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Live Well Today For a Healthier Tomorrow

When you are young, fit and healthy it’s difficult to imagine life any other way.  You might feel like illnesses and afflictions are something that ‘happen to other people’ and that you will always feel as good as you do now.  While it is of course possible to live a long, happy and healthy life you do have to work harder for it, more so as you get older. As you age you are more prone to certain illnesses.  Ageing makes the body slow down and you might experience aches and pains that never used to exist.  The good news is that there are ways you can pave the path to a brighter future starting from today.  Here are a few points to consider.

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Start Young

Ideally, you will start looking after your health and body at a young age.  Maintaining a healthy weight, exercising and eating the right foods keeps your body strong and supple. It keeps your immune system functioning efficiently preventing illness.  It can also help to maintain healthy bones which come in useful later in life. http://www.webmd.com/osteoporosis/guide/strong-bones#1 says that during our older years we can lose bone density which can lead to conditions like osteoporosis.  Having strong bones to begin with gives you a far greater advantage.  Best of all you can start building them up from as early as childhood.  However, while starting young is ideal, that’s not to say that it’s ever too late to start.  Transforming your lifestyle is always better late than never so even if you’re not a spring chicken anymore (and have not lived the healthiest life up to this point) start now to improve your chances of a brighter future.  There are plenty of foods that can help fight osteoporosis.

Safety First

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Accidents happen, sometimes they can’t be avoided, and it’s just a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  However, sometimes dangerous incidents could have been avoided completely with just a little common sense.  Don’t get complacent, take things like road safety very seriously.  Don’t drive when you’re over the limit, tired or feeling very emotional.  Always be careful whatever you are doing when tired.  I have had plenty of silly injuries when I have been tired and some would have been easily avoided had I been more alert.  Be careful on ice and always keep your wits about you.

Since more accidents happen in the home than anywhere else, don’t just feel like safety should go out of the window.  Many people seriously injure themselves falling off chairs, with knives, power tools and falling down stairs.  Keep your home free from tripping hazards and use your common sense.  While some accidents can be a case of a few bruises and a sore ego, others can cause life changing injuries.  You might have to quit work, adapt your home www.insurancehero.org.uk/faqs/life-insurance-for-disabled-individuals.html state that those with major disabilities will also have to pay higher premiums for things like insurance too.  Take your safety very seriously, and stay alert and aware when it comes to any dangerous situations.

Attend Your Screenings

Cancer is such a destructive illness, it can affect anyone at any time in their life and doesn’t discriminate by race, religion or gender.  According to http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/about-cancer/causes-of-cancer/can-cancer-be-prevented one in two people will develop it at some time in their lives.  For this reason, it’s so important to attend all of the cancer screenings you’re invited to.  For women, this is usually a cervical screening up until age sixty-five, and breast screenings starting from around your mid-forties to seventy.  For men, you will be invited to prostate screening and sometimes colorectal screenings starting at around age fifty.  These aren’t tests for cancer.  Instead, it’s screening otherwise healthy people just to look for any changes that could lead to cancer.  By attending it means if you do have any abnormalities then can be addressed and treated at the very earliest stage.  Alongside this, you can do regular checks of your own body too to feel for lumps and anything unusual.  Remember prevention is better than cure and those that live a healthy lifestyle are at a great advantage in most instances.

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This Post Has 26 Comments

  1. I never used to worry about things when I was younger but I’m 28 now with three children and I do worry about my health etc, I want to get back to the gym as I was eating healthier and toning up but then I found out I was pregnant on Mollie and stopped going, it was also a bit of me time, I can’t afford to go at the moment as I’m still having driving lessons as they move my test from June to august but hopefully I’ll pass and have money to sign back up xxx

    1. I hope all goes well with the driving lessons. It will give you so much more freedom. Hope you get back to the gym soon.

  2. Great post and lots to think about. I definitely think as you get older you start to think about these things more

    1. It’s very true the things we sometimes take for granted become far more important as we age.

  3. Such important advice. We only live once we have to do all we can to stay healthy.

  4. It is a real must to try and live as well as you can now to help with the future, after all you never know what it might hold.

  5. I need to spend more time getting my body in a healthy condition as I know I’ve never really been the optimal weight eating the right things, but there’s always time for change x

  6. Since I had my first baby I’m really trying to look after myself more. It’s actually really enjoyable feeling better from eating well and doing more exercise!

  7. I agree with all of this! I am trying to live a healthier lifestyle now, so I can hopefully live a bit longer!

  8. Definitely agree! I’ve only really started taking more notice of how I treat my body in the past few years. Obligatory getting older health problems open your eyes a bit!

  9. I’ve definitely found myself thinking of this more as I’ve gotten older x

  10. This post is really good at putting forward how important it is to take care of ourselves now in order to live well in the future 🙂

  11. It’s so important to start looking after your health from as young as possible. Exercise and a good diet is key.

  12. This is a great post, the things we do today will impact our future health and wellbeing. I have definitely considered this more as I’ve gotten older!

  13. I think that it is so important to attend screenings as it could really save your life. I do think that it is good to look after yourself at a young age! x

  14. I do try to look after myself in a few different ways. Don’t put chemicals in my body, try not to drink much, dont smoke. 🙂

  15. Great post and good to know. It’s really important to look after oneself and we take health for granted. It is important to eat healthily and take vitamins.

    1. That’s very true and it helps us in our older years.

  16. Ive taken things for granted so much that now at 27 i have started to feel my body crumbling! I know my mum has always taken care of her health and shes so fit for a woman aged 65! its just surreal!

  17. Wonderful information and reminder! I love the info on how to be safe!

  18. Great post and lot to think about.

  19. Important tips that we would all do well to remember, thanks for sharing! xxx

    1. No problem I hope you found them useful.

  20. Some really sage advice – I’m starting to be much more conscientious now that I’m in my 40s… still feel 25 though! 😜

  21. This really gives you a lot to think about. I’m nearly 28 now and I need to start thinking about looking after my body more.

    1. I think it’s never too soon to start looking after ourselves.

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