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Sammy’s Great Escape

As I sit here typing this post I am laughing to myself at the thought that all my children (hubby included) are sitting starring at the tv screen watching the animated movie I am about to tell you all about.  I initially put the cartoon on last night for the first time after a very busy day so my youngest didn’t manage to stay awake for the whole thing.  My eldest on the other hand refused to fall asleep until literally the second it had finished which goes to show she was really enjoying it.  Today’s viewing, well even Nutella can’t prevent them watching!
Sammy’s Great Escape is a story about two turtles Sammy and Ray who are captured and taken to an amazing under water restaurant aquarium from where they and the other marine creatures plot their escape.  Ricky and Ella their grandchildren are at first captured with them but manage to escape and then we follow them as they risk their lives to be reunited with their grandparents.  Sweet, with comical moments this underwater tale kept the children’s attention for the duration of the movie.  The baby turtles are adorable the lobster with a slit-personality is amusing as are the seagulls.  I especially liked the dive-bombing popping seagull scene.  The only questionable part is the seahorse mafia type boss who to me didn’t come across as a very intimidating character but then again he did have two electric eels as henchmen which made him appear more menacing.  A lovely happy ending shows all the sea creatures escaping the aquarium and the sea turtles being reunited with the rest of their family.
A great DVD to keep the kids entertained and definitely one that they are going to watch over and over.
This DVD was kindly given to us by Zavvi for review purposes. We did not receive any financial reward for writing the post and it is purely my own opinion and observations.


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