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I am always on the lookout for great new products to taste and blog about.  Many who know me are fully aware that one of my passions is food.  I love contacting companies about delicious looking foods and am always very grateful when they respond, even more so when they send me products to taste and review.
I believe I came across  PROPERCORN in an email that had various things advertised and discussed a range of topics.  I was delighted when they responded and offered to send me over some packets to sample.  The box that arrived had four different flavours.
The children were very excited when I told them we were going to have popcorn, little did they know how yummmmmmyyyy it would be!
Fiery Worcester Sauce and Sun-dried Tomato
At only 96 calories for a 20g bag, these are the perfect snack item for those that enjoy a tasty snack. The first thing you notice is the delicious and mouthwatering aroma of Worcester sauce when you open the pack.  These have a gorgeous but subtle sundried tomato flavour, the Worchester sauce gives it that little kick of extra flavour and the chilli a lovely but not excessive heat to this delicious popcorn.
Sour Cream and Chive
This did not have the synthetic overpowering flavour that some products have and the flavour seemed to build up as we ate more.  My 2 year old loved it, she kept running at me when her bowl emptied saying ‘I need more, please!’ as as it is only 89 calories per pack and not overly salted I had no qualms about refilling her bowl.  It was a miracle that I managed to get any!
Sweet and Salty
The flavours were well balanced so neither came across as excessive.  These are so much nicer than any of the other popcorns on the market with popcorn that looks and tastes fresh with a lovely soft yet firm texture.  This was the only flavour that had more than 100 calories per pack, weighing in at a measly 128 calories per pack I wasn’t worried about the extra few and tucked in to this deliciously flavoured popcorn.
Lightly Sea Salted
Simple, yet needless to say delicious!  I would choose this over any cinema popcorn any day.  I would however suggest possibly a small sachet of sea salt for those that like their salt as I could see some of my friends saying that they would prefer it with a little more.  My 3 year old ran off with the pack but fortunately I managed to get a picture beforehand and of course a handful of the popcorn.  This flavour was only 87 calories and after seeing the childrens reaction too it (they loved it) I will be sure to add some to my eldests packed lunch as a yummy treat.
After tasting all the packs, well I am using the excuse that I had too and sticking to it I would have to surmise that they are sooooooo Moorish!!! & Totally addictive!!!  It was a struggle to resist eating the whole of the four packs during our sampling but I was strong and managed to save some for the next day, or at least part way through the next day.
This is perfectly popped popcorn, healthy and seasoned to perfection with a range of fantastic flavours that make this popcorn an exciting and delicious, guilty free treat.  I have also heard that more flavours are to be joining the range and am keeping my eyes open for their arrival at local stockists.
Whilst we are on the subject, propercorn can be bought from Waitrose, Harvey Nichols, LEON, Whole Food Market, some museums, galleries and health food shops.  (RRP approx 80p)
You can follow PROPERCORN on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. They sound delicious – never really thought about savoury popcorn before – reading this I must give it a try!

    1. They are lovely I am hopng they start selling them in in boxes at the wholesalers as I would be first in line.

  2. These sound delightful

  3. I agree on everything you have said! I ate 2 packs yesterday of the sweet&salty! 😛 felt gilty

    1. I am not surprised. The great thing is that they are low in calories so even if you do eat two packs its still not as many calories as a chocolate bar, fantastic!

  4. Wow these sound great my daughter loves popcorn and she loves the sour cream and chives so these will be perfect for her, its great they are now doing various different flavours as they have always been the same for years, will definatly getting some for my daughter, ty Melanie xxxx

  5. I love the sweet and salty flavour – the Worcester Sauce and Sun-dried Tomato will have to be tried next! xoxo

  6. Don’t forget the Sour Cream and Chive those are yummy too and the flavour seems to build up as you eat them 😉

  7. These do sound lovely !! We love popcorn in this house !! lol x

    1. You really should try it if you haven’t already its gorgeous 😉

  8. You must try the coconut flavour it is so so so yummy. I ended up buying 3 boxes worth from a Tescos in Liverpool as I can’t seem to get it up in The Yorkshire Dales. Must try the others soon.

    1. That ones sounds yummy!

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