are some fantastic tips! We are still yet to get married so this is very helpful!

    1. Glad you liked the post. Hope these can help you with your big day x

  3. I think when it comes to my term I’ll need to have an app (and a book) to keep everything organised and in place x

    1. It really helps if you can stay organised with these things.

  4. I booked the majority of my wedding online. I worked full time at the time and had little free time to go out and source in person

    1. Wow, that’s great. Bet it saved you quite a bit.

  5. What great tips you have shared here, I wish I had this list when I was getting married and I am sure I could have saved even more money.

    1. It’s important to try and save money and time as both are most often limited.

  6. I’d never thought of using a wedding app before, what a great idea!

    1. It can be quite useful 🙂

  7. I love the idea of creating a signature cocktail. I’ve seen this done at theatres when a particular musical is on and it always goes down a storm! xxx

    1. It is a fun idea. I’ve never seen it at a wedding yet.

  8. plenty of snacks is a must! You don’t want any hangry guests!

    1. Ha, totally agree especially after a long night of dancing x

  9. I love the charging station idea! So handy when it’s a long day and your battery is draining.

    1. It’s typical isn’t it that after a long day your battery runs out. This would be quite handy 🙂

  10. I’m 40 never been married but engaged twice once for 10 years with 2 children and currently another 2 children with current partner who I have been with 8 years

    1. I hope that these tips will be useful should you decide to get married 🙂

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