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Easy and Quick Pancakes

I have found that so many of the prepackaged pancakes sold in supermarkets are excessively dry so I will always opt for fresh homemade pancakes.  Pancakes are super easy to make and you can make them savoury or sweet.

Salter believe that precision is the key to quality baking which is why all their products are ergonomically designed for the ultimate baking experience.

They asked me to put their products to the test and report back so here are my findings along with a simple pancake recipe.

Precision Professional Kitchen Whisk



Approved by Mr Squishy he didn’t want to let it go.

Precision Multipurpose Cooking Spatulas


These were handy because the spatulas are not limited thanks to their length.


The scales look great and are nice and compact so they take up very little space.

Our Pancake recipe:

Makes about 4 medium sized pancakes


1 medium egg

100g plain flour

A pinch of salt

300ml of milk

Sunflower oil for cooking

and two very excited little girls who love pancakes!


Whisk the egg in a large mixing bowl.  Weigh out the flour.


These scales are really sensitive so you can get the ingredients spot on which is great as my old scales were a bit wishy washy and one minute it was the correct weight and the next it was too high or too low.  The scales can be changed easily (just press the button until it’s the measurement you want) to allow for metric or imperial as well as ml, fl. and oz.  They are easy to clean thankfully as my girls do not seem to have the steadiest of hands.  The display is clear and easy to read and which also meant that I could work on my girls number recognition whilst we were measuring.

DSC03237  DSC03239

Pour the milk into the whisked egg.


Sift in the flour.


Whisk well.  I really loved using this whisk.  In comparison to my old whisk it is far easier to hold and use whether it is me or the children using it.  I found it so much better and easier to use that I am sorry to say my old one is now to be made redundant and will be donated to another home.  I was also pleased that it was dishwasher proof which is always handy.  It whisked the flour into the fluids very efficiently and helped eliminate any lumps quickly.


Pour the mixture into a pouring jug taking care to scape it all in using your spatula, cover with cling film and place in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.

Place a frying pan onto the stove and heat at a middle to low heat depending on the size of the ring.  Once it has heated up add about a teaspoon of oil and heat this.  Pour in some of the mixture so your pan is covered but do not make it too thick or the bottom will burn before the top has cooked and is ready for turning/ flipping.  Cook both sides until they develop a golden colour and serve.


I love mine with golden syrup although nutella is rather yummy too



You could even try your hand at a little pancake art!  To do this you need a squeezy bottle.  I used a pipette as this was all I had to hand to attempt it but as a first try this wasn’t too bad.  How do you like my bee?


For a more adventurous topping why not add some freshly whipped double cream, vanilla ice cream, black cherries, chocolate brownie pieces and chocolate sauce, yum!


Heston Blumenthal Precision Professional Whisk, Heston Blumenthal Precision Multipurpose Spatulas and Heston Blumenthal Precision Kitchen Scale which are available from www.selfridges.com & www.amazon.co.uk

This is NOT a sponsored post.

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  1. Great suggestions think I will try these ideas with my nephews on Shrove Tuesday

  2. The bottom one with cherries looks to die for I really want one now I have seen this 😀

  3. I think we forgot these days when you can buy ready made pancakes just how easy they are to make yourself!

  4. Love your pancake art!! Will be trying this recipie on my littles

  5. Making me feel hungry now.

  6. My kids love a good pancake, thanks for the post, loved the Bee! 😉 x

  7. My kids always ask for pancakes! We love them. I love the bee you made.

  8. We only ever have pancakes on Pancake day dont know why we all love them, great idea with the decorations I think my boys will love doing this over the half term thanks x

  9. I remember my mum teaching me how to make pancakes when I was a little girl. So much fun and mess lol x

  10. I love pancakes and so does my family. It’s always great to get the kids involved with fun activities like this. Plus when your finished you can eat and share what you made altogether!

  11. I’ve bookmarked this one – I fancy them at the weekend.

  12. Look delicious
    Forgotten how to make these little beauties
    Thanks for the reminder

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