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Recently I wrote about a fabulous show that I had been to called The Wedding Reception run by Interactive Theatre International.   These guys also have another interactive theatre show which is very popular ‘Faulty Towers the Dining Experience’.  I will admit when I first heard about this I was extremely excited about going to see the show as I had watched Fawlty Towers religiously as a child and remembered it was pretty hilarious at the time.  If like me you remember watching and loving the show then this is the show for you.  For anyone that isn’t aware of the show then it’s about an extremely rude hotel owner, his super bossy wife and their Spanish waiter Manuel whose grasp of the English language is very poor and so he is forever misunderstanding what is asked of him leading to hilarious consequences.

Diners are greeted in the drinks room by Basil and his wife Sibel.  Manuel appears to help the guests with whatever Basil commands of him (or at least his translation).  Putting away guests glasses is of course misunderstood by Manuel who then proceeds to go around collecting eye glasses off amused guests.


 After a few more hilarious  misunderstandings guests are ushered out of the room along with Miguel to their designated tables to be seated for their 70s style 3 course meal

The dining room is nice and spacious and were not not packed onto the tables too tightly.  You could see Manuel had been setting the tables, oh dear, anyone else need a knife too?

faulty2Sibel goes from table to table checking diners food preferences (vegetarian or normal?) and having a little chat and gossip with the guests too.  Basil attempts to ask Manuel to serve the bread rolls, be warned you will be expected to catch this part of your meal!


The tomato soup starter (you don’t have to catch this thankfully) was full of flavour, as with their other show the food is a prop although the food here was a little better than at the other hotel and the dessert here was fantastic (it had to have it’s own mention it was that good.).

May I suggest you check your soup before eating it!


Whilst we ate the actors walked, ran etc. around the room continuing their comical performances, there was a scene with a rat, Basil was put in his plaice (not a typo check the photo) by Sibel and more.  Each of the actors did a wonderful job of breathing life back into the characters and introducing new generations to the show too.  The age range of diners was varied, some were friends on a day out, other families, some with young ish children others with older children.  There is some bad language but not it’s not continuous throughout the show so you can get away with taking slightly older children or mini ones that wouldn’t pick up on it.

faulty5When Sibel goes around the tables to find food preferences she also asks diners if they are celebrating any special occasions.  At the end of the show those celebrating events are mentioned which was a nice touch.  On my table was a sweet young lady called Vicky who was celebrating her 18th Birthday, of course she got a mention and she kindly posed for a photo with Sibel for me.

faulty6I don’t want to give too much away but for fans of the show and those wanting to experience something a bit different this is a wonderful choice.  It’s a very popular dhow with hundreds of thousands having already seen it and even people I know have been planning on seeing this (I didn’t know until I mentioned I was going).  The show is into its fourth year in London’s West End and it holds TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence for its 6 shows a week residency at Amba Hotel Charing Cross (literally next to the station).

This is  a must see.

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I was invited along to the show for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

68 thoughts on “Faulty Towers the Dining Experience”

  1. Haha omg, how great is this, I’d love to go to this. I loved Faulty Towers too, isn’t it crazy there wasn’t many episodes made (think 12) but it’s so iconic.

  2. This looks amazing, such a brilliant way of entertainment with a difference! I know my parents would love this experience too

  3. Sounds like so much fun!! Never been in a interactive play before, but this post made me want to check out if there are any in my town, thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. I love watching Faulty Towers. This sounds like a great experience. I think I would be laughing the whole way through this

  5. Oh my goodness, I am a huge Faulty towers fan. I used to watch it religiously and enjoyed everyminute of that hotel calamity lol. This experience sounds awesome, definitely something I would like to experience.

  6. Ha Ha, I bet it was so much fun to see this, I used to love Faulty Towers when I was younger. What a great idea to do with my girlfriends,

  7. this is definitely different and quirky! i need to put this on my bucket list. its something ive got to experience at some point in my life 🙂

  8. This sounds so much fun! A friend went to a similar event a few years ago and said it was a great evening with plenty of laughs. I’d love to try it one day!

  9. This sounds absolutely amazing! I love interactive experiences and have done some murder mystery type things before, but not a fun event so I would love to try this out. I loved the TV series so this sounds like a fabulous night out!

  10. OMG!!!! This is ACE! I used to really irritate my friends when I was younger by sticking on the Fawlty towers DVD to watch during our sleepovers we would fall asleep and each time we woke up all we could hear was Basil Fawlty shouting at Manwell saying “There are no butters on those trays” hahaha It repeated itself until I hut play!
    I really really want to go here!!! Looks great

  11. My husband would love this, he’s always watching reruns of Faulty Towers and always laughs even though he knows what going to happen next x

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