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Mums, dads, grandparents, aunts and uncles take note.  I’ve got a fantastic toy that you are going to love and will make the most amazing birthday or Christmas.  Yes, adults you are going to love this!!!

We all love building blocks.

It’s super fun and you can build some great things with it.  It keeps children entertained for hours and hours on end.  Of course this is a major bonus.  But, it is also great for children to help develop their creativity.

The Original Brik Buster by Strictly Briks is a unique tower toppling game that is guaranteed to provide endless hours of fun for the whole family.  You start by building up the bricks and then the game begins.  Gently knock down the bricks but don’t send the tower toppling down or you’ll lose.  This game was designed for kids, by kids so it’s going to be very popular.

Strictly Briks large building briks are compatible with all leading brands.  These are guaranteed to give a tight fit with any large size building briks.  The opportunities for creativity are endless as little ones can combine their sets together and build an infinite amount of creations.  The briks make a fantastic STEM toy.

Structured block play can help with:

Motor skills and hand eye coordination.

Language skills.

Team work.

Creative play.

Problem Solving.

Spacial Awareness.

Engineering skills – when constructing models.

What’s in the Box?

133 colourful stackable pieces

A hammer


Other Info:

Recommended age of 3 years and up.

Brik Buster has won the 2017 Platinum Oppenheim Toy Award, the 2017 Eddy Award for Best Education Product, 100 Best by Dr Toy Award and several other prestigious titles.

How to play:

Stack up the bricks as instructed.  With your hammer take it in turns to knock down a stack of bricks without toppling the tower.  The person who knocks down the tower loses.

Alternatively build a tower or anything else that takes your fancy.

What did the kids think?

All the children loved this.  They could all take part in both the game and general building.  This is a great toy to bring out for the children during play dates as it was a challenge for the older children to build the tower without knocking it down as we combined two boxes.  The tower was very high and the children stood on chairs to complete the tower but it was fantastic.  They would sit there for hours building all sorts or trying to perfect the tower and play the game then start again.

Little man enjoyed building a high tower and using the hammer to help him.  He would tap bricks to ensure they were in place.  Once he was happy he would start trying to knock it down.  This was perfect for him to do on his own and with his sisters.

How high is the tower with one box of briks?

How high is the tower with two boxes of briks?

Combining two boxes of the briks was great.  It was harder for the girls to set it up without it toppling but the challenge to get it done and was part of the fun.

See it in action:

Extra Info:

Brik Buster has won the 2017 Platinum Oppenheim Toy Award, the 2017 Eddy Award for Best Education Product, 100 Best by Dr Toy Award and several other prestigious titles. Also designed as a fun way to bond with your child, Brik Buster can be enjoyed by two or more players; perfect for family game night!

This product is backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee which I thought was great.

The Brik Buster Tower Toppling Game costs £26.99 from Amazon.

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42 thoughts on “The Original Brik Buster by Strictly Briks”

  1. They’re so cool! Looks like you have all had a fun weekend! Great that they fit with other leading brands too.
    On a side note, I LOVE the blue colour, it matches my house perfectly ha ha, that is always a winner ay 😉

  2. The video looks so fun. I think my daughter would enjoy playing this game with her friend. I like that you can buy multiple boxes to make the brik buster tower even taller. I’m not suprised all the children loved it.

  3. I used to love building different things with bricks when I was a child. I love how many pieces are in this set and how tall the tower can get. Definitely a lot of fun, especially when it collapses.

  4. I love toys that help with learning development and these brim buster look like a lot of fun. I love the bright colours and how your girls were able to build A huge standing tower.

  5. I have a lot of young kids in my wider family. So always need gift inspiration for various birthdays and celebrations – this one looks perfect for my cousin. That’s one birthday gift done lol.

  6. My daughter really still likes playing with blocks to this day. I know she loves getting the lego kits and being able to build the kits on her own. She does such an amazing job. This looks like great blocks and great colors on the blocks for the kids.

  7. You guys have the best toys over there!! This looks like such a fun game, with lots of learning opportunities in the areas of STEM. I am a scientist myself, and I love coming across toys like this, that expose kids to critical thinking. Yet another toy I am going to have to look for on Amazon! Thanks for the great review.

  8. Oh, what a joy on your little one’s face with his new prized possession. The Brik Buster looks like a fantastic educational and enjoyable toy set that all the kiddos could enjoy sharing. I can’t believe how tall they got those towers- how incredible!

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