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Baked Cod a La Mediterranean

Many of us don’t eat enough fish in our diets.  But eating fish like Cod and Salmon can do you the world of good.  Containing omega three fats, consumption of such fish can help lower the risk of Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure and heart disease.  One reason for this lack of fish in our diets is that not everyone knows what to do with a piece of fish when presented with one.

Don’t worry though as this simple to follow recipe will help boost your confidence in cooking fish and hopefully inspire you to get more creative with fish recipes.

I created ‘Baked Cod a La Mediterranean’ as I wanted to make a tasty, healthy Mediterranean style dish for myself and my husband.  Using mainly fresh ingredients this dish is packed full of a range of vitamins, minerals and healthy oils and tastes amazing.


Want to make it yourself?

Serves 2

Prep: 10 minutes

Cooking time 25minutes


1 tbs rape seed oil

1 small white onion chopped

3 chopped vine tomatoes

1 tsp oregano fresh/dried

2 cloves of garlic chopped

Freshly ground black pepper

Freshly ground sea salt

2 cod fillets

Half a tsp hot red pepper paste

Half a tbs freshly chopped parsley

Approx. 30-40g feta

3 tbs dry white wine

Olive oil for drizzling


Heat up a frying pan and add the rape seed oil then saute the onion and garlic until opaque.  Add in the pepper paste, tomatoes, oregano, white wine a good pinch of sea salt and black pepper to taste and stir in well.  Cook for a few minutes. Place the cod in an ovenproof dish and cover with the tomato mixture and bake for 18-22 minutes at 190 degrees in a fan assisted oven until the fish flakes apart.  If you are using a thick piece of fish then the cooking time will be longer. Place each piece of fish in a plate, sprinkle over the feta and parsley then drizzle over the olive oil.  Serve with steamed vegetables for a gorgeous tasty and healthy meal.

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  1. I really enjoy cod, but other than when I’m eating fish and chips, I don’t really eat it. Have to do a rethink.

    1. Cod is so easy to cook and the recipe combinations are endless. Have fun experimenting!

    1. Glad you liked it, let me know how you get on with the recipe.

  2. Wow, that looks good. x

    1. It’s so tasty and simple to make.

  3. Cod is so versatile and often overlooked.

    1. It really is and you can do so much with it.

  4. wow this looks really good. I also like to eat cod. It’s one of my favourites!

    1. Cod is great and sooooo versatile.

  5. this sounds delicious! definitely going to try this

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