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The Stable Whitehapel (Restaurant Review)

Pizza is one of the Nations favourite dishes.  There are so many variations we are spoilt for choice which makes it all that more exciting.  The only draw back is that some restaurants don’t offer a large variety and instead just stick to the well known options.  I was fortunate enough to visit a fabulous restaurant called The Stable in Whitechapel and it was inspiring to say the least.  I love to make pizzas at home as many of you will have seen from my own recipes that I post and I love to try combinations that you won’t get in your run of the mill Italian restaurant.  The Stable was perfect for that with their wide selection of pizzas to choose from.  Let’s face it it isn’t often you get to chose from a range of pizzas including one with marinated Dorset lamb or even jerk chicken.  For the not so adventurous don’t worry they have some basics on there for you too.  I’m sure I’ve got the attention of all the meat eaters by now but vegetarians and vegans don’t despair, the main menu also includes vegetarian options and there is even a vegan menu.  I should add these pizzas have sour dough bases which are something you really must try.

Having introduced a new menu in March these guys were keen to have me come and try their food and as the food sounded so good I simply couldn’t resist.

Along I went with a friend on a Tuesday evening, wow it was really popular.  There were quite a few people when arrived at 7pm and it was only when we looked at the menu I discovered they do a great offer ever Tuesday called Tuck in Tuesday.  This offer entitles you to a pizza from the menu provided, a side salad and a drink for just £10.

The main menu doesn’t only consist of pizzas, dinners can also select from a range of pies and salads.  Everything sounded so tasty and you can tell that the menu was put together by foodies who like to experiment and try new flavours and have a great understanding of flavours that work well.  This place isn’t just known for their food they also have 80 different types of cider.  For those that want to try a range of these ciders you can get a selection of 5 different ciders to try you just tell them what type you prefer, still, sparkling, dry etc.   The Stable are also child friendly with a children’s menu also available.  Ingredients are sourced as locally as possible and they work closely with suppliers to maintain great quality food and drink.  The venue in Whitechapel is nice and relaxed and appears to be a pretty trendy venue.

We wanted to do the cider tasting but as neither of us are heavy drinkers so we asked if we could try about 5ml of 5 different ciders from the range they had available.  The cider tasting normally includes 5 full little glasses of 5 different ciders and costs around £8 which really is a bargain.

Our tasting consisted of:

Okay so I know they were teeny tiny amounts but the staff humoured us without giggling and we had one of these each which was more than enough for us to get a taste of each of the ciders.  Normally I enjoy the sweet fruity ciders and don’t try any others but this opened my eyes to a whole new world of cider which I must admit I did really enjoy.

Cider 1

This was very easy to drink.  I loved the sparkle to it and that it was light and sweet.  You sure can taste the flavour of the apple and this was lovely and refreshing, a great one to drink with a meal.

Cider 2

The cider was still and had more of a sour apple flavour.  I really enjoyed this one too and could have quite easily filled up the cute little cup and drunk a whole one.

Cider 3

The cider was smooth, sweet and citrusy.  It had a lovely refreshing sparkle to it and again was extremely easy to drink.

Cider 4

This had the most fabulous aroma like an apple and rhubarb pie.  It was as if someone had dissolved some of those rhubarb and custard sweets into the cider.  It really was tasty and nice and sweet which I loved.

Cider 5

This cider had a strong colour.  It was sweet and fruity and very good.  This too was sparkling and had a smooth apple flavour that was not at all tart or very citrusy.

The ciders were all lovey and if I hadn’t felt so tired that day I might had considered having half a pint of a flavour I hadn’t tried yet.  The prices for the ciders were very good with half a pint costing just £2.50/££2.75 and a pint £5.00/£5.50.

The starter didn’t take long to arrive which was good as I had started sampling the ciders on an empty stomach, opsy.  Well I simply couldn’t resist.

Cured Meats and Cheese (shared)

This consisted of air-dried pork loin and coppa from Capreolus of Dorset with a selection of three West Country cheeses: Wookey Hole aged cheddar, Rosary goats’ cheese and Dorset Blue Vinney.  With pickled cucumber, tomato chutney and Peter’s Yard sourdough crackers.

The cheeses all had contrasting flavours and textures and the meats were both mouthwateringly tasty and went well with all the cheeses, the chutney and the crackers.  The chutney really does pack a flavourful punch with a mix of spices and a welcome sweetness.  You can tell from the appearance and taste that these ingredients are all good quality and we found the portion size to be fair.  The items gave a range of delicious flavour combinations.

Main Meal

Side Salad (shared)

Mixed leaf salad, cucumber and tomato, with house Dijon dressing.  This was fresh and the dressing was very light you couldn’t really taste the dijon.  It made a nice refreshing addition to the meal.

