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PJ Masks Seeker


My sons’ eyes lit up the second I pulled the PJ Masks Seeker and Power Racer Vehicles out of a giant box.  He’s loved the PJ Masks cartoon and toys for ages and has reviewed a few of their toys in the past.  Those have lasted ages with plenty of repetitive play on his own and with his friends.  This lucky little boy was overjoyed to have a fabulous new toy to add to his growing PJ Masks toy collection.

PJ Masks Seeker £69.99

If you want to give a PJ Masks fan a toy that will make them super excited then you’ve found it.  The toy’s design is inspired by the show and features lights and sounds on the bridge.  The Seeker Playset can fit up to 4 vehicles and 3 (7.5cm) figures.  It comes with 1 Catboy Figure, 1 Mini Cat Car and 9 Accessories.  With the set, you’ll also find a pack of 3 AAA Batteries.


PJ Masks Power Racer Vehicles £13.99

These are the ultimate racing vehicles featuring a stocky design, deluxe accents, and extra-large wheels.  Each character has their own vehicle which is colour coded.  The PJ Mask character included with each is articulated and is dressed in an exclusive Power Racer outfit equipped with matching racing helmet.  This is ideal to promote imaginative play.  Each character is dressed in an exclusive Power Racer outfit equipped with matching racing helmet.  Just to note the red power racer is not compatible with the seeker once the wings are on.  These should come off although we can’t seem to detach them now they’re on there.


Creative Play

The ideal toys for little fans of the show to act out their favourite scenes and create their own.  Join Catboy on the hunt for nighttime villains with the PJ Masks Seeker.  The lights and sounds on the seeker help allow for more realistic play.  The searchlight allows the heroes to find the villains in the shadows.  Fire the disc launcher and capture the bad guys.  Once you’ve caught them the bad guy, pop them straight into the detachable cage.  The PJ Seeker also features a pull-out ramp and drop-down side door.  Push the red button to release the Seeker’s cabin from the carrier for quick pursuit of escaping villains!

What We Thought

The PJ Masks Seeker

The PJ Masks Seeker is massive!!!  I hadn’t expected the toy to be so much bigger than the previous ones we’ve had sent.  We were both extremely impressed.  The large box it came in was a bonus!  You know kids and boxes 😂.

The majority of the toy was already set up which was a relief.  The fact that you can add to it and decide where some of the additional items went added to the fun.  I was pleased there were no stickers as this meant they wouldn’t end up around the house.  My son was able to set the whole thing up himself allowing for him to feel a sense of achievement.

The design is great and we loved that it can fit a mix of PJ Masks vehicles (up to 4 cars) and 3 characters as it helps keep little man’s PJ Mask car toys tidy.

The ramp that comes out from the back is great for the PJMasks to quickly race after criminals.  Use the leaver to push your vehicle down the ramp automatically.  Wooshhhhhhhh.

My son loved that he could press a button and the vehicle would split into 2 releasing the cabin to allow for catching criminals.

He also loved the searchlight and disc launcher as they made it so much more fun for imaginative play.  A searchlight coms in handy when chasing down villains in the dark.

The cage is perfect for keeping the bad guys he’s caught when out on missions at night.

Its great batteries are included to allow for immediate play.

The only suggestion I’d make for improvement is that they add in an Owlet, Gekko and at least one villain figure to make this a complete playset.


PJ Masks Power Racer Vehicles

The power racers are great fun and are sold and can be played with independently from the seeker with the PJ Mask character included.  The cars are sturdy which is great as children are often heavy-handed with their toys.  They are sure to last a long time even with my son bashing them about.

Want to see how easy it is to set up? (click the Youtube link)


Further Details

Suitable for ages 3 and over.

Available now in most major toy stores including Smyths Toys.

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This Post Has 29 Comments

  1. Looks amazing and like
    How it keeps everything neat and tidy inside.

    1. It is a fun toy. Little man loves it. He can sit and play with it for ages.

  2. My boys would light up at that, too! Especially my youngest since my oldest is starting to outgrow PJ Masks. We just bought new socks and underwear for school next week and my youngest picked out PJ Masks everything. I’ll have to keep this in mind for a Christmas gift.

    1. Oh, that’s so cute. PJ Masks undies are what my son has too lol 🙂

  3. Oh wow, my son loves PJ Masks. He would be thrilled with this toy!

    1. It is really popular with my son. He is loving this!

  4. What a lovely looking toy, I haven’t heard of these before but will certainly keep them on my radar as they look really enjoyable!

    1. They are great toys especially for fans of the show. Perfect for creative play.

  5. I don’t have small children anymore, so I don’t know about this toy company. However, your son looks very happy it.

    1. He loves it!!! If you need to give a gift to a little child over 3 this is a lovely one.

  6. Can really see that happy face. I am sure your son really enjoyed playing with it.

    1. Honestly, the second the box came out he shut out the world around him. All he wanted was to play with the toy.

  7. My kids love the PJ Masks. I will have to add this to their Santa wish list. They would love it.

    1. It’s going to make an amazing Christmas gift!

  8. Liam hasn’t gotten into PJ Masks yet but I bet he would love something like this! So fun!

    1. It’s a fantastic toy. My son loves it. Even his sisters wanted to have a go.

  9. Wow, what a cute and nice toy! It looks like an amazing gift

    1. It is a lovely toy. We were really happy with this and love the vibrant colours.

  10. My daughter isn’t really into PJ Masks, but I think she’d like this toy. It looks like a lot of fun.

    1. It is great fun even for those that haven’t seen the cartoons.

  11. My granddaughter was here with me this summer. She loves this show and I thought it was cute too. I don’t think she has any of the toys!

    1. Sounds like just the right gift for her then 🙂

  12. For a toy that will keep young boys entertained for hours, you can not go wrong with this one – really interesting and massive.

    1. I know it’s really big!!! And of course good fun.

  13. This looks like such a great toy for kids! My son would have loved that when he was a little boy!!

    1. It’s great for little ones. The fact that you can do quite a few different things with it allows for hours of play.

  14. Firslty, what fab piuccys, so clear and you get a real good look at the toy. I am buying gifts now, so this one would be ideal for my friends boy xx

    1. Aaahhhthanks so much. I’ve been working on my photography. I think your friend’s son would be over the moon to get one of these.

  15. Omg what a fun toy!!! I bet my kiddo would be obsessed with this!!! So need to get one

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