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Baking made easy with Betty


Now that I have your attention, what if I was to tell you that my latest piece of research has been on some pre-packaged cake mixes and the results are in?  What do you think would be the outcome?  The last time I tried making pre-packaged cakes was well into my youth so around the time of the invention of the wheel (ok, so maybe not quite that long ago) but it was a while back and from my recollection they were all bland, overly dense and not as impressive as the homemade cakes I have been making since then.  It looks like times have now changed though with the rather impressive turn out from the cake packs that I was sent by Betty Crocker to review.

I was sent three of their packaged cakes with some of their frostings.

First up a family favourite:

Carrot Cake


The instructions were followed to the letter and the result was a perfectly risen, golden sponge.


To this we added the Vanilla Butter cream that we had been sent.


The cake was not excessively dense and it was lovely and moist.  The sponge was not too sweet and the overall sweetness of the cake is ultimately controlled by the maker who decides how much of the lovely, smooth, creamy, sweet butter cream to use.


This was a winner with my family and friends and the great thing is that you can get away with making one and no one would suspect it wasn’t homemade.

You would be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t like chocolate cake and the Devil’s Food Cake looked great.


Not forgetting the Chocolate Fudge Icing of course!



The beauty of these products is that they have made cake making so simple that even those that think they can’t bake can.


All that was required from me was to add eggs, oil and butter the rest was provided.


Again a lovely moist and fluffy sponge that is not overly sweet.  We found that the icing was very sweet so we used less on this cake which was great as it meant we had some we could use to top some cupcakes another time.


The products all have a great shelf life so you can always have stock in the cupboard in case you have a sweet craving and want cake fast (these beat many supermarket bought cakes in taste), and they are great to make during playdates.  Having had so many playdates that are baking themed I can safely say these work fantastically well and you always get good results.

The products are so easy to use that even a child can do it.  My youngest daughter (age 4) made the Chocolate Fudge Brownies.



All I needed to do was cut open the flour mix and break the egg and measure the liquids then she got on with making the brownies by combining everything and mixing.



Again perfect, we took these to a playdate and all the children loved them and my little one had great pleasure telling everyone that she had made these herself.


Not only are they great on their own but they also go well with ice cream and chocolate syrup.


This Sundae it amazing.


Simply break up the brownies and combine with vanilla ice cream, caramel popcorn, freshly whipped cream and plain chocolate sauce, heaven in a bowl!  Quantities are simply by take and also depend on how many you are making them for and once your friends try them they will want to enjoy this naughty but nice dessert again and again.

These cakes are great and very useful in saving time when making children’s Birthday cakes.


Why not give these products a try they have some other lovely products in their range too including Red Velvet Cake!!!! Now that is one that hope the children will bake for me very soon.

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  1. I think the icings are brilliant – real time savers! I’m not great at baking cakes as something always goes wrong (leave out an ingredient…) so, these packet cakes are good in my book.

  2. You had some great results, they look fab! I enjoy making my own but these would be a good back up. 🙂

  3. I’ve been looking at these in the supermarket, but was a bit nervous about buying, but after reading your review and seeing your lovely pictures, I’ll think I will have a try. Many thanks x

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