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Thai Square Covent Garden

Located just up the road from Hankies Cafe an Indian restaurant I reviewed recently Thai Square is another of those hidden gems that you really should visit.  It’s the perfect place for Thai food lovers and great for those that need a quick bite before or after visiting the theatre.  Service is quick which was great as I was famished when I arrived to eat with my friend.  If only I was faster at deciding what I wanted to eat as there were plenty of tempting dishes on the menu it did make it hard to decide quickly.  The atmosphere here was nice and relaxed and the staff are on hand should they be needed – of course I watched them interacting with other diners too.

The restaurant was nicely set out, spacious and very clean and I will add should you make sure you visit the bathroom take it.  Their bathroom was spotless and looks modern and smells gorgeous.  If my memory serves me correctly it smelt like jasmine and is probably the best smelling bathroom I have ever visited.

The menu is varied and you will find specials, set menus as well as an A La Carte section.  There is also a great wine and cocktail selection.

We began with cocktails whilst awaiting the food.

Crystal Ball (left)

Fresh lychee, fresh lemongrass, lemongrass infused vodka, ginger infused vodka, lychee liqueur, lychee juice, lime and demerara sugar.

This cocktail was lovely.  It was nice and sweet just as I like them.  There were chunks of lychee and lemongrass within the cocktail which was nice although it did block up the straw so I fished it out and ate it.

Me 2 You (right)

Fresh passion fruit, Passoa liquer, lychee liqueur, Bacardi 8yrs, passion fruit juice, orange juice, demerara sugar.

This packs a fruity, tangy tropical punch.  It is a great cocktail full of flavour, refreshing and easy to drink.  It’s a nice sized cocktail and great for a night out with the girls.

Both cocktails look impressive when they arrive at the table and tasted as good as they looked.


Salt and Chilli Squid

Deep fried squid in batter topped with spring onion, salt, pepper and a touch of fresh chillies.

This was perfectly seasoned and not at all greasy.  The batter was not too thick and the squid was fresh and perfectly cooked so it was tender and some of the best salt and chilli squid I’ve has the fortune to enjoy.  When made right this is a beautiful dish with the texture contrast of from the squid and batter and the flavour contrast from the salt and chilli.

 Thai Dumplings

Minced chicken and prawns, water chestnuts, shitake mushroom and pepper wrapped in wanton leaves, steamed and topped with fried garlic. Served alongside sweet soya sauce.

There was so much flavour in this you could easily eat it without the sweet soy sauce provided although it did complement the dish well.  This was a lovely meaty dish with nice sized chunks of prawns hidden within.  A dish I would strongly recommend trying.


Chilli Lamb

Spicy stir-fried sliced lamb with red curry paste, garlic, chillies, aubergines, Thai spices
and herbs with a hint of Whisky.

This was a very tasty dish.  The portion was good and there were nice sized pieces of lamb that were not at all fatty.  The fresh chilli and fresh peppercorns worked well as did the fresh Thai basil which really does add an amazing flavour.

Chilli Scallops

Stir fried scallops sautéed with peppers, garlic, coriander and spinach in chef’s special paste.

The sauce this came in was amazing.  There was so much flavour in this dish and I really was pleased I had chosen it.  The scallops were large and juicy and worked well with the mix of chilli and the sweetness of the sauce as did the fresh coriander and Thai basil.  I loved there were nice sized chunks of red and green chilli to add heat and colour.

Pak Choy with Chef’s Special Sauce

The pak choy was cooked to perfection with a good crunch to it and nice green leaves.  The sauce was amazing and rather addictive with just the right amount of garlic.

Coconut Rice

The rice was great and the coconut flavour complemented the rest of the dishes well.  This was drizzled with coconut creamy and finished with a sprinkle of toasted coconut.  I would suggest making sure you get a rice dish so you can soak up all the juices from other dishes as you WON’T want to waste them once you sample them.


Mango and Coconut Ice Cream

This was delicious and very refreshing.   I had been in two minds as to whether to get dessert as I had felt pretty full but I was really pleased I had and it was worth every single calorie.  The coconut ice cream had a chocolate sauce drizzle so when eaten together it tasted like bounty.  The strawberry sauce on the mango ice cream again went extremely well.  I have to say these guys know how to combine flavours well as I can’t fault any of the dishes that I tried.  If you like mango and coconut you must try and squeeze this in on your next visit.  You can thank me later x

The dishes were all well presented were reasonably sized and tasted great.  Everything was fresh and prepared to order including the garnish.  Prices are not excessive for the West End.

