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The Health Benefits of Walking

Vosene Kids have been covering different themes each week during their Friday twitter parties.  This week’s theme is to tell them what I am most looking forward to in Spring.  It’s not long now until Spring arrives bringing with it a fabulous display of flowers.  The weather having been milder recently has already begun coaxing flowers to bloom since November/December.


I look forward to the arrival of Spring as it also brings with it the warmer weather, longer days and gorgeous flowers.  Mr Squishy and I have been trying to go on more walks but the cold Winter weather has put us off a bit.  I am hoping Spring will bring with it any way it can the milder weather even if it is brought kicking and screaming we want it.  Our walks generally take us to the local shops, parks and we do also go to pick up the girls early when we get a chance and have a walk in the local area whilst we await the end of the school day.  Walking is a great form of exercise and Mr Squishy loves going on them as he gets to see all sorts of interesting, pretty and fun things.

Fitbit 1It’s best to try and do a brisk 25-30 minute walk at least 3 times a week as it helps to:

1. tone the legs, bottom and tummy.

2. boosts your vitamin D level by exposing you to sunlight.

3. boosts circulation and metabolism.

4. regular walking can aid in weight loss.

5. triggers the release of endorphins which make you feel happy.

6. regular exercise increases your energy levels.

7. it helps brain function.

8. it reduces stress.

9. boosts the immune system.

10. reduces the risk of heart disease.

Why not grab your trainers, grab a walking buddy and get walking.  It’s more fun with a friend and of course it’s free!  Have fun!

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  1. I really need to get walking again. I have osteo-arthritis and its better for me to get moving. Its just a nightmare when I wake up and my body is saying no. This post has made me want to push myself more. 🙂 @JuJu_Carbo

    1. I am glad to hear that my post has been helpful. Walking is great to improve the circulation which can help ease arthritic pain.

  2. I agree, I am really unfit but have found that regular brisk walks have quite quickly improved my muscle tone and fatigue and I am less breathless than I used to be x

    1. That’s good to hear Natalie, keep it up!

  3. I must increase my pace. I walk to and from nursery mon-fri but do so at a leisurely pace. I guess that’s why I still have a wobbly bum, heehee! xx

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