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Old Amsterdam Full fat hard Dutch Cheese

It is well known within my circle of friends and by my family that I am a cheese lover.  I totally adore the stuff and I insist on having a range of cheeses to keep things interesting.  When a slice of Old Amsterdam arrived in the post to be reviewed I began thinking that I should make use of my kitchen skills and get a little creative.

But before I did I had to try so I could report back to you all.  Trying not to eat the whole slice wasn’t easy but I was strong and only barely succeeded.  The cheese was easy to cut through and had a nice strong aroma.  It has a rich flavour as one would expect from a mature cheese and is fantastically smooth and creamy, guaranteed to satisfy any cheese lover.

My first recipe was:

Stuff mushrooms with cheese and bacon


5 jumbo mushrooms
3 rashers of bacon with the fat trimmed off and then chopped
3 heaped tablespoons grated Old Amsterdam Full fat hard Dutch Cheese
1 red onion chopped
2 teaspoons chopped coriander
2 tablespoons sundried tomatoes
Freshly ground pepper
Combine all the ingredients except the mushrooms in a bowl, mix well and place equal amounts over each mushroom.
Place the mushrooms on a baking tray lined with foil and cook in a prehated over at 200 degrees in a fan assisted oven for approx 18 mins.

The flavours all work amazingly well together and this is simple and quick to make, no oil is added and as you trim off the fat its actually very healthy.

Dish two was:

Aubergine with Green Pesto, tomato and cheese


1 Aubergine
Green pesto
600g of a preprepared tomato sauce with herbs.
Oregano fresh or dried, it depends on what you can get your hands on and this is to taste.
Freshly ground pepper
Old Amsterdam Full fat hard Dutch Cheese
1 Aubergine halved then sliced long ways and pan fried until cooked. Add some green pesto to each slice, I like to be generous when I do it. Pop a layer of aubergines in a dish and cover with a layer of tomato sauce some oregano (the amount depends on how much you like it) then grate some cheese, add some freshly ground pepper and repeat.  For the top layer do not put and cheese before you cook it.  Cook at 200 degrees in a fan assisted oven for approx 30 mins.  When you remove it from the oven add a good amount of the grated cheese and then slice into portions and serve.

One of the best ways of enjoying this cheese is with crackers and a crisp white wine although to be honest I prefered the cheese just on its own.

I would definitely recommend this cheese to be added to your cheese board next time you have a dinner party, or, better still make sure you have supplies for general nibbling or to add to food to give it that extra bit of flavour.

Old Amsterdam Full fat hard Dutch Cheese can be purchased from Tesco, Morrisons, Waitrose for approx £2.50.

For more information pop over to their website.

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  1. ty Mel going to maybe try this in my homemade scones to give them an extra kick x Julie Simpson

  2. That sure would do it Julie it has a fantastic flavour, wow i’d love to try those when you make them 😉

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