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SUPER WINGS #SuperSummerMissions + GIVEAWAY

My son loves to play with all sorts of toy vehicles from dump trucks, cars, trains and planes although the latter has only ever been at nursery as he never had any of his own until now.  Super Wings recently got in touch and asked us if we wanted to be brand ambassadors and the kids of course got very excited at the thought of it.  The girls were keen to help their little brother complete his missions and have fun with his new toys.

The holidays have begun much to my children’s delight bringing with it all sorts of fun and not just for us but also for our readers too.

For those that have yet to discover Super Wings it’s a fun, high action, animated series (found on Tiny Pop and Cartoonito) that features jet plane Jett and his buddies who can all transform into robots which helps them to tackle new challenges and work through issues that teach problem-solving skills and the importance of friendship through a non-violent story which is perfect for pre-schoolers.

We will be assisting Jett and the team to complete some #SuperSummerMissions as well as join them in some great adventures along the way.

Over the next 6 weeks we will be attempting to complete a different mission a week on social media, can you help us???

The choices we were given:

Tweet us, tag us, add the hashtags with your tweets / post #MelaniesFabFinds #SuperSummerMissions so we can see your pictures and maybe even retweet / share a few too!!! Here are the missions that we will be attempting to complete.  We will be posting on twitter, facebook and instagram so please do follow so you all to join in with the fun!!!!  Why not bookmark this page so you can get those missions completed and also enter the competition to win a great prize.

These are the missions we have chosen to complete:

For each week if you add the url to your tweet or post when a mission is complete into the relevant section of the rafflecopter form it will give you bonus points into the super duper competition mentioned below.








The Toys

My son loved them from the moment he saw them and so did the girls.  They are brightly coloured, well made and easy for little fingers to adjust, move, transform.

The range is available to buy from The Entertainer Toys Website.  You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for information on these and other great toys.

Little man loved the fact that the planes transform and that they came in different sizes.  He was blown away by the Take Off Tower which he kept opening, setting up, playing with and then packing away.

The transform-a-bot plane figures shown below were perfect for us to take out and about on our travels and fit nicely in the the Take Off Tower which doubles up as a carrier for the other little toys so you can transport them easily for play on the go or when off to his grandmas, uncles and other places.

Little man couldn’t wait to tell you all some great news……………..

We will be giving away an amazing Super Wings Bundle to one lucky reader in collaboration with Super Wings and The Entertainer. (The prize will be similar to the items shown above although the transforming vehicles may differ.  This is worth approximately £80.)

 As usual we will be holding this on rafflecopter but with a few extra additions that can help increase your chances.  We want to see you guys join in the missions and these will count as extra entries to boost your chances of winning.

Entry is super easy just enter via the rafflecopter form.

Instructions if needed can be found here:


Not all of the entry options are compulsory but the more you do the more entries you will gain.  All those in the UK are welcome to enter even if you have won with me before and I know there are a few of you out there – thanks so much for returning guys x

Look out for the daily options for extra entries.

Likes on Facebook and email subscription are NOT compulsory but are very much appreciated plus it will ensure you don’t miss great posts, freebies and of course my FAB competitions.

Terms and conditions can be found on the rafflecopter form.

Good Luck!

Enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. This would be perfect for my little Grandson, he loves Superwings, I would put it aside for Christmas

    1. It would make a wonderful gift for him Anthony!!!

  2. I would save this for my nephew for his birthday,it would make the perfect present.

  3. My son & daughter would go crazy for these!! Both love any type of transport toys but planes seem to be the in thing with them

  4. My little boy would love this. He’s always going to visit his grandparents on the plane!

  5. My daughter loves Superwings and it’s actually her birthday soon.

  6. I would give it to my son who loves planes.

  7. my grandson will be flying high with these. He loves planes.

    1. These are great toys.

  8. My little ones would love to have some Super Wings toys. They love the programme.

    1. The toys are great fun and great to play with whilst watching them on tv.

  9. I would give this to my son and daughter because they play together all the time

  10. I would give this prize to my 2 little boys Joey & Sammy who adore planes they would love this set for sure x

  11. I’d give it to my nephew – I have no idea if he’s a fan of the tv show right now, but I’m sure he will be after receiving this.

  12. My grandkids watch super wings all the time , so they would both love these to play with together

  13. My daughter would be thrilled if I gave this to her.

  14. My eldest daughter would love this. She has just discovered super wings

    1. It’s a great kids programme isn’t it!!!

  15. Perfect for my friends sons (twins)

  16. I would give this to my nephew Jamie. He’d love it and it would brighten up my day seeing him smile and play with it!

  17. I’d love this for my 2 boys, they would be over the moon!

  18. I would love this for my nephew Eli as he is going to be a big brother soon and deserves a treat 💛

  19. My nephew Will. He is obsessed with all things automotive and planes are his favourite.

  20. I would give this to my nephew because he LOVES all things Super Wings!

  21. my special little man would have this, he would love this.

  22. If i was to win i would give this prize to my nephew who i know would love this as he is a huge super wings fan so would really enjoy this.

