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Pregnancy Week 27

This post is coming a little later than planned thanks to the children’s school summer fair taking place last week.  Squishy has been causing trouble yet again.  His new game of choice is to press on various nerves which results in quite a bit of pain in my back which radiates down one leg, this week his leg of choice the one on the right hand side.   In addition the gradually increasing size of my little monster is causing an increase in heartburn which is now waking me at night which simply won’t do.  Various options to help reduce this include drinking milk, propping yourself up with pillows, avoiding spicy and hard to digest foods and if all else fails getting a prescription from your GP.  Leg cramps are more common at this stage as are the appearance of varicose veins and haemorrhoids.

Little Squishy is now about 36cm long so about the size of a head of cauliflower.


He is now able to open and close his eyes and his brain is now very active although it is still developing as are the lungs.

(Photographs thanks to wikimedia)

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