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Santa’s Little Wow Toy Tester (The Turbo Twins Review)

Every time we have a delivery Mr Squishy gets very excited.  He loves to play in the boxes and with the various items that arrive in them.  Sometimes he feels a bit left out and wants to have packages of his very own delivered to the house with super exciting products just for him.  After thinking long and hard about how to make this happen he had the answer, he would become a toy tester for Santa!!!  Santa always needed extra help this time of year and Mr Squishy was very good at testing toys.  Not knowing how to apply he became very upset (mummy had even bought him the outfit just in case).

DSC04269Luckily one of Santa’s elves on naughty and nice list duty heard his cries for help.  Sure enough a few days later a package arrived for Mr Squishy.

DSC04266How exciting he thought to himself, what could possibly be inside???  A friendly elf popped by to give him some advice about what he needed to do.

DSC04270Raring to go, his first task …… opening the box.  Over and around and around the box he went pulling off the tape.

DSC04317 DSC04322DSC04319Until finally, success, he was in.

DSC04324 DSC04329He was having so much fun and he hadn’t even opened the box yet.  Inside the box were some great toys awaiting Mr Squishy, Santa’s NEW toy tester to try them out and report back.  He reached into the box and pulled out the first item.

The Turbo Twins (from Wow Toys)

DSC04345How exciting, it looked like Santa had been getting his elves to make some of the fabulous ‘Wow Toys’ toys that don’t need batteries thanks to their friction-powered motors.  What a wonderful idea especially if mummy or daddy had run out of or forgotten to get batteries.  Squishy loved the bright colouring of the packaging and the toys which he found very appealing and inviting so he began tearing at the packaging to get to the toys within (mummy helped a little).
DSC04395With the toys out of the box and ready for testing Mr Squishy remembered the elf’s advice.  He was going to be very thorough.  He checked the little men fit into the cars properly by putting the little men in their seat, then out, in out, in out …………

DSC04397and then shaking the car about.DSC04404Mr Squishy decided to race the cars.  As the cars whizzed around the room Squishy giggled with delight.  What fun!!!  The cars were easy to roll around the floor and to make them move on thier all you needed to do was push them and watch them go!!!!  Mr Squishy found that they were so much fun to play with he didn’t realise the time slipping by quickly.  He made sure he gave the toys a quick suck so his sisters would know they were his (well you know what big sisters are like).

DSC04408Next the drop test:

DSC04457Having survived all the tests Mr Squishy had put the cars through he was very impressed.

DSC04458He called up the chimney for Santa’s elves to come over for a quick product test briefing.

DSC04303Exhausted from all the excitement Mr Squishy decided he had to take a nap so he headed off to bed.

DSC04351Night night all!

To find out what came out of the box next watch out for the next blog post following Mr Squishy’s adventures as one of Santa’s toy testers coming soon.

Wow Toys do not contain any small parts and appear to be VERY durable (and I doubt anyone could do a better test than Squishy) plus they are made of non toxic material!!!

These make super gifts as they are ready to play with once out of the box and with Christmas on it’s way I am sure they will be on the top of every little boys Christmas List.

wowWant one?

Damn right you do and I don’t blame you.

The extremely generous guys at Wow Toys said I can give one away, how exciting!!!!  How much do I love hosting giveways especially when I have such a super fun prize to giveaway!

To enter just fill in the Rafflecopter form:

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

We were given this super fun toy to test for an honest review, all opinions are Mr Squishy’s and of course mummy’s as Mr Squishy hasn’t quite mastered talking or typing just yet although he sure does try to do both.

This is NOT a sponsored post.

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  1. Aww bless him, looks like he had a hards days work opening and testing out toys. I do love Wow Toys they are so good and last ages.

    1. They seem to be doing really well especially with Mr Squishy literally throwing them around!

  2. I love wow toys, we have whizz around Amy and Charlie 😉

    1. They are great fun, even I sat and played with the Turbo Twins for a while.

  3. Those pictures are so adorable, the little elf on top of the box was so funny.

    1. It was great fun taking the photographs although as you can imagine with a little one it took forever to get ones I could use in the post.

  4. Looks like great fun I know a little lady who would be very pleased to receive this from Santa Claus xx

    1. He love it, he plays with this everyday now 😉

  5. I really enjoyed reading this blog post, thank you for sharing x

    1. No problem Gemma, there are more posts to come.

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