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When is it a Good Time to Start Nursery

Mr Squishy is a very excitable little chap.  He loves to try new and exciting things.  He does get a little bored sometime as mummy can’t play all the time and needs to do her work and tidy the house.  Mummy thought that as he is so eager to learn and do more fun things that maybe it was time he started nursery albeit part time as mummy can’t be separated from Squishy for too long lol.

Nursery is a fabulously fun place for little ones with sponge like minds ready to absorb new information.  It helps to start little ones early (if you are entitled to free places or can afford too) where one can to help encourage independence and to allow them to learn new skill such as making new friends, interacting with peers and adults and of course for educational reasons.

We have opted to take our little man to a Montessori where he will be educated through play in a fun and safe environment.  This will not only make his week more exciting as he will be doing a larger range of activities but will also allow me to have a little breathing space which is much needed as I barely get a second alone throughout the day.

At the tender age of 23 months Mr Squishy is ready for nursery and I am excited for him at the prospect of all the exciting things he will get to do.  Children are ready to start nursery at different times.  They all develop at different rates and should be treated as individuals when younger and taken to nursery when the parent feels the child is ready.

Having two older sisters means my little man has begun developing at a faster rate than some first children as he has his sisters to learn from and emulate.  He loves to try and do activities he sees his sisters doing which is a good and also sometimes a bad thing as you can imagine.

Mr Squishy is quite independent and is able to keep himself occupied which is handy but also a sign he is ready to go out into the world and explore. He has a good understanding of numerous words although he doesn’t talk excessively at this stage.  If he is anything like his sisters verbal diarrhoea will commence very soon.  This little man is able to follow quite a few instructions and is keen to learn to play with other children which is nice.

My little man went again today to nursery and I left him on his own at nursery for a few hours after settling him in  and he loved it.  I was a bit emotional but after a brief cry he was off playing with water and anything else he could get his hands on.

I’m relieved he has settled in and look forward to his further development as he learns.


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  1. I think every kid is different and it’s down to your situation as well. I know some parents who have needed to put their kids in nursey earlier as they work x

    1. It does depend on various factors. I’m pleased he enjoyed it though.

  2. aw bless him! glad to hear he is settling in well and enjoying it especially at his age.

    1. He was vry happy, he cried when I put him in the car to go home.

  3. Oh its great how socialising and being in a learning environment helps children grow so fast!!! My son started preschool when he was eligible for free school hours at age 3, at the time he was referred to a speech therapist and due to bad experiences with other children wasn’t confident enough to socialise, in under a year he has come on leaps and bounds!! After the first month of preschool his speech came on without seeing the therapists once! At preschool they now say hes a genius, hes super smart and so sociable you wouldn’t believe its the same kid!

    1. Glad to hear that he has progressed with the speech therapist. It’s a shame when they have a bad experience from a young age.

  4. Aw, he’s started nursery. I think it does depend on the child themselves, I know someone who sent their child from 4 months I believe as the parents went back to work! x

    1. Sometimes as parents we don’t have much of a choice about sending our children to nursery depending on work commitments.

  5. I love the sound of a Montessori, very interesting. I’m glad Mr Squishy enjoyed himself x

    1. Thanks Jo, me to. It seems really good there.

  6. It’s great that he had such a nice time at nursery. It sounds like he was definitely ready.

    1. He sure was, I hope that on the next visit we buy pass the tears and go straight into playing 😉

  7. I am glad he has settled in and I am sure you have seen a huge change in him already x

    1. I think he will change a bit in the coming weeks. The is normally a very good boy so I hope that continues.

  8. It’s always a worry when they start nursery but it sounds like he has settled in really well x

    1. it is I was very worried. Glad he settled so fast.

  9. Glad he seemed to settle in really quickly! The youngest kid does tend to develop a lot more quickly.

    1. It is great that they develop so fats as he now plays with his sisters which is lovely.

  10. A honest post. My niece was put into nursery at the age of 1! (I know) – She was put there as the parents (very selfish people, don’t get me started) couldn’t find a childminder for her. She (my niece) seem happy and alright but I do feel bad for her.

    1. It can depend on peoples circumstances, some need to work and others not as much. It all depend on what comforts we enjoy. It can be hard and lonely to stay at home with a little person.