The Longhorn Jim

Marinated Longhorn ground beef, Bath Pig chorizo, field mushrooms, roasted red onions, tomato sauce and mozzarella.  Topped with West Country smoked ham.  A great mix of flavours that really work well together.  The texture and flavour of the mushrooms and beef add to the pizza nicely.  The pieces of chorizo are not too thin adding further texture and an additional burst of rich meatiness and you get a lovely creamy texture from the cheese.  The base also gives an additional flavour of its own.  There wasn’t much ham on the pizza but the over all amount of toppings was good.  The ingredients are clearly fresh and the pizza really was yummy.

The Blazing Saddle

Slow-roasted pulled beef, Denhay Farm dry-cured bacon, caramelised onions, roasted red peppers, tomato sauce and mozzarella.  Topped with sour cream and jalapeños (optional).  This Mexican influenced pizza combines ingredients that naturally go well together.  The pulled beef really works beautifully here.  The caramelised onions add a touch of sweetness, the bacon saltiness and the jalapenos a nice kick so the taste sensors are stimulated by various flavours with each mouthful.  This too is a great pizza that all meat lovers must try.

The pizzas were served with pizza cutters which made them so much faster and easier to cut a good thing if you are hungry and you will be once you see these.

We didn’t make it to dessert but might make an attempt to at a later date as we still have many more ciders and pizzas to try.

This is a great place to dine and visit for drinks with family and friends.  These guys clearly do make a great effort in their flavour combinations for their foods and the effort pays off as everything we tried was lovely.  Prices are reasonable and they have 17 locations around the UK so you are bound to be located near to one of them.

  If your in the area or have another branch you can get to easily you must try them out!  They also cater for various food intolerances so be sure to let them know if it applies to you as they are more than happy to help.

Have you visited The Stable yet?

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  1. I love a good cured meat & cheese platter, you even made my mouth water by describing it! xo

    1. It sure was yummy and the meat was good quality, we loved it.

  2. Ooh that does look good! Those pizzas look delicious, has made me hungry!!

    1. They were very good, so much flavour and the perfect size.

  3. I live near whitechapel so I will have to check The Stable out. The £10 deal is amazing , especially because of how much you get for that price x

    1. It is a great offer and one you should really use as the food there is great.

  4. everything looks so tasty. That pizza looks extreamly tasty and delicious .

    1. I loved it, the pizzas were gorgeous.

  5. omg how awesome that restaurant is! I like the fact that everything looks cooked from scratch in the restaurant, it looks nicer 😀 I’d love to visit xx

    1. The food is extremely good and full of flavour!

  6. The Stable looks like a lovely restaurant. I would love to do some cider tasting too

    1. It’s highly recommended, I’m going to try and drink a slightly larger amount next time rather than teeny tiny servings lol.

  7. I’d like to try a cider or wine tasting 🙂 Pizzas looked amazing!

    1. I think it’s great that they do it as their ciders from what we tried were really good!

  8. oooh looks liovely im a softy for cheese platters and cider well im not such a fan but i am loving dark fruits at the moment if that counts x

    1. You need to try these ciders. I loved the soft fruit ones but the ones we tried there were gorgeous.

  9. This looks amazing!! The Tuesday tuck in offer sounds like great value for money. The cider tasting looks fab, my kind of thing.Those cheese and meats look so good…the pizza yummy. Now, I am hungry 🙂 x

    1. It was really good, I bet you’d love it too. Hope you get to visit one 😉

  10. I have never been to the stable before but the food looks very nice especially the pizzas, they look delicious

    1. They are fantastic. Go with a group and get a range then you can try different ones x

  11. Wow this looks fab! I’d love to go and visit the Stable x

    1. It is a great for both food and drinks 😉

  12. This all looks so yummy! Especially the cider board.

    1. That was thoroughly enjoyable and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.

  13. Those pizzas look amazing! I love the fact that the toppings are different to all the other pizza places out there! I go to Whitechapel quite a lot so I look forward to giving these a try x

    1. You will love them Tanya, I hope to try more on the menu when I get a chance.

  14. That sounds and looks like a very yummy place, that meat pizza……yum yum!!

    1. I know it was fantastic and there are sites all over the UK so be sure to try one as you will love it.

  15. Good looking food, with a nice tasty selection. I do like the cider idea, even though like you I’m not a big cider drinker. Would be nice to have the different selection to try from. Not keen on the food served on a board, but that is just one of my personal gripes.

    1. Honestly I didn’t realise I liked cider so much until I tried these so it’s best to keep and open mind 😉

  16. Those courses look delicious! I really want to have the ham and cheese board!

    1. It’s really good and perfect if you are even just having drinks with friends as a little snack 😉

  17. I love pizza. It is a favorite here. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a pizza having lamb on it. Knowing that can be an option, I hope to go to a place one day that has that to order. I have had pizza with bacon and ham The pizzas pictured look really delicious. Sounds like you all ate great!

    1. The pizzas were lovely we did really enjoy them. They were full of flavour.

  18. The cider tasting sounds fun and the pizza selection at The Stable sounds amazing and quirky. We’d love to visit this place.

