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This weekend I went to a wedding.


This was no ordinary wedding though this was an Interactive theatre show (2.5 hours) that just like many weddings I have been to takes place in a hotel in London (although it travels to various other locations too) and is set out in the way a wedding would be.  You arrive at the hotel and are shown to a room for drinks (drinks are not included in the price).  Here you can mingle with other guests and also the actors who are already in character.  Unlike traditional theatre you become part of the show too which is highly improvised, fast paced and pretty hilarious at times.


The plot follows couple Will and Kate who dream of a small intimate wedding but Kate’s mum has her own ideas.  In order to keep the peace they come to a compromise a registry office wedding followed by a lavish reception.   Of course no wedding ever goes exactly to plan including this one with some disastrous and hilarious consequences.  The actors really do earn every penny at this fabulous show.  It’s great that when you sit down for dinner the actors were literally all around you not just in one part of the room.  The characters come and chat with you and treat you as if you were a real guest and in some cases you actually become part of the show but I won’t give too much away.  The show features award winning performers who take on multiple roles and I think everyone that has experienced this first hand will agree they do a superb job.

The Food

Unlike any other theatre show this one comes with food which makes it’s pricing of £43 per person even more reasonable.  There is a set menu which will vary at each location and they do state that the food is a prop for the show and not the other way around so I left food critic part of myself at home so as not to judge that part too harshly.  At the dining tables were bread rolls and butter and the starter.   There was also a jug of water at each table and we were advised to order drinks before being seated as to cause as little disruption going in and out or the room as possible.  Waiting staff did the rounds of the tables taking drinks orders which was handy.


Only a third of the show is scripted and the result is pretty funny I must say, don’t blink you might miss something.  The mother of the bride was hilarious giving a critique of the cheese and tomato starter.  After this course had been eaten staff came around and offered seconds.  The show continued through the various courses as a real wedding would.

These guys have a lot of energy with their toing and froing across the room.  In fact they moved so quickly I must say I struggled to get photos to show you as many were blurred as they whizzed around.  The audience involvement was not excessive but worked extremely well with the theme and it was just like being a guest at a real wedding apart from the fact that you don’t know the newly weds or anyone else present other than those who you have come with.

wedding3This is aimed towards adults and there is some strong language and sexual innuendo.  The Wedding Reception is simply fantastic and a must see, I can’t fault the show at all.  If you are near any of the locations this is available at I suggest you book your self in immediately you will love it.  Everyone at our table thoroughly enjoyed the show and of course being me I made a point of asking around others opinions.  It’s a novel idea for birthday parties, hen night, stag do’s and even Christmas parties.

Would you consider something like this for a night out with friends?

81 thoughts on “The Wedding Reception”

  1. This is probably a lot more fun than most weddings. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the invitations! Looks like the show is fun!

  2. That does sound like great fun! I’ve done a few ‘immersive theatre’ events – but nothing quite so ‘deep’…!

  3. I always like programmes like don’t tell the bride because the weddings tend be non-traditional and a bit quirky. What a unique idea x

  4. This sounds like so much fun and something really, really different. I love going to the theatre but being mixed in with the action at an event like this must be amazing! Love the snapshots too, you get a real sense of ‘anything could happen’! x

  5. This is the best thing ever!! What an clever and unique idea! The food looks amazing! I would happily pay the price just for the show but to have an excellent meal too…epic!

  6. This sounds just like something my family and I would enjoy! We have taken part in interactive things before, mainly murder mysteries, so this would be something different!

  7. That sounds like one seriously fantastic night out! It’s definitely something I would consider doing if it was available where I live!

  8. Oohh I’m not so sure whether or not this is something I would go for – it’s totally different isn’t it?!

  9. Oh that sounds like lots of fun. I’ve never heard of anything like that and I guess it would be brilliant to do something like that if you moved to a new area and were looking to get to know people there. Great idea!

  10. That looked like so much fun. I know from experience what great drama can be had at weddings – I’m surprised this hasn’t been done before…I bet there’s endless material to be used? 😉

  11. I absolutely love the idea of interactive theatre .. I thought it was only an American thing as I saw it on an episode of Modern Family … glad to see it is over in the UK too .. will definitely be on the look out !!

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