    1. Great to hear he is already a fan x

  23. I would give this to my son as he absolutely loves superwings and this would be an amazing surprise for him

    1. He would be over the moon.

  24. My two kids would love playing this

  25. My grandaughter would have an absolute ball with these lovely toys….

  26. I would love to gift this to my nephew, he loves all types of vehicles.

    1. These are great toys and well made too!!!

  27. For my nieces in the hope they will want to become pilots when they grow up and give me plenty of cheap flights!

    1. Ha, that’s a good way to encourage them to get into flying lol 🙂

  28. i have 6 nephews so hard to choose lol but got a birthday coming up so will go towards that for him

  29. I would give this to my youngest as she would love it

  30. I would give this to my grandson for his birthday, he would love it

  31. I would give this to my son as he loves planes and would have so much fun playing with these toys.

  32. This would be fantastic for my nephew he would absolutely love this

  33. My grandson would love these as he loves airplanes! I love your summer checklist and will certainly be googling airplane in a number of different languages to teach my grandson and my 10 yr old daughter!

  34. I would give this to my nephews they would love this set or anything to do with planes or ‘HELI-CHOPPEDTERS’ as my youngest nephew calls them lol

  35. My daughter loves Super wings, she flies around the house all the time, she would be thrilled with this.

  36. I would give this to my grandson Teddy , he would love it!

    1. I’m sure he would they are great toys x

  37. I would this bundle. I’d give it to my nephew. He absolutely loves things like this.

  38. I would give this to my great nephew , because he loves aeroplanes.

  39. this would be perfect for my nephews

  40. Our son would love this! He’s a big fan!

  41. I’d give this to my son he loves planes x

  42. I’d gift this to my nephew! He would spend hours playing with these!

  43. My son wouldn’t love this he has the super wings airport playset he would love to as did to his collection fingers crossed

  44. this would be perfect to leave at Grannies house for visits! thanks

  45. All the children love transport related toys. They are enduring favourites.

  46. My little nephew Jacob would absolutly love these! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  47. i would give to my youngest son or a childrens charity x

  48. This would be perfect for my sons, they love super wings

  49. I would give it to my youngest for his second birthday! He’d love it!

  50. I would give this to my youngest Grandson Harley as he is plane, helicopter , car, train and lorry mad.

  51. I’d give this to my nephews as they would have so many hours of fun playing together with this! They both love planes! 😀

    1. These would be perfect for them.

  52. My 3 year old son loves all things aeroplane and helicopter. He’d be delighted with this prize!

  53. I would love to win for my little boy who loves superwings. I can see him running around the living room flying already!

  54. I would give the to my son Jaydon for sure he would love this ♥

  55. I’d give this to my nephew to keep him quiet!

  56. My 3 year old grandaughter is a massive fan of Superwings

  57. This would be perfect for my friend’s son, who loves this programme and planes.

  58. Its my Nephews birthday next month so I would love to surprise him with this x

  59. My younger daughter is obsessed with planes – I know she would treasure this for her birthday next month xx

  60. I would give this to my Nephew, he loves Superwings and I’d love to see his excited little face if he received this.

    1. he would really love these. My son does 🙂

  61. I would love to win this for my toddler, he adores planes

  62. I would give this lovely prize to my little one because we celebrate her birthday soon.

  63. I would give to my twin boys, they would love it!

  64. i would give it to my son who love planes

  65. my daughter lyla would love this

  66. I would give it to my grandson

  67. I would give this to my two children – they would love it.

  68. I would give this to my children, they love planes and would enjoy playing with this.

  69. id give this to my nephew. he would be so happy!!!

  70. My son as he loves planes and would have great fun with these

  71. To my 3 year old daughter, she’d have so much fun with them!

  72. I would give this to my son as he loves aeroplanes so I know he would love this

  73. I would love to give them to my son! He loves the Superwings!

  74. My eldest and his cousin, my nephew, would love these bits for christmas.

  75. I would give this to my grandson because he is loves anything to do with planes

  76. I would give it to my 2 daughters, they have such brilliant imaginations and I love toys like this that they can enjoy together

  77. My 4 children would be totally thrilled with this, it would be amazing

  78. The children would absolutely love it as they are such big fans.

  79. This is an amazing bundle! My boy would be over the moon. He loves airplanes (or Flugzeuge (German)) 😊

  80. I’d like to give then to the grandchildren to add to their collection.

  81. it would be for my lovely niece

  82. My granddaughter would love driving mummy and daddy up the wall with this. lol

  83. I’d give this to my nephew and one of the small ones to my youngest daughter. They would both absolutely love these.

  84. I would give this to my nephew as he is mad about planes

  85. My boy would love these so I’ve entered your lovely giveaway for him x

  86. this would be perfect for my grandson, he loves planes

  87. I would give them to my two little girls who would love them x

  88. My little grandson he loves these

  89. my wee boy who loves super wings – takes his super wings backpack everywhere

  90. My son would love to play with these toys so I’d give them to him

  91. I would give this to my nephew as he loves anything to do with planes.

  92. I would love to win this for my little girl. She would absolutely love it, as she adores planes.

  93. The kiddos love Super Wings so I would love to win for them and maybe get them off their computers

  94. My youngest son would love this to play with as he loves superwings

  95. I would give it to my grandson tommy her loves airplanes

  96. I would love to win for my son. He’s a huge fan and he’d ne so delighted to have some of this new range to use on exciting adventures!

  97. l would give it to my grand daughters they love Superwings and l love how much enjoyment they get out of them! 🙂

  98. My son would love this – since his first flight at Easter he’s aeroplane mad!

  99. I would give this to my son, he loves the show and acts it out all the time.

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