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Slime is one of the most asked for items by children at the moment.  If they are not buying ready made slime then they are making their own from scratch.  Mine love to watch the videos on YouTube were all sorts of items are added to slime from beads to small polystyrene balls.  They can sit and play with slime for hours and it’s not just my girls, my son also likes to get in on the action as well as all their friends.

My girls were asked if they’d like to try out Glam Goo.  This product combines a fashionable in the sense that it’s a popular product with fashion accessories!  Hence their tag line “Make Slime Fashionable.”

The kids thought this was a brilliant idea are of course wanted to be involved in testing out the product.  There are different products in the range including a Deluxe Pack.  Fantasy Pack and Confetti Pack.

We were sent the Fantasy and Confetti packs to review.  Both had everything needed although it did say that if the slime is sticky a water and baking soda solution may be required to help reduce the tackiness.  To do this you add a healthy pinch of baking soda to a little water – approx 10ml.  We did this and then added some to the slimes and found it worked wonders.

The girls loved that they had a good selection of items to add to their slimes whether it was sparkles, colour or scents.

The Fantasy Pack included:

clear slime

3 different types of sparkles

1 heart necklace

1 cloud charm

2 coloured shimmer powders

1 scent – rose mist

The Confetti Pack included:

1 bow bracelet

1 bunny charm

fluffy slime

2 slime decorations

2 coloured shimmer powders

1 scent – so peachy

The kits are easy to use as the slimes are ready made, you simply add in the extra to make them your own unique slime.  Pick off as much as you want to make different combinations whether it’s just sprinkles or colour and sprinkles and scent or colour and sprinkles.  The choice is yours.

See the girls making their’s:

Glam Goo is available to buy from Smyths, Toys R Us, The Entertainer, Argos, Asda, Tesco, and all good independent toy retailers.

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90 thoughts on “Glam Goo Fantasy Pack & Confetti Pack”

  1. My daughter is always trying to make slime out of anything she can find around the house and her favourite is sweet slime which sticks to everything!! I would prefer her to have a set like this so she can create slime in a less messy way x

  2. Who doesnt love to play with slime !? My son and nephew love slime and even my daughter would love glittery or confetti slime 💛

  3. My daughter Heidi loves playing with slime, she has been watching youtube videos on how to make her own slime!! I have had to hide some of the ingredients. This looks great.

  4. My son loves to play with slime, he has autism and sensory processing issues and thsi is one of the things that relaxes and calms him!

  5. My 3 would love to play with slime, they keep asking but I keep “forgetting” to buy some, I’m worried about the mess.

  6. My daughter is slime daft!!! Lots of slime related things on her xmas wishlist (Santa needs to know early this year!)

  7. My Granddaughter loves to play with slime. She did try to make her own once but it wasn’t very successful.

  8. My son and my Niece..in fact I haven’t yet met a child who doesn’t like playing with slime. I don’t get it!

  9. my eldest daughter lily loves slime, she was banned from i for a while as we had a slime stuck to my painted walls incident, ive heard that the Goo doesnt stain as much as regular slime.

  10. my 3 children absolutely love playing with slime, we have tried to make it at home and it was a bit of a disaster

  11. My 4yo daughter would love some slims. She keeps asking since playing with it at a friend’s. But with 1yo little sis about I’ve been apprehensive about the mess. Birthday is coming up so might be time to let 4yo get some.

  12. my daughters love to play with it, I have lost count of the number of times they have made it from youtube- some successful some not so!

  13. We went to a craft workshop this summer where we made slime and my daughter loved it. I would therefore give it to her!

  14. My daughter would love this. She is into all things slime at the moment and to be honest I’d quite like helping her with this one too 🙂

  15. My daughter absolutely loves it, she got a cheap slime making kit for her birthday a few months ago and it was her favorite present.

  16. My little girl just loves slime, we got her a cheap slime making kit for her birthday a few months ago and it was her favourite present.

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