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Thunder Toffee Vodka

Melanie plays with Toffee Vodka!

It is no secret amongst my friends and family that I love to be creative in the kitchen.  Whether its something edible or something you can drink I have great fun experimenting and then finding willing victims to sample my creations, and amazingly the list of tasters available to me is rapidly growing as the word is being spread.  Fortunately on most occasions my new dish / drink actually works which surprises me every time and fills me with relief.  I am on facebook daily unless I am helping out at my eldest daughters school or visiting and or helping family so I get to see a whole range of products that appeal to me food and drink wise. When I came across Thunder Toffee Vodka I immediately decided I had to contact them.  The lovely people there sent me one of these:

So I thought why don’t I do something slightly different to my normal blog post as this product is one that can be experimented with why not have a little play with my new ingredient.

Firstly a little about Thunder Toffee Vodka.  As the name clearly states it is vodka that is toffee flavoured.  It is the only one of its kind free from additives and preservatives.  It is made with triple distilled vodka and natural toffee syrup and packs at punch at 29.9%.  The drink is nice and smooth with a fantastic toffee flavour that is for me the perfect level of sweetness.  Whether you want something simple or something more extravagant you can easily create both with Thunder Toffee Vodka.

My simplest and fastest experiment was a Banoffee shot basically combining the Thunder Toffee Vodka and Banana liquor.  My experiment combined approximately 15ml of the toffee vodka with approx 5ml of the banana liquor.

This can be easily adapted to a banoffee pie shot with the addition of some squirty cream.  The same mix but with a slightly larger quantity would also be delicious served with ice (excluding cream).

For my second creation I couldn’t resist making a dessert, well people would think there was something wrong if I didn’t!  This was deeeeee-licious!!!!!!!!

I used an ice cream scoop and popped 3-4 scoops of vanilla ice cream into a glass.  Poured over 2-3 teaspoons of Thunder Toffee Vodka.  Added squirty cream a handful of toffee popcorn and some pieces of chocolate brownie.  It was heaven, the toffee and vanilla ice cream worked amazingly well and this is something I would seriously consider serving up at one of my dinner parties as it not only tastes great but is also very quick and simple to make.

My final creation although I could have made more time permitting was a milkshake. For this I combined 3 tablespoons of double chocolate ice cream with 100 ml milk, 5 teaspoons of toffee vodka and blended.  I popped it straight into a glass, topped it with squirty cream and small pieces of chocolate brownie as larger chunks would get stuck in the straw.  Alternatively, instead of the brownie you could grate a little chocolate and sprinkle it over or even just sprinkle over some hot chocolate powder / cocoa powder.

I really enjoyed using the Thunder Toffee Vodka in my recipes and could probably have created a whole cookbook with ideas.

I have hopefully inspired some of my lovely readers to try and recreate maybe one or even a few of the recipes.  If I have then you may wish to pop over to their site.

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  1. wow, never seen this before…looks yummy, not as sickly as doolys….. mmmm

    from …m thompson xxx

    1. This one is lovely, with a great flavour and its really smooth 😉

  2. Fantastic blog. I love your ideas on using Thunder Toffee Vodka and hope I get an opportunity to test them out myself.

  3. these desserts look heavenly

  4. Definitely going to try this, it looks so yummy, hope its not sickly 🙂

    1. It’s delicious!

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