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Why Most Adults Feel It’s Essential To Learn to Drive


Going back a number of years, most households would have just the one car to use between them.  Many would favour walking to local places rather than driving.  Wow, it’s changed considerably since then, hasn’t it!  Now you pass a house with a drive and you’ll see two, even three cars that have been strategically manoeuvred to enable them all to fit.  Gone are the days of clean air.  Now as I walk my children to school we inhale lungfuls of polluted air, not particularly pleasant.  Honestly, I think hybrid and electric cars should be more affordable so we can all do our bit to help.

These days it’s so much more convenient to be able to drive and more and more people are using companies like The AA Driving School to get their licences.  I’m glad I did this years back as my life with 3 children would be much harder if I couldn’t drive.


When I first got my licence I was over the moon. It meant I could go out more and not have to worry about how I was going to get home.  Most importantly I didn’t have to ask my parents for a lift.  I was free to come and go as and when I wanted, within reason and life became easier.


Being able to drive as and when you want/need to really does come in handy. How many times have you been mid recipe for example and realised you need an essential ingredient.  Simply jumping into the car and heading to the nearest supermarket is so much easier than the long-winded version of waiting for a bus, walking etc.  It also means as a parent I can organise my time better.  I often arrange tutors straight after school with just enough time to drive to them and drop off the appropriate child.  This means the children’s day isn’t extended by too much to tire/stress them out excessively.


My aunt was followed home just the other day and then attacked by a would-be mugger.  She was lucky her husband was with her to fend off the assailant.  This was in broad daylight but as we know crimes happen more often at night.  I like many others I’m sure, find it comforting to be able to drive to and from my home.  I feel safer doing this than walking alone at night.  In fact, if I didn’t have a car I simply wouldn’t go out.


Increases Work Options

Some jobs require their staff to drive to and from offices, attend events and meetings carting around laptops, files etc.  Some may in addition frequent travel to other countries.  Having a driving licence and even better a car can make you far more employable.  With the variety of types of work available for those that drive, you can even fit in a job such as working for uber to subsidise your income if you have time.  It’s also much easier to come home by car if you work unsociable hours.

Unless you are out to impress, the type of vehicle you drive shouldn’t matter too much.  Personally, I go for cars that are large enough to fit all 5 of us, have a good-sized boot, good safety record and won’t breakdown on me on my way to pick up the kiddies from school or on my way back from a shopping trip.  You’ll find sites like Saxon Bridge offer a good range of cars to suit all budgets and requirements.  Don’t forget to compare prices to get the best deal.

Do you drive?

If you do, what is the main reason you do?

If you don’t drive, what tasks would be made easier if you did drive?


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