    1. These are all over the UK so why not take a look an see if here is one near you.

  19. Tuck in Tuesday sounds like a bargain! I love the look of the blazing saddle pizza, yummy! Jo x

    1. It was really yummy. You need to try it if you can get to one x

  20. everything looks so good! definitely going to have to visit this place

    1. It will be well worth it you will have a great time.

  21. I think this is a sister restaurant to the Stable in Cardiff. We had great pizza and cider there too. Your pizza looks amazing

    1. It tasted pretty good too 😉

  22. This sounds like a fab place to eat, I adore Italian food.

    1. They do a great range of pizzas that are not typically Italian but still very good.

  23. Omg that pizza looks AMAZING! I also love cider so this is so up my alley.

    1. It was really good I was surprised at how much I actually like cider!

  24. The pizzas are what dreams are made of! This all looks so fun and yum! haha!

    1. The food here was really good, we had a lovely evening.

  25. That meat platter looks absolutely incredible as do the Pizzas! You have made me quite hungry now x

    1. It was a lovely evening and the food was really lovely 😉

    2. Hi Rachel,

      I tried meat platter there and it is too good.

  26. I haven’t but oh my, they do vegan pizza!? I need to go!

    1. I know they have thought of everything, it’s great isn’t it 😉

  27. We haven’t got a Stable by us now, but when I lived in Birmingham I visited one a really enjoyed it there!

    1. I didn’t know about them until recently.

  28. I’m not a huge fan of ciders, but when a craft tasting session is on the way, I wouldn’t say no 🙂

    1. They really did open my eyes in regards to ciders that’s for sure. You must give it a go.

  29. What a nice experience. I am introduced to ciders just recently I hope I’ll have a chance to taste that all.

    1. They have loads of different ones so you can discover some lovely new ones.

  30. Looks a great place to eat out with the family! Thanks for the review.

    1. It is a lovely place and child friendly which is handy.

  31. A fantastic review, which has now left me bloody hungry lol!

    1. Lol, sorry about that. This post has the same effect on me when I look through the pictures and remember how good it was 😉

  32. I have to say that i could happily get stuck into all of that food

    1. It was really lovely I hope there will be more opening as given what we tried and the apparent popularity they will give some of the other pizza restaurants a run for their money.

  33. I could seriously eat pizza for every meal and be happy. If only my waistline was as forgiving. This restaurant seems great, wish I lived nearby.

    1. It really is a great place to visit. I’d check and see if there is one close by as they have loads all over the country x

  34. I’m forever on the hunt for inspiring restaurant menus. They always have great flavor combinations. I have a feeling we’d be getting the Long Horn Jim .. my husband loves spicy chorizo.

    1. That would be a great choice as it is a delicious pizza and the chorizo was great.

  35. This sounds like a really great place to pop for a meal that platter looks delicious and I bet my other half would love the cider tasting.

    1. I am sure he would and there are loads to try too which is great.

  36. I just love pizza and my favourite tipple is Cider so this place is made for me! I have never visited one but would love to. Kaz x

    1. You really are missing out their pizzas were lovely 😉

  37. The food looks super tasty. Especially that cheese and meat! Yummy!

    1. That was really yummy and would go well with cider interestingly 😉

  38. The Tuesday deal sounds like great value. I love their strawberry cider. They have a Cardiff branch, I’ll have to pop in soon 🙂

    1. That sounds like one I should try on my next visit.

  39. I admire your descriptive powers – I guess that’s why your blogs are such a joy to read. When it comes to ‘tasting’ food my comments are usually confined to ‘I like that’ or ‘I don’t like that’…I guess a career in wine tasting is out for me then?

    1. Aaahhh that’s very sweet of you to say Jo. I have an obsession with food and love to try different places. I feel that it is great to share knowledge of these experiences with others so they can see what food is like prior to their visit. You never know you can develop it with time x

  40. What on earth is a sour dough base? The pizza’s look amazing though, and the cider tasting? That is right up my street!

    1. It is made using naturally forming yeast and bacteria in flour which give it a bit of a tangy flavour.

  41. Oh my gosh! Everything here looks so delicious!

    1. It was very nice and the atmosphere was good too.

  42. The meats and cheese look so good! this has made me hungry

    1. They were good quality and super tasty 😉

  43. I love italian food! Their antipasti looks great and had a good variety of meats.

    The cider tasting is a nice idea and like you said we all get into a rut of choosing the same drink over and over, so it is a good way to try new things without the huge expense of a large drink that you dont like.

    Pizza cutters? how cute it that. Our local restaurant cuts our pizzas on asking…

    1. I did think the pizza cutters were a great idea. I know many do pre cut them before serving but sometimes they still need to be cut a bit more and these really make it that much easier to cut bite sized pieces.

  44. your making me hungry!! Those pizzas are to die for!!

  45. Well this looks delicious but I would only be able to have a little with lots of salad ! I’ve just posted a comment about the dresses and losing 2 1/2 stone ! Could head dive into that cheese lol

    1. You could always get a pizza to share with someone and a salad each. That would work well if you are dieting 😉

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