The idea behind dining room decor is that it should be the focal point of your house. It should be the lovely space where you entertain your friends and show off your cooking skills and disasters in some cases and maybe even present a fabulously tasty takeaway – always a good back up as a Bridget Jones style string soup isn’t always what we are aiming for.  Unfortunately, in many homes, having such a wonderful room is far from the reality. The dining room ends up being a dumping ground for things that no-one wants. The table is cluttered with kid’s homework and bills and there are boxes piled up in the corner. It is the last place that you feel like eating and everyone ends up balancing plates of food on their laps in front of the TV.

If you can make a few small changes you can reclaim your dining room. You can use it as a lovely area to enjoy family meals with lively discussions. It can become somewhere that you are proud to show off to your friends.  Here’s how you can get the finances to transform your dining room without breaking the bank.

Have a Good Clear Out

Stop using the room as a loft or a wardrobe. Clear out everything that is not associated with eating! Store things that you will not need for a while in your loft. Try to sort out the objects that you will never use again and sell them on sites like Ebay. You can use the cash that you raise on doing up the dining room.  Car boots can also be a great way to raise funds but you won’t always get as much for some items as you would on Ebay.  Clear surfaces and floor space give the illusion of space. Try to pack what you can away in cupboards so that it is not on show.

Buy a Few Nice Things

Check out this range of ready made curtains where you can choose quality products in any colour or design. Curtains are the easiest and most cost-effective way of brightening up the dining room window and bringing a whole new look to the area. The curtains will keep the heat in, creating a cosy dining area for meals with family and friends.

You don’t need to buy a new dining table. Your current table will be fine.  Even if it is a bit scratched and worn you can get a nice new table cloth to cover it.

Don’t forget about the walls! You can buy pretty frames and pictures from car boot sales for a few pence.

Recycle What you Can

Recycling within your home saves you money and is the most environmentally friendly way to refurbish you house. There is hardly ever any need to buy a new sideboard or dresser for your dining area. It is always possible to re-purpose another item of furniture or renovate an old one.

All you need is some sandpaper, some paint and varnish and a little imagination. You could buy some new knobs or handles to finish the effect. Old plates or bowls can make an artistic centrepiece when place of a mantelpiece or hung on the wall with wires. You can even make a pattern out of old knives and forks!

Now all you have to do is keep it clear of clutter and arrange your first dinner party!

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What would you do to refresh the look of your dining room?

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35 thoughts on “Breathing New Life Into Your Dining Room On A Budget”

  1. We are hoping to move before Christmas and I definitely want a dining room so we can all sit as a family to eat meals xxx

  2. Some really good ideas here! We have a kitchen/diner but there is plenty of space to have the dining area a real focal point! xo

  3. For me a clear out is always a good thing and yes buying a few quality items is deffo the best way forward. Love that table all set out – looks fab 🙂 x

  4. I rent a room in a shared house and so at the moment, I can only dream of what my ideal dining room will be like. One day 🙂

  5. I love a good clear out! We don’t have a proper dining room as such as we have a kitchen diner but I do like it when the table is laid out nicely – these photos are gorgeous!

  6. I wish I had a dining room! I’d love to be able to eat around a table especially as my little one grows older.

  7. I need to do this. My son is forever dumping his toys in both living rooms argh! Just his stuff everywhere..drives me mad.

  8. I’ve just moved into my own flat to rent and I need to do everything on a budget! Its furnished but everythings so shabby so your tips will help me. Think I’ll start with the clear out! xxx

  9. Our dining room is the last room we need to tackle. its the room with the backdoor so when we’ve had other things done it’s become a mix of the dumping ground / door works people have used (I tried so hard not to put trades mans entrance)

    We have pine furnature which must be 30 + years old and there is the urge to keep them although they really are too big for the space. We want to make the room a second siting room and dining room so we know we need a smaller table but it’s hard to let go

  10. I haven’t got a dining room as such. I have an open plan living room and dining area. You’re right about the centrepiece. I think having a nice vase and flowers would brighten it up a little or a bowl with decoration will be a good idea.

  11. Recycling whatever you can and turning that into something really nice can really get you some unique treasures for a dining room!

  12. Hahaha, your comment about stopping using your dining room as a cupboard made me chuckle! Mine is practically my second wardrobe! xxx

  13. Recycling is such a good idea. It will save you money plus you get to use your creativity.

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