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Daywear Holiday Wish List

As you know I love to write my fashion posts when I get the chance to and I am very excited about this particular post.  Why?  Because it’s is a daywear holiday wish list and the mere thought of going away makes me excited.  Of course one cannot consider going on holiday with the correct attire it simply wouldn’t do.  This time my search on the net took me to a company called Love the Sales.  What attracted me to the site?  The dresses (we all know I have a love affair with dresses) the decision was made, my focus site for the post had been found.  How simple was that!!  Love the sales is a great site that is perfect for shopaholics as they find all the sales from 500 of the biggest UK retailers and put them all on one website saving us not just money but also time.  Lovethesales displays clothing from various sites with their sales items including; Ted Baker sale, Phase Eight sale, Tommy Hilfiger sale, Hugo Boss sale and Ralph Lauren sale to name but a few.  I was excited to see that you can get sale alerts specific for your size!

In this post I shall try my hardest to select a mix of items and not just dresses to share with you, wish me luck!

Ok, so luck wasn’t really needed.  Quite honestly I could have easily just copied and pasted the majority of this site onto my blog but I don’t think that’s allowed.  Maybe a revisit post with a different topic may be required further down the line.

So what are my top holiday daywear items from Love the Sales?

I’m going to work from the head down so first up a hat.


This floppy hat from Accessorize is now selling at £10.50.

This hat also attracted my attention available from Accessorize and on sale at £17.50.


Although I am fully aware the best colour to wear for hot climates is white these black hats really do appeal.  They are feminine and pretty and look simply fabulous on!  (You can’t argue with that.)

Working down from there no self respecting intelligent woman would be caught dead in a sunny climate without eye protection and these Max Mara sunglasses are just want we all need.


The style and colour will suit all face shapes and hair colours.  These sunglasses are just so pretty I know you won’t be able to resist.  You can also save a massive 40% off the price as these are now down to £126, not bad for a beautiful pair of sunglasses that you will want to live in all summer long.

Now for the dresses!!!!!!!!

I have tried my best to not overdo it.  My advise though would be do not EVER give me your card and send me to this site unless I am personal shopping for you as I may max out your card.  With so many fabulous dresses to chose from you could be forgiven for spending a day just browsing the site.  Here are my favourite 3, no 4 make that 5 dresses.


(1) Nautical Stripe Sundress Navy/White (ASOS) 59% off now £19.50

I fell in love with this dress the second I saw it.  The v neckline flatters and the light weight material makes it great for daywear although it is labelled on the site as an evening dress.  Hey why not break free and rebel a little.  I could see myself wearing this on holiday with some cute sandals and a handbag to complement the outfit.

(2) D-G Twist Neck Sundress (Figleaves) 60% off now £16.00

What an adorable dress.  The description says it is designed to flatter!  They’re not wrong, the dress hangs rather than clings and the colour is perfect for the summer and it will look great with a tan (from a bottle only as we know natural tans are a sign of skin damage).

(3) Denim & Supply – V-Neck Sun Cap Sleeve Dress (Very) 25% off now £90

I love the deep v neck, cut and overall style of the dress giving the wearer a fun, feminine look.  This is perfect for everyday wear and to compete the ensemble a pretty pair of sandals.

(4) Rosalie Maxi Dress Vert (Zalando) 20% off now £26.00

What a beautiful colour to start with, this lovely flowing dress again covers well to flatter the figure.  This maxi dress is perfect for a comfortable yet feminine look.  Again a pretty pair of sandals or even wedges would complement the outfit.

(5) Broderie Anglaise Sun Dress – Cream (ASOS) 36% off now £35

Simple, feminine and comfortable, the perfect combination for a day dress that is a great colour to reflect the heat whilst looking beautiful and stylish.


We can’t forget the bags, this Spikes & Sparrow from Zalando is a beauty and is has 20% the original price making it £115.99.


The bag is a great size to keep all essentials but it’s not too large to carry around either.  It’s the perfect day bag and looks great with a range of outfits.

Last but not least the sandals.  I’m going to be honest and say I got distracted.  When I was looking for shoes to feature an hour just vanished like magic, I wonder what happened there.  I was amazed at the number of shoes listed, my goodness there are so many to chose from you are literally spoilt for choice.


I managed to get my choices down to just 4 from about 20.  These were my favourites.

(1) Dolla Leather Sandal (Guess) 30% off now £91.00

The sole allows for the size of the heel so even though they add height to the wearer they do not overly stretch the arch of the foot making them easier to walk in.  The style is one of sophistication perfect for the girly girls among us and simply stunning.

(2) Walker Romatic (Sarenza) 20% off now £43.00

Lovely everyday summer shoes that will suit most outfits.  I love the cross over at the front these are a wardrobe staple for the summer.

(3) Red Capri Sandals (Schuh) 83% off now £27.99

Although they barely add height I love the pretty feminine design of these sandals to allow for daily comfort over the summer.

(4) Safiya Soft Knot Platform Sandal 30% off now £34.30

I love these cute, comfortable looking sandals.  These are the soft of sandal you get in a few colours as they are a must have looking great with almost anything.

All the sandals chosen would look great with dresses, jeans and shorts.  I loved the range and there are some great bargains to be found in a range of sizes.  The Lovethesales website made my holiday wishlist simple to put together so now I know where I can get some lovely clothes if I go away.

Why not take a look and see for yourself.

Have you heard of Lovethesales before?

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  1. Wow amazing selection for summer style
    Simply adore the sandles and spike and sparrow bag

    1. I know aren’t they wonderful!!!

  2. Great picks, I definitely love the lighter colour dresses, perfect for holiday!

    1. They are great for holidays they look lovely with a tan from a bottle 😉

  3. Nice wishlist collection, gotta love a floppy hat, ideal for those sunny days!

    1. Floppy hats are great I can’t survive the summer without one!

  4. The ASOS nautical dress is just absolutely lovely, I really like it x

    1. It is a gorgeous dress, I think it’s a favourite of quite a few of my readers.

  5. Love your choices here. Perfect for the summer season.

    1. Thanks, these are really nice for Summer.

  6. Love that floppy hat!! Great selection – love the dresses too 🙂

    1. I have a thing for dresses and floppy hats are a must for the summer.

  7. I love this wishlist, especially the hats and I have my eye on that Sundress by Figleaves!

    1. Isn’t the dress great, I am a sucker for a pretty dress.

  8. Never heard of Love The Sales. Personally I can’t resist a new frock in Phase Eight sale.

    1. They have a great range of clothing at competitive prices.

  9. I love that Rosalie Maxi Dress, the colour is so beautiful, perfect for a holiday and such a great price too!

    1. It is beautiful, I love it.

  10. Gorgeous picks! I hadn’t heard of lovethesales until recently and haven’t used it yet, but it’s definitely inspiring.

  11. Ooh so many choices but I am living for those cat eye sunnies and the second rattan style floppy hat. So darn cute! xx

    1. They do look great, I loved looking at the site for inspiration.

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