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The Real Cost of Heading Back to School

It’s that time of year again, the nights are starting to become ever so slightly darker,

P1030064the sun is making even fewer appearances, and the Christmas cards are creeping into the shops. This can only mean one thing – it’s back to school time!

Parents around the country are all breathing a sigh of relief.

 After the long summer break, heading back to school can be an exciting, nerve wracking and, dare I say it, expensive time.  Whether your little ones are embarking on their first day at primary school, their move into secondary school, or that final step into University, there are a whole range of costs that you need to think about and prepare for.

Preparation is key to ensuring that your bank account, credit score, and street cred’ remain intact. Speaking of which, if you haven’t done so in a while, check out your credit score here.

 First day at school…

 As you’re preparing yourself and your little ones for their first day at school, it’s not just your emotions that may suffer, your bank balance will also come under fire.

Whilst it’s a little early for your children to be demanding the latest technology, clothes, and trainers, there is still a range of expenses that you need to bear in mind – from uniform and school shoes, through to books, lunches, and all those social events with their new found friends!

DSC01130And of course, if you’ve chosen to send your children to private school, you will also have fees to pay.

 Moving on to ‘big school’…

 It might seem like only yesterday that they were taking their first steps through the nursery gates, but it won’t be long before they’re moving on to secondary, grammar, or high school.

 And with their new-found independence and freedom, comes a whole host of extra costs and expenses – yey! In addition to the new uniform, those must-have shoes, and, of course, on-trend outfits for non-uniform days, there’ll also be text books, study guides, and school trips to think about. Not to mention pencil case essentials such as calculators, stationery, and even tablets. DSC02049DSC00110

Remember, although it may be tempting to give your no-longer-so-little-ones everything their hearts desire regardless of whether you can afford it, if you end up taking out credit that you simply can’t afford to pay back, there will be consequences, especially for your credit report.

 The final step…University

 I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that, today, sending your children off to university is far from cheap. It’s important that you start preparing well in advance of your little one turning 18 (ideally, from birth!) but what is the real cost of a year at university? According to research from the NUS, it’s rather high!

 The NUS have estimated that the average student expenditure for one year (based on the 2013/2014 academic year) is £23,187 – so you might want to start budgeting immediately!

But where does all that money go? Well unsurprisingly, the largest proportion (£8,425 to be exact!) went on those pesky tuition fees and the next largest amount (£6,340) was needed for accommodation, which can be particularly expensive in major cities.

 Other expenditure was for food and drink, books, clothes, travel, insurance, and, of course, leisure.

P1120711DSC00807This is a sponsored post.

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  1. All of the school related posts scare me a little as although my little boy is just two that will be him in two years time gulp! I hadn’t given much thought to the cost of education but can see how it all builds up, another gulp 😉

    1. It is hard to manage but if you are prepared then you should be fine. 😉

  2. Oh wow sorry mum & dad! I’ve just started my final year at uni doing my honours course but I’m still living at home and travelling the days I’m in so at least the cost of like a flat or halls doesn’t need to be counted into my “cost”! It is crazy how much and how QUICKLY it all adds up though!

    1. Staying at home saves quite a bit especially if most of your meals are also eaten there too.

  3. My daughter is 2.5 and only started nursery last week. Already I’ve had to buy uniform, shoes, bag and name labels. School is expensive now! she has an ISA to pay for uni when that comes lol

    1. Wow that’s super organised of you and good to know you are preparing for her future.

  4. Thanks for sharing 🙂 School expenses have increased dramatically. It is so important to be budget wisely.

    1. It really is, it’s a shame it costs so much though.

  5. I love how organised you are. I am shocked at how expensive uniforms are x

    1. I know it’s crazy. Luckily if you have the same sex children and the clothes are in a passable condition they can be handed down to sibblings.

  6. My two are in a state primary school and even with buying all their clothes from Asda it was over £250!
    Our school has moved to a new build, so they’ve also decided the kids now need three pairs of shoes: one typical shiny shoes pair for inside, a pair of trainers for gym, and another pair of black trainers for them to wear outside so they don’t make the school floors dirty, which seems completely mental to me – it’s a school for goodness sakes! #rantover ahem… 😉

    1. It’s crazy how much we have to spend on just the basic uniform not to mention an extra one or two.

  7. I think the cost of uniforms is way too high! Especially when it comes to high school and you have no choice but to buy the branded stuff , for my younger child who is in junior school I can shop around more to bring the cost down

  8. The cost is absurd. I like my kids to wear clarks shoes for school as they are comfy. I find that being organised takes away some of the stress. Also, I tend to buy just enough uniform to keep them going for a week or so because as soon as they are back to school the shops put uniform items on sale.

  9. Yep back to school! Great post, what you’ve said about uni being far from cheap is so true as well, so many costs to cover!

    1. It can be awful especially if you are putting more than 1 child through uni.

  10. I’m not looking forward to my tow starting uni! Good thing I have plenty of time to save 😀 My eldest has just started reception and the cost of the uniform isn’t too bad but the school jumpers and coats/bags are quite pricey for what they are, luckily it isn’t compulsory the buy from the school shop so Asda has helped save us money.

    1. Supermarkets can save you loads when you need school uniform.

  11. Wow didn’t realise it would cost this much
    Budgeting is so important

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