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Disclaimer: I was invited along to Thai Square to sample the dishes in return for an honest review.  I must say I was so pleased to have discovered this restaurant and hope to enjoy more of their dishes on one of my shopping trips.  And before you ask I will be returning for more of that that ice cream as it was fabulous!!!

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  1. All the food looks so delicious. It gave me a major craving for thai food.

  2. Loved the interiors. The Scallops and Dumplings seem yum. Will check them out some time for sure!

    1. They were delicious I am certain you will enjoy your meal there too.

  3. Someone told me once the secret to a good restaurant. If the bathrooms are spotless, you can bet the kitchen will be too. I’ve never forgotten it and have yet to find an instance where she’s been wrong! x

    1. That is something I have also heard. I should have popped into the kitchen to take a look lol.

  4. Another lovely find and I admire your adventuresome taste buds,I always seem to stick to my favorites…

    1. It’s good to try new things even if it’s just sometimes. You can then discover new favourites.

  5. I’ve only eaten Thai food once but I must say they have a great taste. These foods look appetizing. Would go for that dessert anytime!

    1. You must try this restaurant their food is fantastic. I would definitely go again.

  6. My favourite part of any meal is the dessert and that ice cream looks so nice. This restuarant looks really nice

    1. It was fantastic. The flavours were all spot on for the food and the dessert.

  7. The dumplings and the squid both look like great choices to start with, making me feel hungry now x

    1. Just thinking about them is making me feel hungry 😉

  8. The chilli lamb looks so tasty and would be something I think I’d enjoy. I’ve not really had much Thai food but I would love to try out more of it now!

    1. It’s a great cuisine with a lovely range of flavours. I really do love Thai.

  9. Ooh chilli lamb sounds amazing! I love thai food but haven’t been here, although I love covent garden! There’s some gorgeous places tucked away!

    1. There sure are. You might like to try this one the food is very good.

  10. What an interesting place to grab a bite to eat, I have to admit out of everything the drinks and the desserts really turn my head.

    1. They sure were yummy although I’m sure you’d be impressed with the food.

  11. Oh my that is a lot of food and it all looks delicious! I love a good Thai restaurant especially one that has good food with reasonable prices. You can find some little gems here and there in the West End. Most times I find them by accident, or on blogs that give great reviews worth investigating 🙂

    1. It’s true there are plenty of hidden gems and it’s great when you find one.

  12. What a great review. The pictures are tempting. I’d love to check out this place someday. Coconut rice is something I really want to try😊

    1. Glad you liked it. The coconut rice was yummy and really good with the food.

  13. I bloody L O V E thai food and this post has made me want to go get some right now!
    The Me 2 You cocktail is exactly what I’d pick, as well as the Salt & Chill Squid!

    Kayleigh x

    1. OMG this is just what you need. You are going to love this place soooo much!!!

  14. I think i ate there a couple months back with a friend and enjoyed the food especially the dumplings as I never try Asian places without dumplings on the menu

    1. It is great there isn’t it. Their dumplings are fantastic!

  15. Wow, what a lovely looking restaurant and those cocktails looked like something else!!

    1. Those cocktails were very good!

  16. I love the look of the restaurant. The food looks so yummy and very nicely placed! Very elegant! And those cocktails are calling my name!!!

    1. You have to try the cocktails they are really good.

  17. Aw man this sounds amazing, and I am obsessed with Thai food! All the dishes and drinks you photographed look amazing. Thank you for sharing your fab finds 😉

    1. No problem. I hope you get to visit them soon.

  18. I love Pak Choy but I have to admit that it is the choice of drinks at Thai Square that has really stolen my attention. Especially the Crystal Ball it looks so refreshing x

    1. Pak Choy is yummy when done correctly and this was perfectly cooked and flavoured. I am not surprised the cocktails were fantastic.

  19. Thai square Convent Garden looks like a nice place to relish Thai food. I would love to taste coconut rice because I have never had this before. In desserts mango and coconut icecream is a great option as it is looking so full and delicious.

  20. I just adore Thai food, all the food you tried looks wonderful. I love seeing reviews before I go to a restaurant. You rally get a good feel for the place before you go.

