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Sunbites an introduction and recipes

Until I came across Sunbites on facebook I had never tried them.  Since then not only have I munched on the various flavours on a numerous amount of occasions with the children who looooove them, I have also found myself creating recipes with the tasty bite size wholegrain snack.  These are great health wise as they contain fibre, something that many of us really do not eat enough of.  Fibre helps to bulk up the stool thus increasing the speed at which harmful toxins are removed from the body and are thought to help reduce the risk of bowel cancer.  Amazingly each bag of Sunbites will provide you with a third of the recommended daily amount of wholegrain so make sure you pop one in your lunchbox or maybe even create a recipe using these versatile snacks.  They have 5 different flavours to choose from, Cheddar and Caramelised onion, Oven roasted Onion and Rosemary, Sun ripened Sweet Chilli, Sour Cream and cracked Black pepper and last but not least Lightly Sea Salted.
Sunbites are not just for adults to be eaten on their own, they can be used in a range of savoury and sweet foods to add flavour and texture.  For those that are not aware Sunbites now have a recipe book available that gives a range of fun and interesting ideas to try and you’ll never guess who had a recipe included in the book…………. yes me!!!!!!!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy.  Here is my Mediterranean sun ripened Sweet Chilli Sunbites Salad, absolutely delicious, moorish and healthy.
I love to cook and be creative in the kitchen so when I find foods that can in a sense be played with when cooking I to like to experiment.  Now rather than making something overly complicated I decided to make something not only simple but fast that can be used when entertaining, or even if you want a healthy snack.  I would suggest having the ingredients ready and cute to size but don’t  make the canapes until just before you need them as the moisture from the cream cheese will moisten the Sunbites and they are so much nicer when crunchy.
Here we have 2 different but both very tasty canapes.

Sun ripened Sweet Chilli Sunbites with plain cream cheese, parma ham and dill.

 Cheddar and Caramelised onion with plain cream cheese, smoked salmon and chives.

If you have quite a few to make you can always pipe the cream cheese onto the sunbites as its faster.

Sunbites are available in most supermarkets so watch out for them on your next shopping trip.

For more information about Sunbites take a look at their website.

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  1. Very nice! I have tried Sunbites a few times instead of crisps, never thought of using them in a recipe though. They look yummy.

  2. They are very versatle 😉

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