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Cloudbabies – Wide Awake Sun

This was a first for us we had never heard of The Cloubabies until the dvd arrived through the letter box.  At first we had a mixed response.  My eldest (4.5 year old) sat mesmerized whilst my youngest insisted she didn’t want to watch it and she wanted Mister Maker back on but then once it had been on for a few minutes she sat quietly and watched the programme (heaven).
The Cloudbabies is set around cute, colourful little childlike characters with an educational slant to it such as teaching children about colours, names of items such as the sun, clouds, moon & stars etc.. 
Once we had watched a few episodes my youngest (3 year old) was getting into the programme helping the Cloudbabies blow away the pollen cloud that was making all the characters sneeze.  It was quite funny to watch her yet good to see her interacting and understanding.
Happy, giggly characters, great for a range of ages from even 9 months as it’s a colourful programme and engages children’s attention.  I would say it would be suitable for up to about 5 or 6 years old as my 4.5 year old showed interest in the programme and quite enjoyed it.  I really did like this programme as all the characters are nice to each other there is no hint of violence / aggression which seems to permeate quite a lot of older children’s programmes.

The following day my youngest run up to me and asked me to put the Cloudbabies on for her, typically I didn’t have the camera out in time so I got her to ask me again:

The new DVD features the following episodes:
Wide Awake Sun  – It’s time for Sun to go to bed, but he does not want to! He’s far too excited and wants to stay up and play with Bobo White, Little Star and Fuffa Cloud.
Mystery Noise – Little Star hears a rumbly noise in the sky and is spooked by it. The Cloudbabies venture out into the night sky to find out where the noise is coming from.
Rainbow in a Knot – Rainbow has gotten himself into a knot and is unable to sling the stars into the sky. Without Rainbow there will be no shooting stars.bo White and Skydonk come to the rescue in the most unlikely way.
Full Moon -The Cloudbabies hear a rumble coming from the sky and soon realise that it’s  coming from a very hungry Moon. Her tummy is rumbling!
 Achoo!  – Bobo White and Skydonk are playing around in the Skygarden and accidentally crash into Baba Green’s prized Fluffigold flowers. The pollen from the flowers begin to make everyone sneeze.
 Being Baba Pink – It’s morning and Baba Pink has all of her jobs to do, but she didn’t sleep well and is still very tired. The other Cloudbabies offer to do her jobs for her, but no-one can do them quite like Baba Pink.
The Cloudbabies: Wide Awake Sun DVD by Abbey Home Media is available from most retailers.  I found it on Amazon for £7.25.


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