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Super Trendy, Super Cool, the Perfect Shoes for Back to School! Plus Win £50 to spend on Jakes Shoes.

The summer holidays are in full swing but for those with children starting school or going back to school in September now is the time to act.  I heard of other mums leaving preparations to the last minute last year and boy did they regret it.  Need uniform or school shoes?  Then now is the time to act!  I’m ready for the schools to open up with my two girls going back in September.  I have all the uniform labelled and ready in the draws and I just got some new shoes from Jakes Shoes from my eldest daughter and all they need is her name inside.  The shoes arrived very fast which helps if you do leave ordering to the last minute.


My eldest daughter is super excited about her new Lelli Kelly’sand quite rightly so, they look great and the straps are changeable so she can adjust them for school, and also parties.


Select from little tiaras for your little Princess.


I loved the bows and may send my daughter to school with them on, how cute and smart do they look.


The logo straps are also perfect for school and wearing out and about.  The shoes are available up to a G in width so wider feet can also wear these lovely girls shoes too.


My little fashionista loved her new shoes and has already been wearing them as apparently they go with everything that she owns.


The shoes also come with a free gift, some lipgloss fit for a Princess.


For all the bargain hunters out there you will be pleased to hear that Jakes Shoes has a sale.  They have a great range of adults and children’s shoes available and I found Lelli Kelly’s on there for £22.50!!!!

This is NOT a sponsored post.

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  1. Oh I wish shoes were like that when I was at school (many, many,many years ago!).

    1. Lol Val, you are in good company it was a while back since I was at school and they didn’t have anything like this then.

  2. Lovely the shoes really smart

    1. It’s great that you can change the straps too.

  3. Lovely shoes for school. I wish I had shoes like that when I went to school.

    1. They are great arn’t they. I agree mine were nothing like this.

  4. Those shoes are adorable! And it’s a good idea to start shopping now, I’ve wasted many an hour waiting to be served in shoe shops towards the end of the holiday. Online shoe shopping is the way forward!

    1. I have to agree, although I have too where I can as it’s not fun carting 3 children around shops.

  5. Those shoes are just ADORABLE! I wish I had them when I was a little girl! I remember Clarks Magic Shoes with the plastic key that went into the sole to reveal a surprise – I loved those little things! Great post 🙂

    Lottie xx

    1. I remember those although I was a bit older then so out of my age range I think. These Lelli Kelly’s are the cutest.

  6. These are gorgeous, my niece would would love them!

    1. They are lovely Adele, I don’t think there is any little girl that wouldn’t want a pair.

  7. Wow, the shoes look great and I must, in fact, get my eldest’s feet sized up again before the start of term. I didn’t know Lelly Kelly did formal shoes and I shall defo be entering the competition!

    1. Good luck John. It’s a brilliant competition. Make sure you follow them as they have comps on FB and TW.

  8. The shoes are beautiful. Your daughter looks stylish rocking them.

    1. Thanks Stella, She loves these and I am sure will be the envy of her friends when she goes back.

  9. Those shoes are jut adorable. I would be a happy going back to school in those.

    1. They are the cutest things and apparently popular among little girls, her friends all want a pair now!

  10. This shoes look so cute! I love the ones with the tiara’s on, if only I was still a little girl!!

    1. I love that you can change the straps on these. I haven’t seen that on any other shoes.

  11. I can’t believe half of the school holidays are over already. The shoes are so cute, I remember have pairs very similar when I was at school x

    1. I know, they have gone so fast. My daughter is really loving her shoes and is looking forward to wearing them at school too.

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