  21. It’s always so hard to find a good restaurant around the touristy areas of London, and Covent Garden doesn’t make an exception. This restaurant looks really good though. I would love to try the prawns dumplings (some of my favorite type of dumplings in the world) and the scallops, but without the coriander. 🙂

  22. Delicious, coconut rice, wow that would have had a lovely taste. Loved those ice creams as well. Loved the cocktail glasses as well.

  23. This looks really delicious, the perfect date night spot. In fact I bet my husband would really love this food.

  24. I absolutely love Thai food so definitely want to check this place out next time I’m down in London and in the area!

    1. I love Thai and this food was all fresh and tasty. Enjoy!

  25. That place sounds great and their food and beverages look delish especially the mango and coconut ice cream.

    1. That was fantastic!!! OMG the flavours were spot on.

  26. I have never tried Thai food as I always had it down as clear soups and green curries but it’s so much more than that after reading this I am hungry and ready to explore

    1. There is so much more to it. They boast a huge range of dishes with amazing flavours.

  27. I haven’t heard of Thai Square before, but I’ll definitely have to visit some time soon! Their food looks amazing.

    1. It was really good!!!!!

  28. Oh my gosh. Loving those cocktails and the food looks yummy. I may have to pop along sometime :)x

  29. I feel like I shouldn’t have read this now. Now I am hungry. The chili scallops look amazing. And the cocktails just sound so refreshing. Will have to pick one up soon.

  30. Salt and chilli squid is one of my absolute favs, and those cocktails look AMAZING! I’d definitely eat here. x

  31. A Jasmine smelling bathroom is refreshing. I like this restaurant already. Seems they have it all together including awesome staff plus the food looks fantastic!

  32. That thai restaurant looks like a great place to eat. I really like that crystal ball drink looks so refreshing and tasty. Would love to try this restaurant soon.

    1. It was a really good drink for sweet cocktail lovers. I loved it!

  33. This looks a great place to visit. Thai food is my favourite, I would love the chilli lamb and the cocktails too as they sound amazing.

    1. The food was amazing it had so much flavour.

  34. I do love a good restaurant review and this place looks incredible. The food looks amazing and the drink looks awesome. I really want to try that drink!

  35. I love Thai food and those dumpling look amazing. I am totally craving Thai food now.

    1. I’m not surprised it is great food and these dishes look as good as they taste.

  36. oh wow this looks delicious and something i would give a try looks lovely place to be

    1. I bet you love it too Lisa!

  37. I haven’t been able to find any good Thai restaurants near me… The closest I know of is about an hour’s drive away…

    1. That’s such a shame.Good restaurants are not always easy to find. I am fussy about what I will feature and only good restaurants will appear on my blog.

  38. I’m a massive fan of Thai cuisine! I love anythingcoconut related, their coconut rice is so delicious and that ice cream looks amazing. At least I’ll know where to go for good food next time Iwant Thai

    Dash x

    1. You sure do. Their food was lovely and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back again.

  39. omg I love thai food! This place looks incredible!

    1. It sure is!!!!

  40. That chili lamp popped up my curiosity! Would love to taste it! And those cocktails! Well, I’m pretty sure there are quite a lot more cocktails on the menu. It looks really elegant and would love to have a lovely dinner there!

    1. The restaurant looks great and seems to be quite popular too. The smell of the dishes as they come out is amazing!!!

  41. I love Thai food, it’s great that it’s becoming more popular!

    1. Same here I love the mix of flavours especially coconut.

  42. I visited covent garden last year, but sadly it was quite late and most things were shut, next time i will be sure to drop into this lovely thai restaraunt, the food looks delish x

    1. That’s such a shame Claire. I hope you get to try this restaurant next time it’s really good.

  43. The food looks great those cocktails look delicious!

    1. Every thing was really good. The food and drinks were all packed with flavour.

  44. Food is divine looks so tasty and unique 😍

    1. It’s really good!!!! You must go try it.

  45. The food looks delicious especially the seafood

    1. The food here is fantastic. I loved it.

  46. Wow it all looks amazing. The cocktails look fab

  47. Food looked good must admit wouldn’t mind tasting one of those cocktails like the sound & look of the ‘Crystal Ball’ & the desert looked great too.

  48. The pictures are beautiful and the crystal ball drink looks lovely and sounds very refreshing!

  49. Yummy! The food there looks amazing! I may have to visit when I’m there next!

  50. Oh wow, it all looks so beautifully presented and delicious!

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