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Dads Aren’t Just for Father’s Day!

With everything that is happening in the world it is even more important for us to appreciate what and who we have in our lives.  With Father’s Day coming up today’s focus is on dads.  Whether he is the strong silent type or the life and soul of the family get-togethers most dads are pretty great.  I think most of us don’t express ourselves enough when it comes to our feelings.  Let’s face it how often do we actually tell a parent we love them or give them a hug – unless you are a hugger like me and then it would be pretty often.  Many of us don’t realise or appreciate what we have until it is too late which is why I think we should show parents what we think throughout the year rather than on just one day.  Having Father’s Day slotted in within the year in a way is a good thing to serve as a reminder for those that need a shove in the right direction.  Little gestures like small gifts, help with things around the house, a meal out are always a lovely way to show you care and they needn’t be expensive which is good for us and them as let’s face it good parents don’t want us to spend a fortune as it’s the thought that counts.  That’s why I love the range of products that Baylis and Harding offer as they always look great and you can find them at a reasonable price when you shop around.

Mr Squishy thought the Baylis & Harding Skin Spa Set (Amber and Sandlewood) for men was pretty neat as it comes in a stylish reusable wash bag.  In fact he may now have claimed the bag for himself, poor daddy although on the plus side he gets to have the goodies inside hopefully.  Within the bag you will find a hair and body wash, aftershave balm, shower gel and face wash.  This has a RRP of £19.99 but I found it online at fragrancedirect for £10.95.  Squishy was so excited by the find he simply had to give it to daddy who is also a big Baylis and Harding fan having come home a recently with this beautifully scented and prettily designed bottle of hand wash to pop by the sink – nice find daddy!  It smelt nice too.

Of course having seen Squishy give something to daddy the girls were up in arms, “we love daddy too, we want a present for him”.  Of course to keep the peace I pulled out this beauty.

Baylis & Harding Citrus Lime & Mint Toiletry Bag Set

Now firstly one can never have enough toiletry bags and don’t forget you should change them once in a while as you get a bacteria build up.  Hubby needs one for home and also has another that he keeps in his gym bag.  Interestingly when he needs one there isn’t always a bag around so the more the merrier especially when you have children like mine that seem to love toiletry bags and love filling them up with toys and also toiletries of their own.  Now aside from a trendy looking wash bag this set also contains a hair and body wash, soap, aftershave balm and shower gel.  The RRP is £19.99 but I found it online at fragrancedirect for £11.99 which seems like a great deal to me.

There are plenty of other lovely products from Baylis & Harding available online, in local supermarkets, pharmacies and department stores.  Make sure you shop around to find the best prices.

For those that would like to give their dad a lovely treat (or use it themselves) on a day other than Father’s Day is have a super duper competition for you.  You can win not one but two lovely gift sets for men (those featured in this post – the hand wash featured is not included).

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  1. My dad has never been a dad, but watching how close my children are to they’re dad is amazing, my oldest son has a different dad who doesn’t bother so my partner is an amazing stepdad to him too, we would be absolutely lost without him, we don’t show him enough but we really do appreciate everything he does for us, fathers day is the only day he will take recognition for it so I try to spoil him then xxx

    1. Step dads, surrogate dads even people that have grown close like a Father become an important part of our lives and it is lovely to make sure they are aware of this 😉

  2. Bayliss and Harding are great, they have some fab products and I agree that fathers should be appreciated no matter what time of year it is!

    1. It is nice to give them a treat once in a while just to remind them we care 😉

  3. My dad is my hero and knows me like no other person in this world. Love the post!

    1. Glad you liked the post. Dads can be great can’t they!

  4. Bayliss and Harding do some lush products. So cute to see all the family together giving dad a well-deserved gift!

    1. He’s a good dad, the kids thought he deserved a treat 😉

  5. I love Bayliss and Harding products, such a nice treat for Dad

    1. They do make a lovely treat for dads! 😉

  6. I love Bayliss and Harding products, especially the body lotions 🙂 nice that the kids gave dad a treat x

    1. It is nice for dad to get a treat on days other than Father’s Day. These make great gifts.

  7. I love this brand and this it is important for men to pamper themselves too!

    1. It sure is. Men need pampering too it helps to reduce stress for a start.

  8. What a great treat for dad. Love it!

  9. My hubby, he’s always thinking of others, this would show him I’m thinking of him

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