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Basic Essentials That Make Frequent Travel Easier

Do you commute frequently for work?  Whether your are a travel vlogger / blogger or have a job that requires frequent travel you need to make sure that you take adequate steps to make life that bit easier.  Travelling can be quite disruptive with early / late flights, train or car journeys.  It can mean totally adapting your lifestyle to work around the various journeys.  It is important that you ensure you are suitably kitted out to ease the stress of continuous travelling and make it as enjoyable as possible.

There are so many items that you can buy on the market targeted at those that travel.  Some are useful and will add to your level of comfort and some are unnecessary.  It’s best to consider your options before making rash decisions and have a draw full of useless travel accessories that you may never use.

Pack Small, Pack Smart

By far the biggest nuisance you will have when travelling is lugging around your heavy bags. You don’t really realise how much it affects your arms, hands and shoulders until you’ve been carrying / dragging them around for bit and they’re starting to hurt.

One way to combat this is to pack the bare minimum.  Think about what you will need and don’t allow for too many what if occasions or else for a 3 day trip you could have packed enough for a whole week.  Imagine carting that around!!!!

To carry accessories for your phone or camera etc like charging wires, portable power banks Grid-It can come in handy.  These little bags can help you organise smaller items.  They have a safety fastener to help keep items safe and easy to find.  The bags are meant for small, valuable and fragile items such as your passport, smartphone, wallet, sunglasses, chargers, cameras and more.  They come in different sizes and many can fit into hand luggage easily.

A Good Coat

It’s easy to remain cool when travelling, but to stay warm when it’s cold is another story.  A good coat is important.  Overcoats can work best and luckily are highly fashionable for both men and women.  When selecting avoid anything too heavy or long.

A peacoat would fit in well, they’re double-breasted, around waste length and allow for movement.  Look out for those made with either full cotton or wool.  This coat will be very efficient in keeping your body heat trapped and not impeding your ability to move freely.

Keeping up Appearances

When travelling, dress shoes are a great option for men as they are robust and made from strong leather.  They can however lose their shine, not ideal if you are on a business trip.  A small shoe shine kit is a fantastic item to carry with you.  They’re small and can conveniently fit in your Grid-It, bonus!

Many contain a brush, polish, a cotton cloth, a shoehorn, and a small container of wax. These items are the basics that you’ll need to shine your shoes. All you need is a place to shine them preferably outside on the balcony of your hotel room or in the bathroom where you’re not likely to stain anything.

A small lint roller is also great to keep yourself look presentable.  Lint on clothes make them look old and tatty and is not appropriate for work.  A little lint roller does the trick in removing them easily.

Getting Some Rest

Sleep is an incredibly important part of travelling, not getting enough can impede your decision-making.  There are all manner of accessories to help you sleep whilst on the move.

Eye masks are great for keeping out light when napping in the day.  Neck pillows are also useful providing the head support and something soft to lie back on.  Feeling really adventurous, then splash out on a hooded neck pillow which will keep your head warm too.

Stay Close to the Hotspot

Travelling can be quite a solitary thing to do.  A portable WiFi hotspot such as the Skyroam Solis could be a great option.  It has a 6000mAh battery meaning it can stay on for 24 hours and can recognise any kind of sim card.  It also offers 4G LTE service in over 130 countries making it usable pretty much anywhere in the world with super fast internet and using the latest software.

Alternatively, you could use SMARTY mobile powered by Three, because it has extremely affordable large-data packages. The smallest of which is 2GB a month for just £7.50.  This is great for someone that wants to video call home or simply wants to watch a movie while they are travelling. Contracts are flexible so you can leave at any time.

Travelling frequently changes your entire lifestyle. It’s up to you how easy it is.  The items mentioned are basic essentials that will help make frequent travel easier.

What tips would you suggest to make travel easier?

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  1. That ‘Grip-it’ looks fabulous! My tip is to decant all your shampoos etc into little travel bottles so they are ready to go and wont take up much room

    1. It does doesn’t it. That’s a great tip, I used to do that but now I travel with the kids we get through the big ones by the end on our holiday.

  2. I travel often and always pack more than I need so this is a great post! One thing I really recommend is I have a cable that has attachments to change it from a Micro USB, to USB C or lighting charger so I only need one cable for all my devices rather than having to untangle a million cables.

  3. I love travelling and try to only pack a hand luggage case if I am travelling without the children. Kaz

  4. A good coat is a great travelling essential! Not only is it important to keep warm but it’s also a bonus to look good!

    1. Ha, totally agree. I hate being cold when travelling.

  5. It really is essential to get plenty of rest while travelling. When I’m over tired, I don’t fully appreciate my surroundings.

    1. I can believe that. It’s had too when all you want to do is rest x

  6. Eye masks and a good coat are the ones I would need the most when packing for a trip. You can never go wrong with a few items of clothing and just changing up the style with simple and small accessories either

  7. Very handy tips, I think it’s also really important to relax & ensure that you take regular breaks if you are driving for a long time. Snacks and drinks are good if you need a little sugar fix or feeling thirsty.

  8. I travel a lot more often these days, and a good battery pack is an absolute must-have!

  9. Great tips for travel. Sometimes we might be overwhelmed with the things that we need to do during the travel that we forget to rest. Eye masks and neck pillows are very important especially if your itinerary always require you to be on the go most of the time.

  10. As a frequent traveler i concur and agree with the ideas shared. I am all for packing small and smart.

  11. These are brilliant tips, sadly we don’t travel to much but would love to one day. X

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