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Fashion Getaways Blogger Challenge with House of Fraser Voucher

House of Fraser has asked bloggers to show off their style credentials by entering the Fashion Getaways Blogger Challenge.  To enter we were asked to head over to the House of Fraser website and put together a key outfit, beauty look or room inspired by one of the iconic fashion capitals London, Paris, Milan, New York or Tokyo and ask our followers to guess which city we had chosen.

I had a looooooooong look through the various items of clothing and accessories and decided on these fabulous pieces:

Firstly The Department Pinstripe Dress
I love the style of this dress sophisticated and versatile, it can be accessorised to wear to work or out for a romantic dinner or on an evening out with friends.

A lady can never have enough black dresses, an irreplaceable colour to suit all seasons and a multitude of occassions.  It will never go out of fashion and with the right accessories you can make it appear like a totally different outfit on each and every outing.

This sleek, slim line and sophisticated L.K Bennett Alex Narrow Adjustable Patent Belt would help add a touch of colour and create a whole new stylish look to the outfit. 

Shoe selection was harder than I thought it would be.  Eventually (I’m embarrased to say how long it took me) I managed to decide on the Dune Attar Pointed Court Shoes but I loved both the black and the red in these.

As sensible height shoe that will show off the legs and also look fabulous without needing to be kicked off half way through the evening due to aching feet.

No outfit would be complete without a gorgeous bag.  Whether its a large bag to fit in everything including the kitchen sink or something a little more petite for the essentials: phone, keys, makeup and purse House of Fraser seems to have everything covered.  After lusting over most of them I decided that the Ted Baker Gemley Crystal Studded Clutch would look great with my chosen items.  An eye catching piece that is sure to be the envy of all the ladies at the party (unless of course they have one too) this cute but elegant bag looks absolutely fantastic!

The Salsa Funnel Neck Coat would look amazing with this, showing off a little of the outfit from the top and bottom and keeping people guessing about the rest of the gorgeousness hidden beneath and the only hint of colour showing would be those amazing red shoes.

A touch of frosting is always welcome.  The Carat 2.25ctRound Solitaire Pendant with Chain combined with the Carat 13.25ct Princess Tennis Bracelet will add that little touch of sparkle to any ensemble.  Dainty and pretty pieces add to the outfit but do not take all the attention themselves they merely help create the overall look of sophistication.

A little lipstick finishes the look and this colour named shame from Urban Decay would look amazing.  A deep rich burgandy to attract attention towards the face and not just to the gorgeous clothes and accessories on display.

My chosen items create a feminine, chic, classy and sophisticated outfit that I believe would stand the test of time with the obligatory black dress at its core from which you can create a numerous range of fantastic cute looks.  The colour scheme is simple yet inviting with a degree of flexibility.  Any guesses as to which Capital was my inspiration?

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