  11. I think ‘whenever’ you and he feel it’s right and clearly you were spot on! I’m glad he enjoyed he’s time at nursery and continues to do so, my niece just started on tuesday and cried in the mornings for two days..but she came home upset to leave! 🙂

    1. Looks like she enjoyed it in the end which is great news.

  12. I’m glad he’s all settled now, the tears are so hard 🙁

    1. It is hard to deal with for both parent and child.

  13. Such a subjective thing – each child is different at each stage! H x

    1. That’s very true it children are ready at different ages.

  14. Glad he settled in well. I always think the age of 2 is good for introducing nursery, luckily mine all settled well

    1. That’s good to hear. It can be a very stressful experience both both parent and child.

  15. It’s always worrying when your own child starts nursery for the first time, Justin my son Hated it!

    1. Oh no, hope he didn’t take too long to settle.

  16. Good to know he has settled in. My kids start at 3 years.

    1. We wanted to try and give him a little head start as he is so keen to learn and I didn’t want him to be held back as I don’t always have the time to sit and do fun things.

  17. It sounds like you have hit it perfectly. My children started younger than this due to our circumstances. They have both faired well despite one having a bit of a rocky start

    1. I must admit he was ready to start sooner but where we chose to take him wouldn’t take him part way through the year unfortunately.

  18. Mr Squishy sounds like he got on OK! I started nursery when I was 6 months old and never had a problem either. If anything it’s helped me progress up the room to preschool with hardly any clinginess xx

    1. It really does make a big difference.

  19. I’ve never really thought about nursery like this before, I always just thought kids went when they got to a certain age but they do of course learn differently so it’s best to introduce them at different stages! I hope he has an amazingly fun time at nursery!

    1. Thanks Kira, he is loving it so far thankfully.

  20. I debated over this with my twins so much but I put them in for 3 hours one morning a week three months before their 3rd birthday. They have just started afternoon sessions everyday from last week and just love it x

    1. It is brilliant to help develop their social skills and it’s fun.

  21. My 2 year old recently started nursery. Not because we need childcare or anything as I work around my other half. But because he is bored at home and they do so much more than I can

    1. It’s a good reason for him to start and sound like he was ready.

  22. I did work experience in a Montessori when I was doing my Child Development GCSES and its honestly a brilliant environment. They really do get a great educational experience but it can be tough to know when is a good time to start nursery.

    1. It really does give them ahead start, I wish I had done the same with my girls.

  23. My twins have just been awarded a place so they can develop their speech. The pace of development is amazing and I know it’s been the best decision we made.

    1. I am looking forward to seeing my little man follow suit. I’m really pleased for you it’s great to see them developing into mini people.

  24. Well done on choosing a Montessori nursery. My little girl stays at home with me and we go to a Waldorf playgroup, but all her friends from my NCT group go to the local Montessori nursery and they enjoy it a lot. Your little guy looks so happy!

    1. He really is a happy little chap. The Monessori seemed like the best option to help get him learning from a young age and have fun too.

  25. I am glad he had such a great time! Such a cutie!

    xoxo, Candice

    1. Thanks, he did love it there.

  26. I have never really thought about any of this! I think I started around 3 X

    1. The norm is about 3 unless parents have work commitments.

  27. This is a great honest post. I’m sharing it with my parent friends.

    1. Thanks Claire, it was a very emotional experience.

  28. I remember I was never ready for mine to go to nursery,but all 4 of mine were ready for it 🙂 Glad he has settled in well..

    1. Lol, they are ready to go before we’re ready to let them go most of the time.

  29. My friend is a room leader in a nursery and she always talks about how important it is that children go as they pick up on far more than they do in a play group, plus it helps them with their confidence etc xxx

    1. I agree they learn so much!

  30. Ours starts nursery finally in october… I’m a bit apprehensive but when we visited for a tour he loved it. I hope he continues to love it!

    1. I hope he does too, good luck 😉

  31. Awe he is such a happy kid! I think us parents worry more than is needed sometime. I remember my son loving the playgroup he went to

    1. He is a happy little chap which is lovely.

  32. I’m glad he has settled for you now. It’s so hard when they don’t settle

    1. It is hard but I’m relived he did and so quickly.

  33. I used to work in a nursery and I think it does vary for each child but it sounds like your little one will have an amazing time xx

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