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Children’s Tirra Sandals from Teva

With the weather so warm in the UK the sale of sandals has risen dramatically.  My little ones love wearing their sandals as often as possible and my eldest daughter was in need of a new pair.  I like to have a few pairs of sandals for them to mix and match with their various outfits.  Popping online to see what I could find that was suitable I came across Teva a company that provides a range of footwear from sandals, flip flops, shoes and boots for women, men and children.  I did love the range of kids sandals available. Here are just a few you can chose from.


Teva have a great range of sandals for children that are brightly coloured and extremely durable and comfortable.  Most importantly they look great with a large number outfits to keep our mini fashionistas happy!!!!






My eldest chose the Tirra sandals from the site as she loved the colour and style.  As you can see there were quite a few straps so she won’t be losing those whilst we walk, a hazard that has befallen us before with previous sandals.  Don’t they do look great on her!  Her sister is very jealous, she wanted the same pair too but as we already have a few pairs of sandals for her so she will just have to wait.

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  1. These look very comfortable and I could see the children being able to run up and down in them while their feet are getting air and keeping cool!

  2. I love sandals in the summer although I haven’t had the chance to wear them yet as I have been working all the time. Love the colour she chose x

    1. That’s a shame, i hope you get to wear yours soon 😉

  3. I used to hate shopping for sandals for my Daughter when she was younger, she was a nightmare, but these do look perfect.

    1. They are fab, well love them. I may be getting some more soon x

  4. Oh I will check these out now! I have been struggling to find good sandals for our hols soon 🙂

    1. Have fun shopping, there is a good range on the site.

  5. Those sandals look great. I love the colour. I really like sandals like that for kids

    1. They are great for little ones. They allow them to get on with things and not worry about them falling off or hurting.

  6. They are a gorgeous colour. Mermaid like – I approve, and they look lovely on your beautiful daughter.

    1. They are a great colour, thanks Hannah x

  7. I love these sandals, and gorgeous bright colours!
    I may have to have a look for my little ones too!
    Thank you for sharing

    1. You are more than welcome, these are really good quality sandals.

  8. They are really nice sandals, I love the colours of them too! xx

    1. They are cute sandals. I’m very pleased with them x

  9. I used to have these type of sandals all the time as a kid as they stayed on my feet really well but also offered quite a lot of support x

    1. They are great for little ones as they are not restrictive.

  10. They are super cute – love the colour of the pair in the final pics.

    1. These were our favourite, I was surprised she didn’t go for pink though.

  11. love, love, love these. I’m always looking for proper sandals for my kids.

    1. I was really pleased with this pair of sandals we will be buying from them again.

  12. Those sandals are really cute and they look really nice on your daughter, I am not familiar with Teva but wull see if I can find something for my nephew as well.

    1. They have some cute boys ones too!!!!

  13. These look like such comfortable sandals for little feet.

    1. They really are lovely sandals we love them.

  14. These are really cute, and great for staying active too.

    1. She does all sorts in these they are really good.

  15. I love the colour you chose, really pretty – i’d wear them! I have boys and don’t think this kind of style would suit them though sadly. That said, I’d never pick them out myself but if they were gifted a pair, I might be surprised when they were on I guess.

    1. There is a lovely range for boys too on the site, why not take a look x

  16. Wow the colour of the pair she is wearing is STUNNING!

    1. She chose them herself, they are a lovely colour 😉

  17. I loved these types of sandals when I was youunger. They are super comfy and I was still able to climb trees!

    1. They are great for all sorts, mine goes on the toys at the park with hers.

  18. Ah I love the colour of these, they look super comfy too! Will have to check Teva out 🙂

    1. They are very comfortable she hasn’t complained once.

  19. Yea I have bought a few sandals this summer as well. Love this blue sandals.

    1. They are a great colour aren’t they 😉

  20. My daughter’s a bit young for these as I don’t think they do toddler sizes…though could be mistaken…but I love the turquoise colour!

    1. They have a range of sizes, I’d take a look just in case x

  21. These sandals rock! I like the color and they’ll be super comfy for the summer.

    1. The do look great, I love the simple style of them and the colour.

  22. What great comfy shoes, they look great on her. x

    1. She loves them, virtually lives in them 😉

  23. Shoe shopping with my children was always a nightmare! these look amazing though, and I love the turquoise colour

    1. It is a great style and colour 😉

  24. I used to struggle to find sandals that I liked as a kid but these would’ve been perfect for me! I love the colour of the Tirra sandals!

    1. The colour of these is lovely, her sister is planning on borrowing / stealing them off her 😉

  25. Loving all these sandals! I just with we had the weather for them where we live. It’s wellies all around up here!

    1. It does seem to be a bit up and down at the moment. I am hoping the sun stays a little longer 😉

  26. These look fabulous
    Comfort and style
    Really suits them

    1. They are really nice sandals 😉

  27. I would have definitely wanted the pink pair, they looks just so comfy x

    1. They are adorable aren’t they 😉

  28. i love the shoe colour she’s wearing! it goes with her outfit 😉

    1. She was well coordinated on that day lucky for me 😉

  29. Smart and neat. Ticks all the boxes !

    1. They sure do, we love them 😉

  30. Oh they’re lovely, they really do look good! Sturdy sandals are a must for summer for those who can wear them and I’d never heard of this company before; thanks for a great review.

    1. Glad you liked it x

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