Home improvements don’t always have to be major to make a big difference. The right window furnishings are often enough to transform a home.  They do say less is more and curtains, blinds, etc. are certainly subtle. The only window furnishing-related problem is choosing between a range of styles. Some people like blinds, while other like curtains and others like myself like a bit of both depending on the location and size of the window.

Whichever category you fall into, the reasons that curtains might actually be a more cost effective and convenient option are included in this post.  Here’s why you might prefer fabric the next time you are window shopping.

Heat Retention

Not normally an issue in the Summer until we remember hey we live in the UK one minute it’s 25 degrees warm and sunny and the next there’s a hail storm and your caught outside in a Summer dress – talk about sods law.

This year hasn’t been the best and it’s easy to misjudge the weather I know I have.  I’ve been sitting in clothing for warmer weather whilst working and have gradually over a short time felt cold.  For me trapping heat in the house should be a priority.  Blinds don’t always have the ability to keep the warm air inside.  The material can be too flimsy and not absorbent enough to make a difference. Curtains, on the other hand, tend to be quite thick, chunky, and wide although this depends on what you purchase.  As a result, the warm air bounces into the material and stays there instead of escaping.  Although it might not seem like it makes a massive difference, it can be better than trapping no heat whatsoever.


Various curtain options can be found on all sorts of sites on the internet such as http://www.onlinecurtainfabrics.com who had a large range in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colours plus they could be made to measure which I must remember as I might need some soon ( I’m making a quick mental note of this).  Apart from absorbing heat, they can also reflect it back into the house.  If you choose wisely the curtains can act as a basic reflector which helps warm up the entire property. All you need to do is pick a light hue that isn’t matted as these are absorbers. Why can’t blinds do this?  They can, but they are smaller and don’t cover as large a surface area.  That means the effect is less, which is why curtains are a better choice.

More Effective

A curtains main role is to block out light and they do it better than any other window furnishing. Now, this might not seem like a big deal, but it can affect your sleep patterns, result in increased weight gain etc.  Any room that lets in too much light isn’t conducive to sleep.

To get a good night’s rest, you have to make the room as dark as possible.  Otherwise, the brightness of the light will wake you up intermittently.

Focal Point

Let’s move away from heat retention because curtains are more than glorified central heating systems. They are also stylish, which is a major part of any room. Of course, you want to live in a house that is practical, yet you also want it to look pretty. The good news is that curtains hit the brief almost as well as any other interior design feature. You know about their practical qualities, but they are also pretty stylish too. Simply put, curtains act as a focal point and can improve the appearance of a room dramatically. After all, it draws everyone’s attention and focuses on the main features of the room.

Do you have curtains or blinds at home?

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This is a collaborative post.

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29 thoughts on “Why Curtains Can Be The Best Option”

  1. I always use lined curtains in my home along with blinds to keep the draft out, I want to change to net curtains though instead of binds as they get very dusty and noisy when the wind blows when the windows are open in the nice weather xxx

  2. I have both blinds and curtains in some of my rooms. The curtains really make a room stand out and are the perfect touch! Love them! xo

  3. I have to admit I do like curtains, they are so easy to change if you fancy doing something just a little bit different and they are so easy to care for.

  4. I’ve become very accustomed to having curtains or blinds which block out all light in the bedroom. That’s my only requirement, but it does mean if I stay somewhere without them I don’t sleep very well!

  5. I love curtains they can make such a difference to a room. Also great for retaining heat and letting light in too 🙂 x

  6. I prefer curtains in a bedroom, as long as they are lined as I need pitch black when I sleep! Some lovely looking rooms in this blog post too, you have great style in your home!

  7. I have a mixture of blinds and curtains at home, I can only sleep if it’s really dark but I love the way curtains can really make a room x

  8. I have curtains and i think they are great for the summer. These few days i’ve been keeping them shut to keep my room cool

  9. Glad I read this post. I also love interiors. You are definitely on point. Curtains will definitely make a lot of difference. It’s just one good cost effective way to block too much light.

  10. I have blinds at home, but that’s due to it being a rental. I love curtains and the way they can truly transform a room. That, and their practicality is a win-win.

    1. They do make a big difference. I hope you are able to move into your own place an get curtains in the near future.

  11. We have blinds in my bedroom and curtains around the house. I love curtains, you can find so many different styles and designs.

  12. I need to get a good pair of curtains or blinds to block out light in my bedroom. My curtains let in too much light so I struggle to fall asleep some nights!

  13. I have some blinds and some curtains, but I do agree that the right curtains do make a great feature of a window

  14. I love curtains because they take a room to the next level! I was happy when there were curtains provided in my apartment!

  15. That room is cosy comfy noiseless bliss! I had no idea light and curtains made a difference in sleep patterns or weight! Thanks for the info!

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