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Shaka Zulu

As the escalator descended we passed a number of African themed carvings, at the bottom we opened the glass door to behold a wondrous sight, an enormous room with lighting that highlighted African carvings around the room capturing their intricate beauty, very impressive!  I learnt after that Shaka Zulu had won the Best Interior Design Award at the London Bar and Club Awards 2012.

P1130346  P1130347

The atmosphere was lively, staff warm and welcoming and the music not too loud so as one can hear without having to shout.  It has a nice cosy and relaxed feel.  The clientele was mixed with a number of people having come after work, groups of friends, couples on dates and families (adults only).  A lovely trendy restaurant perfect for cocktails with friends or for a nice meal.


Everything has been hand made from the carvings, tables and ethnic printed fabric, it really is amazing to see. There are two levels all decorated to the same standard and spotlessly clean.  Shaka Zulu as the name suggests is a South African restaurant.  Located in Stables Market, Camden, they offer an array of food, drinks, live music, dancing and day time entertainment.  Dishes vary from those that have a very African feel to ones that originate a little further afield.

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We were led to our pre booked table and handed menus.  Having studied the menu in depth prior to my arrival I already had an idea of what I fancied tasting but we decided to ask Teboho our waiter for the evening for a little advice.  Wow, he really knew the menu inside and out, knowledgeable in what was popular with the clients as well as having tried all the items so he could give us his own opinion.  If I ever open a restaurant please remind me that I need to steal him away to work for me, he really is fabulous at what he does.

With Teboho’s recommendations we began selecting the dishes and also decided on a cocktail each.

Ore Dragon

(right hand side) Award winning cocktail made with Bacardi Oro, Mandarine Napoleon, apple, ginger, egg white and cinnamon.

Boy that is strong!  With a sweet and predominantly cinnamon and apple flavour it was very good.


Apple Crumble (left side)

Homemade bramley apple puree, Zubrowka vodka, cinnamon, apple and lemon juice and a touch of syrup to taste.
The first thing my friend said on trying hers was, “It’s Goooooood!” A lovely citrus and apple flavour, strong, with a gorgeous cinnamon presence.

The food did not take long to arrive and wow they made an amazing entrance!  You really should watch this!


Crocodile Cigars

Lightly marinated in onion and coriander, wrapped in spring roll pastry, with harissa mayonnaise.

I had been tweeting excitedly early that I was looking forward to trying the crocodile.  I had been told that the texture is very similar to that of chicken and it was! ok, so maybe the meat was a touch harder in texture than chicken but it’s quite close.  I could smell the gorgeous aroma of the roast peppers, the mayo packs a punch but isn’t too strong and overall the dish is beautifully presented with a nice range of flavours.

P1130360  P1130374

Shaka Zulu Smoked Salmon

Served with coriander, hollandaise and pickled cucumber.

Fabulous presentation, fresh and delicious.

Half a Lobster

Half a Scottish Lobster served with mayonnaise.

Cooked to perfection and with a squeeze of lime, simply divine!


For the mains the menu boasted an interesting selection of meats, fish and vegetarian options, we were advised to try the following 2 dishes (each was served with red wine jus, straw potatoes and confit cherry tomatoes):

Springbok (antelope)

With a similar texture to fillet steak but slightly drier, it’s hardly surprising that this is a very popular dish.  The meat was tender, moist and served medium rare, as you can see no cremated offerings and the smell was mouth watering.  I was extremely thankful that I’m not vegetarian as otherwise I really would have been missing out on a treat.


Ostrich Fillet

A more chewy meaty texture but still steak like although more like sirloin.


We were given a range of sauces to try with the meal, my friend particularly liked the red wine jus, my favourite was, the peppercorn jus although the red wine jus was an extremely close second.  Fabulously healthy as both meats are extremely lean they were both delicious and I am so glad we went with Teboho’s advice!


We ordered a portion of the Roast Cinnamon Butternut and the Peri-Peri Fries.  The butternut was soft and sweet with a strong cinnamon flavour although I would have probably added something additional if preparing this at home, possibly some chili or a fresh herb as it needed something to make it stand out a bit more when combined with the other dishes.  The fries were good although could have done with a touch more of the Peri-Peri but they all went, thanks to me.  I love skinny fries and these were good, not greasy, crispy but not overcooked and the oil they had been cooked in was fresh.

Feeling rather full by this stage but going on the wishful belief that we have a separate stomach for dessert we started looking at the menu.  My friend really wanted the trifle and I chose what Teboho suggested as he had been spot on so far.

Cape Brandy Pudding with Toffee Ice Cream

Wow!  The aroma alone was amazing, the pudding was similar to a sticky toffee pudding.  The sponge was warm, springy and moist and the sauce was gorgeous, syrupy in consistency, sweet and in a word “yummy”.  The 2 combined complemented each other and the addition of the extremely creamy and moreish toffee ice cream rounded off the meal nicely.


Raspberry and Amedei Chocolate Trifle

A lovely raspberry trifle that looked and tasted great and vanished amazingly fast.


This meal was complementary as it was for review purposes but all opinions are my own view and obviously experiences will vary.  I would love to go back again with a group of friends possibly when they have some live entertainment as I hear that is fantastic to watch.

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  1. Okay… I am now starving!! Looks so so good! x

  2. Wow the food looks AMAZING!!! Love to check this place out! 🙂

    Meimei xx

  3. Wow this place looks amazing
    Cocktails look great and the food sensational

    1. It was nice there I loved the food.

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