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Homemade Batida de Coco Cocktail (coconut cocktail)


For coconut lovers everywhere this is one of the simplest, smoothest and deliciously refreshing coconut cocktails you could ever try.  We used to bring Batida de Coco Liquor from Spain when we travelled there but recently the last bottle I had of this gorgeous drink ran out. Cue the end of the world, ok maybe not.  I buy coconut milk regularly and also various UK versions of coconut liquor but I did miss the milkier version from abroad so I decided to combine what I had at home and it was clearly a small stroke of genius as it tastes yummy, has a smooth coconut flavor and can be made easily as and when I get the urge to make it.



Coconut & Rum (you can use any brand this is from Aldi, mostsupermarkets have their own version, Malibu also works well) Chilled!

Coconut milk Chilled

Yes that is all!!!!!


Quite simple combine your coconut liquor with the coconut milk and stir well.  I tend not to add ice cubes to this as they water down the flavour.  The Coconut and rum can be kept in the freezer should you prefer it very cold.


Tip: I keep both the coconut milk and liquor in the fridge at all times so it is nice and cool when served.

Want a richer creamier (more calorific) version then you can always add tinned sweetened condensed milk or coconut cream to the mixture but once you have tried my version you will be more than satisfied.


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  1. Wow, this looks delicious, going to have to try it 🙂 .x

  2. Sounds very tasty and easy to make. Will definitely give these a try.

    1. Enjoy Gillian It really is lovely x

  3. Looks yummy and so simple
    Must give this a go

  4. Wow, this looks amazing, all i need is a hamock in the garden and a nice sunny day and this would be heaven!

    1. I agree Joanne it would be heaven although minus the kids for me lol so I could enjoy it in peace.

  5. Yummy and so simple too! I love coconut flavours

    1. Me too coconut is lovely 😉

  6. Sounds very yummy. I do love coconut xxx

    1. Me too, it’s also lovely in food. I love the flavour it can really make a meal or drink 😉

  7. What a great idea! It really does sound easy and delicious.

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