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B Organic Skincare

Coming from a medical background specialising in natural medicine I do think it is lovely to see companies that make and sell natural and organic products and I believe we should support them as best we can.  B Organic Skincare products are made in the UK, in the the beautiful New Forest the perfect location for handmade, chemical free natural products.  With the number of toxins we are exposed to daily our bodies need a little bit of support so by reducing the number of toxins that we absorb through our skin in our daily beauty regime we help reduce the strain on our body in its detoxification and eliminatory function.

Made by business woman and mother Aycin initially for use on herself and her family she now makes her gorgeous products for other mothers and their children.  Chemical free and naturally derived from plants that are certified organic this range has a lovely variety of products available for use all over the body.  Attracted by the allure of organic herbal products I contacted the company as I was interested in trying their products and if I was pleased with the result telling all my lovely readers about them.

I was sent a box with 2 products to trial.


Soothing Foot Balm

As we get older our skin does not always maintain the healthy hydrated appearance that it once did in our youth.  Dryness of the skin becomes more apparent especially in winter months thanks to central heating and dryness, flaking and cracking of skin especially on the feet and heels can occur.  Fortunatly the skin on my feet is not too bad although it was showing signs of dryness when I went to apply the soothing footbalm that I was sent to trial.


Remove the lid and smell this!!!!!  With a mouth watering aroma that is predominantly peppermint and tea tree it is absolutely gorgeous.  The texture of the balm is thick and smooth.  Easy to apply, you don’t need to use much as this coats well and you will find that the jar will last for ages.  I rubbed some on my feet at night before bed and if I remembered I aso put on a little in the mornings to help keep my feet looking so much better.  When applying this make sure you give the foot a good rub its very soothing, cooling and your feel feel refreshed, where possible try and get someone else to do it for you so you can just keep your feet up after and relax.  The essential oils used are ones traditioally used for foot rubs andcreams and have a range of medicinal uses including anti fungal, anti inflammatory, antiseptic, analgesic to name but a few naturally their anti odour properties make them idea for using to keep feet smelling fresh.

  P1130701 P1130705

 On the left is prior to any use of the product and on the right was after application.  I appreciate the pictures are not particularly clear but this cream really did make my feet feel great and obviously look better as you would expect from any oil based cream.

 Ladies Hand & Body Lotion with Lavender and Chamomile


Hand Body LotionWhen you look at ingredients for any products the items listed first are the ones that contained in the greatest quanities.  I was very pleased to see that on the label the first plant extract used was Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice.  I had written an in depth medical paper on this specific herb many years ago I know a thing or 2 about this amazing plant and this cemented my confidence in not only the product but also the company as clearly there is a good grounded knowledge and understanding of natural products and their medicinal application.  The addition of both Lavender and Chamomile essential oils provide soothing, anti-inflamatory and healing properties to the product so it is not only great for those with normal skin but also advisable to use for those with skin conditions such as eczema.  With total confidence in the product I applied some to my daughters arm:


This appeared recently, my daughter appears to have little flair ups every so often although she can go for months with totally clear skin.  I applied the cream and she did not flinch at the application there was no response at all except for the fact that she loved the aroma of the cream.  On application of other products she has complained of stinging.

Two days later and with only 2 applications:


You can see an improvement already.  If this had been applied 2-3 times a day I would assume that a further improvement would have been obvious.

I’m very pleased to have stumbled across this company and I hope that some of my readers give them a try as the products not only smell lovely but are also to a very high standard.




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  1. A truly beautiful and inspiring post in many ways. Coincidentally, I recently grew an interest in organic products and it’s nice to read about their pleasing scent and functionality. Apart from that… I hope that your daughter will find all the products she needs without ever having to flinch again.

  2. Really impressed with the results on your daughters eczema. I much prefer natural beauty products.

  3. Wow these look impressive. I wouldn’t find trying out the foot cream.

    Laura x

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